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  1. I was able to get a picture. Sorry for the poor resolution, but at least it's something It actually doesn't look to bad.
  2. I saw a 6-switch Atari VCS console that was white instead of black and didn't know if that's the way it was manufactured, or if the owner simple decided to give it a fancy paint job. I wish I had a picture... It had woodgrain in the front, and the panel with the 6 switches was black, but the rest of the shell was white. Also, each of the switches had a colored ring around it (I think they were red, white, and orange). Has anyone seen anything like this before? Thanks, Matt
  3. Here's the listing for my blue label MagiCard: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 180494340857 Thanks and good luck!
  4. I wanted to thank everyone again for their input. I figure the best thing for me to do is to put it up on eBay soon. There were many arguments for and against doing this, but I think it's probably the safest way for everyone. Although I have lurked in this forum for a few years, I just set up my account and have a VERY low post count. So, I haven't really established myself here. However, I have a perfect eBay rating and have done business there since 1999 (buying and selling). So hopefully that will make everyone feel comfortable. I'll post a thread in the Marketplace when I post it for sale. I also hope that someone from this forum winds up with the winning bid.
  5. I want thank everyone who posted information on this topic, as well as everyone who sent me PMs and emails. Finding specific info for this cart was pretty tough. From what I was able to gather, there were maybe 50-100 MagiCarts produced. The first ones had no case and were simply a circuit board with chips (can't find much info about these!). Then, a few were produced that had a blue Computer Magic, Inc. label (from what I can find, there are only 3 or 4 of these known to exist). Computer Magic later changed its name to Commavid, and the remainder of the carts were printed with a white Commavid label. As far as sale prices go, the numbers were all over the map. Going back 6 years I found some selling for over $2K, and others selling for $700 or less. Most recently, one sold on eBay a few months ago with a BIN of $1200. The downside is that I couldn't find much info about the version or condition of the carts being sold, so I couldn't put it into perspective. I believe the one on eBay recently was a blue label cart (I think complete with manual and overlays, but had some label damage. I couldn't find pictures since the auction was expired). If I got anything wrong, please let me know-- especially info about the cart's history and production numbers for each version. Thanks again, Matt
  6. Thanks for all the kind words... and I definitely agree that I'm a lucky bastard! However, this is really the first lucky find I've ever had (and probably ever will have...). I also think it's true that noobs seem to find all of the crazy stuff. My first passion is pinball machines and I belong to a few pinball forums. Sure enough, it's the guys with less than 5 posts that wind up finding the incredible deals for high-end machines. I search for them daily and always come up short! So, now I need to figure out what to do next. My inner geek wants to keep the cartridge, but since I'm not a hardcore cart collector I will probably put it up for sale. I figure I'll list it in the AtariAge Marketplace soon, and if that doesn't pan out I can throw it up on Epay or GameGavel.
  7. I was feeling a little nostalgic over the weekend and decided to pick up an Atari 2600 off of Craigslist. There are usually several of them up for sale at any given time, so I peeked around and found one that looked like it was in decent shape. I didn't really pay attention to what games were there-- but I chose this particular system mainly because it had a couple keypad controllers packed with it, and I figured those might be hard to find down the road. After getting it home, I went through everything. There were 9 games (nothing extraordinary), and all the manuals were there. But there was an additional cartridge with its own large manual sitting in the bottom of the box. When I saw it, my heart skipped a beat-- it was a MagiCard cartidge by Computer Magic, Inc. The cartridge has a blue label with white lettering, which reads "Computer Magic, Inc." There is also a paper manual which reads "MagiCard Instruction Manual" and is dated 1981 on the first page, two white overlays for the keypad controllers, and a letter on Computer Magic, Inc. letterhead that describes the MagiCard. I did a little searching online and in these forums, and was able to gather a little info (but not much!). From what I found, it looks like there were 50-100 of them made, and most of them have a white label with the Commavid name. I figured I'd post a couple pictures of it up here and see if any of you could give me some more information about it. I'm attaching a picture I took of the cartridge, instruction manual, keypad inserts, and letter. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Matt
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