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  1. Great story in a Nashville newspaper that referances Nolan: http://www.nashvillescene.com/
  2. $100 with free shipping. Photos register too large to post.
  3. For sale: multicart loaded with 125 games including rarities and prototypes. Includes custom box. Free shipping to US and Canada. PM with email address for photos.
  4. Outside of the Atariage Marketplace, where else can I post a Colecovision Multicart for sale?
  5. FOR SALE: Colecovision system and original controllers refrubished by Yurkie with A/V mod and all cables. Also included is the Atari adaptor, a Super action controller, and original Atari joystick, a Sega Genesis controller, 2 controller extension cords, 2 sets of paddles and a 128-in-1 Multicart loaded with games. $200 with free shipping in the USA. Please PM me with your email address for photos.
  6. Loaded cartridge includes card and case- $100 free shipping
  7. Includes loaded cartridge and case $110- free shipping
  8. Includes loaded cartridge and case $110- free shipping
  9. I have an Atari 2600 Harmony cartridge and a Colecovision multicart that I want to sell but I'm not able to sell it on ebay. What other ways can I sell them?
  10. I'm looking to get my paddles repaired or buy reconditioned paddles that are jitter-free. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?
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