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  2. I've been watching it for ages. I'm really curious to see how it pans out. I'm not sure what they mean by single-player/MMO, but it sounds interesting on a different level than usual. That and it's an MMO with a fully destructible environment. Website
  3. Congrats, man! I wish you the best of luck and I'm sorry you can't experience the awesomeness that was H2's XBL multiplayer.
  4. Um...no. Fable is first and foremost an action-adventure. If you'd like to tell me how it has any RPG elements that you can't find in the Legend of Zelda, other than the fact that you can get tats, haircuts, and STDs, then by all means, feel free. It needs moar action. The bosses were lame.
  5. Well, see, I loved Fable 1. It was awesome. I hated Fable 2 with a burning passion. The storyline was weak, the DLC was a ripoff, the game was utterly too short, they took away a lot of the choice involved, the co-op was a joke, it had one of the worst endings ever, and there was really no reason to keep playing after you beat it unless you wanted to grind town guards. =P The only thing I really liked about Fable 2 was the laugh I got out of the fact that if you didn't practice safe sex, you'd get an STD...and the fact that the condoms were leather.
  6. My sentiments are the same as everyone else's.
  7. I'm not sure if I should be psyched or not yet. Rogue Agent wasn't all that great, IMHO.
  8. Now your games too, can look like Avatar! Amazing! I can't wait to get home and have fun turning off the 3D capabilities because it's just going to be annoying with developers not using it as a game mechanic! I also can't wait to fumble over the D-Pad trying to reach the analog stick! Yeah, the analog stick is in the worst place ever. I also, as said above, can't see developers actually using the 3D capabilities for anything interesting. Nintendo could have easily just made the next DSi powerhouse upgrade without the stupid gimmick and added their analog stick for the same effect. On a side note, playing games like Hotel Dusk is going to be annoying as hell now that the screens are two different sizes.
  9. Well, it's not the release list but it's not BS. http://kotaku.com/5564198/what-youll-be-playing-on-the-nintendo-3ds
  10. Source: http://e3.gamespot.com/story/6265560/ubisoft-announces-rayman-origins Sounds like the new Sonic games. It could either be a good thing or a bad thing. Good if they're decent length - we get more Rayman! Bad if they're not - we get gypped.
  11. Yeah, that's waaaaayyyy too many games. Plus, with Persona recently going to the PSP, there's no way it's going to the DS. That and Etrian Odyssey has already been released. xD Also, the Kingdom Hearts game already came out and the only ones planned now are the remake of the mobile game and Birth By Sleep.
  12. I could have sworn this has already happened. I recall a party game for Gamecube or something that was Pac-Man themed...they even had Tekken characters involved IIRC!
  13. I hope it's true, but only if it makes the 360 quieter. Jesus christ, that thing is loud.
  14. Eh, I'll probably check it out, though I don't have much hope for it after the first Transformers game. As a side-note, Modern Warfare is a 2-game series inside of the Call of Duty series. It's all the same thing. =]
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