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  1. Hi Chris, final price for one board working and testing how much? Range 100-150$ ?? Or more?
  2. Astharot


  3. Hi, a Mint version (is a ubuntu/debian fork) for linux is possible? I try at install but no have success.. :-(
  4. Here i post a dump of disk full of information on myarc fdc controller with assembly source wrote by Paolo Bagnaresi.. i built this floppy take this info from many disk that i have .. at moment is all that i found.. :-) myarc.dsk
  5. i Found the PAL file jed for myarc fdc controller and rs232 .. also this seem my memory no fault was work by Paolo Bagnaresi.. .. maybe is possible using this file rebuild a fdc myarc controller.. hope FDC80BAD.JED FDCMYARC.JED R232MYAR.JED
  6. I found a old explain create by paolo bagnaresi how built pal chip for myarc floppy controller.. i enclosed dump of floppy. Hope is usefully for community.. palMyarc.dsk
  7. Interesting in uberhdx project.. but i no found the dump file ready to burn for atml 1284P. Then the question.. is possible built a uberhdx suite compilation where is assembled one type (or more) of XBasic plus all fred kaal program create for uberhdx and more program at you idea? Thanks
  8. But where found fgr99 image of mechatronics xb2++ or xb 2.4,2.5 ecc or lba and utilities..??a great upgrade of dump you have create!!
  9. i looked your work and the dart vader black chassis.. purchase all!!
  10. I like have one.. but you send to Italy.. and have paypal account?
  11. I used snug scsi and work perfect. How mass storage use iomega zip and iomega jazz and all ok. For test i try at home friend that scsi card + iomega jazz work perfect also on geneve
  12. Admantry, your new graphic update is near at graphic mode used on msx2!! if you look how example hydelide msx1 version and the some game but enanched for msx2 you look the differnce.. also series ultima is out for msx2 that have v9938 chip no tms 9929. Then poor ti99 you are squeezing it's chip a dead LOL
  13. Admantry your game is more near at deep dungeon for msx system.. look it here http://www.file-hunter.com/MSX/can give at you idea for deluxe version :-)
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