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  1. I have seen some sick systems and games in my travels. It is a scary thing to see how some people treat stuff. Cigarette smoke is by far the most disgusting. If you clean with a white towel the brown scum will cover it after only a few swipes. I must admit that I do enjoy taking them apart and cleaning them from top to bottom. I just worked on an original gameboy the other day that was filthy. After a good soaking in the sink with some bleach the case looks almost new, now I am just waiting for a new screen to arrive and it will be good to go.
  2. I recently picked up an Atar XE and it has an issue with very low audio. I opened it up and located the general area I believe the audio caps are and heated it up with a heat gun. The audio got much louder, there was still some noise in the audio but it helped. Does anybody know exactly which cap(s) I need to replace to restore the audio? This was the area I heated:
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    I gotta put a vote in for the Lynx 1 over the 2. I like the D pad and buttons better on the 1. Neither is very portable and I think the overall quality is better on the model 1.
  4. I beat it today. Pretty lame ending for a great game. It is one of my favorites though. Roadblasters and Chase HQ are my all time arcade favorites.
  5. Anybody know what happens after you hit level 50 in Roadblasters? Is there and ending or does it just start over? I made it to level 45 today....so close.
  6. Very nice indeed. Moving a collection is not a fun thing to do.
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