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  1. I know I am late to the party but if I would be interested in everything in the first picture. The old black boxes...
  2. Well... I have come out of the shadows after a few years to say hi. And I did have the first air raid box. So according to these fruit loops it is time for me to drop my next bomb... LADIES AND GENTLEMAN! After digging through my storage locker, I am proud to announce that I will be taking the next step in my ongoing conspiracy by selling an unopened Air Game Box on eBay. Bid now before it gets away!!! Nut jobs.....
  3. Well, I really don't have one thing to show for it. At that time my wife, now ex, was trying to get her PHD. So I am sure some went to that. I Switched professions so, I was able to ride the rough parts some. i DID buy a lot of of Atari classic games and computers. Ill get it all organized again and post a pic. A few months ago, I gave a Skype interview with a cable network that was making a series about people who had come into a chunk of money and what they did with it. I did not get picked to be on the program because I did not have a good story with what I did with the money. I could not point at a car/house/coin/anything of value at say that is what I bought with the money. I put it to good use, but nothing that I can point at. Tanner
  4. http://dallas.culturemap.com/news/entertainment/11-23-15-national-videogame-museum-frisco/
  5. Hello everyone! I had a old friend of mine stop by the other day and we got to talking about old video games. After a few beers I cracked open the closet that houses all the old Atari stuff I collected after the auction. Thought I check back in (and seeing that this thread was already recently bumped up). Cracks me up that there are fake air raids being produced. Seems like there would be better things to try and fool people with. I still have high res scans of my original box from way back. Wonder007, maybe we should setup an Air Raid authentication service? heh? Reading back over all the info on the game, I never knew there was a instruction manual with the game. Kinda makes me want to crack open the storage locker again and open up all my old boxes. Just when I though I was out, they pull me back in! Just wanted to say hi to everyone! Tanner
  6. In Raiders, the right controler was used to choose items from your inventory,
  7. They should do it up right by lowing someone into the hole wearing an ET costume.
  8. Bah!!!! One of the spell books is still sealed with the little tab. Can't bring myself to open it. Time to hit the web to find al the info. HAHA!
  9. Just picked up a complete box of Ultima III. I remember playing this game as a kid but I did not have any of the spell books. I had to spend tiem trying random combinations to find a few spells. I know we all have games from our past that bring make memories, this is a big one. Hope the disk works!!!
  10. Loved the game! Spent a lot of time playing it!
  11. Thank you! Only issue is when I first loaded the game it worked but when I had to flip the disk, the backside does not load. So, anyone got a copy of the game?
  12. Alcohol the best thing to use on the pins? Just got a bunch of carts in that look like they were buried for 10 years.
  13. I think I am going to drive to that guys house and make AA his homepage. Tell him to do more research...
  14. http://austin.craigslist.org/pts/1742582844.html
  15. I want to make copies in order to preserve the "CIB" aspect of the items. Having an original disk that still works would be more CIB in my opinion. I was just hoping someone had finally come up with a simple copy program in the past 30 years.
  16. Cool! And those modified drives can copy anything? Do you need a special program?
  17. I have sum CIB original games that I want to make backups to use when playing. The old copy programs I have from the early 80s can't get past the copy protection. Did they ever release a program that can copy all old 5 1/4 disks? Thanks! Tanman
  18. Not sure yet on what we might buy. Yeah, gonna have to pay taxes next April. Have to declare it as additional income.
  19. Wasn't new in box but figured $20 shipped was an ok price. I would have went with the other guy but didn't know how long it was going to be until he made more.
  20. Went ahead and got one on eBay for $20 shipped. Thanks!
  21. Think this is the easist way to connect my Amiga to a TV. Anyone got one sitting around they would like to sell? Thanks!! Tanman
  22. Unpacked the old Amoga 500 today. Issue is I cannot figure out how to hook up the video cable from the computer to my TV. The cable is RGB and ends in a female plug similiar to a VGA plug. Is there a simple adapter that will switch it to a VGA, S-Cable, or even RCA so it plugs into the TV? Thanks! Tanner
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