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  1. I would have missed this great thread, but it popped up on UltimaCodex.com Thanks for posting your story RobS! Very nice read and certainly interesting. Not an Atari guy, but all the details certainly light up my memories of tinkering when I was young and starting out with my C64. All these years later and I'm still tinkering, most of my time is spent working on my "ultimate" CRPG for C64.
  2. The trailer looks great, good work so far! This brings motivation for my own projects and some coding I should have finished two months ago.
  3. Yeah, PETs are a business machine ... the sound is nasty, no redefined characters possible, no real smooth scrolling (until recently), etc. We had one C64 in the back office and everyone fought for time on the machine.
  4. Ah, Miner ... we played a similar version in school on our PETs. Looking around, found a video of the game here -> Hmm, we also played Lemonade and Artillery on those PETs besides our own homebrew Rogue-likes and text adventures.
  5. The original graphician intended for the Guitar Hero and Starcraft mock-ups to be C64 platform, but I'm betting both could easily be Atari with some work.
  6. I know it's possible to use a C64 emulator as a wrapper and simply release an executable file that loads emulator with game loaded and ready. That isn't possible with TI emulators? If not, I'm a bit surprised.
  7. Yeah, don't waste your time posting about your 8bit projects on modern development communities ... it can be a real morale crusher. Even websites that cater to lots of "retro-flavor" games, like indiegames.com, I've seen plenty of bashing for people "wasting their time" making games for various 8bit systems. It is too bad, because we're all doing the same thing really ... trying to be creative on our platform of choice.
  8. Sure, you can check out this thread on our forums for a few recent updates ... http://www.c64dev.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=203 We released an early preview in September 2009 which is now outdated compared to internal previews. We'll release another preview this summer.
  9. A bit of confusion here, sorry if my posting wasn't clear, our CRPG project is for another platform (C64).
  10. Looks very nice and plenty of updates -- always a good sign for a devtool. I'll have to give Magellan a spin soon.
  11. Bruce Lee ... one of a list of favorites on the C64. Would love to see this TI version completed!
  12. Yep, it's a detour of sorts. I really need to figure out how to use sprites effectively and efficiently in assembly language, and a more action-oriented game lets me figure that out. Then I can leverage it into my CRPG work. Adamantyr I'm seriously hoping this side detour doesn't re-rail your CRPG project. But this does give my group time to get our CRPG done before yours.
  13. Enjoyed reading through the thread and the game certainly looks great! Can't wait to see a finished product in the future, another reason to keep a TI emulator installed! I'm amazed at the amount of time you find to work on the project, if only my time management skills were at that level.
  14. Complaining about the lack of comments, especially in a retro project? Glad to see the CRPG is moving along nicely, the recent spat of updates on your blog is inspiration for my own CRPG project.
  15. The C64G is considered an uncommon item in the C64 community, considering it was only released in limited European countries. I recently picked up a working unit for my C64 hardware collection, a very nice color to these C64G. Curiously, I already had the actual keyboard in one of my C64C units. A similar hardware find would be a 1570 disk drive, the single sided variant of the 1571. Even rarer, for people outside of Europe, is the C116 computer w/1551 disk drive. I'd have a setup now, if the shipping from Germany wasn't more costly than a flight.
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