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  1. Just don't search for those games on eBay.. geesh! Most of them are $30 and up!!
  2. I'll be in the TurboFest most of the weekend, but plan on spelunking around the other areas! Come say hi!!
  3. Yes, that was me! I was buying books for my classroom back in Milwaukee. I stop by all of the $5 bag sales for that reason. :)

  4. Sorry if this has already been posted... but- is there a list of what (other system) controllers work with the 7800? If I remember correctly, couldn't one use Sega Genesis controllers with the system.
  5. PM me if your selling 7800 softs!

  6. PM me if your selling 7800 softs!

  7. "7800 ---- Rampage (manual only) - $2 Winter Games (manual only) - $2 Impossible Mission (manual only) - $2 Touchdown Football (manual only - $2" Does this mean that its $2 for just the manual? Or the carts come with a manual for $2 each?
  8. I knew I recognized u at the Marathon Library Book sale yesterday! DAMN! i shoulda said hi.

  9. lots of love for SG&G!! The only game in the series that comes close is Ghouls n' Ghosts on the Super Grafx!
  10. But how does one get on Marty's Facebook friends list? =)
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