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  1. What country was that variation of the system released in?
  2. No spares on those, but I may be willing to part with Sensible Soccer. I'm interested in the Unleashed but I'd rather pay cash for it
  3. Coleco power supply...does it work? Is it tested/untested?
  4. If you read my original thread you would see that I quoted the price from his actual website and he still didn't honor the price. He went back and changed the price on the site and then stopped contacting me like nothing happened. Shady or not, walking away from a $400 sale because you can't greed an extra $18 out of somebody is just plain stupid.
  5. "I have decided to charge you more for this because I am running low" Sorry but if you fell for that line of crap I could sell you a diseased elephant. It boggles my mind how anybody could give this claim even one cent of credit or legitimacy, other than somebody being biased by being friendly with the seller and making excuses for them. I mean just the way that is worded SCREAMS that he checked going prices and decided he could get more for the games. Using your example about apples. You don't bring the apple up to the cash register, and the cashier goes over to the produce dept and realizes there's only a few apples left, and decided to charge you $10 for the apple instead of the $1 price tag that is on it, because they decided that they think can get more for it. I'd like to say thank you to those who linked the other threads. This one was the most helpful. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/213582-best-electronics-problem-with-ordering/ You can see that long before I made this post, this seller has a history of: -Changing prices on the fly. Even though he already has the items on hand. -Refusing orders, refusing to do business with certain people. -Making up ridiculous or BS charges. "Restocking fee" and "Shipping quote fee" are my favorites. -Avoiding and dodging e-mails for lengthy periods of time, and being short or rude with responses. Absolutely horrendous customer service and unwillingness to work with people. -Compulsive lying, many have claimed his insisting that he has a 'shipping department' 'accounting department' 'warehouse manager'. Either he is outright lying to defer blame for his shady business practices when he gets called out on his bullshit, or he is delusional suffering from a multiple personality disorder. I know for a fact that he doesn't have an entire staff working for him. Somebody who has an entire staff to pay wouldn't turn down $400 orders on a whim. Either he does so much business that he can afford to push customers around and turn down orders whenever he sees fit, or he is overestimating how good business is and losing money left and right with every customer he turns away. I'm leaning towards the latter. Clearly this is not his primary source of income and something he does on the side.
  6. I didn't mean that I thought you were an idiot, just that the seller clearly thought that I was an idiot by offering such a BS explanation and expecting me to fall for it. Hope this clarifies things. I wasn't attacking you.
  7. Actually, what I was trying to do was buy some games. There's NO explanation as to why an item is one price at the start of a transaction and a higher price at the end of it. These prices are fixed, this isn't ebay here. While there are both positive and negative feedback about the seller here, the majority of it seems to be negative, or at least questionable. I rest my case
  8. What it should say is that he did a price check on ebay and decided he could get more for the games. Instead, we get this line of crap which only an idiot would fall for.
  9. I have a loose Double Dragon and a baseball game...I think it is Pete Rose Baseball.
  10. I certainly can appreciate the mixed opinions in this thread. I find it most amusing that some people are trying to rationalize his poor business decisions. It's plain as day that he was changing prices on the fly and I called bullshit. Some of you people act like I should have just rolled over and just paid whatever he wanted. Some of you even act like I should apologize when clearly I did nothing wrong here. No sorry, that doesn't wash with me. Those of you who actually read my original thread can see that I quoted prices FROM HIS OWN PRICE LIST and he still didn't honor them. Rather than try and make amends to the mistake (and MISTAKE is putting it nicely, I didn't use words like RIPOFF or SCAM or GOUGE in my e-mails) in the spirit of customer service, he sneakily goes back and changes the price and acts like nothing happened, and ignores me all together. Great customer service! I don't feel the need to justify my position any further. Those of you who are confused should read my original post again, because it's quite obvious who is right and who is wrong here. Clearly I can see with some of the feedback in this thread that he's lost quite a few customers due to his seedy business practice. I'd be surprised if his store was doing anything besides circling the drain
  11. I didn't think my tone was that aggressive, even though I have every right to take an aggressive tone. If you read my original post I've been a loyal customer for years. To be lied to and overcharged is insulting and disrespectful even before I uttered a single word. I stand my ground. Clearly I'm not the only person who has had a bad taste left in their mouth from this website.
  12. If you're going to gouge me, at least come up with something clever. Like, pretend the items are out of stock, and then at the last minute miraculously discover that you can get me copies of the two games I wanted, just at a slightly higher price. I might have actually fallen for that. To just blatantly change the prices right in front of my face and act like I'm too stupid to notice, how insulting. I know I must come off like an idiot that wants these games so badly that I will pay any price you throw at me, and I know there's just hundreds of people lining up to play these dusty old Atari XE games like it's the TitanFall 2 beta or something, but come on
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