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  1. For me Drakkar 99... is a boat that go ti99 in a new world.. or conqueror a new world
  2. Ok, two problem fixed.. for freeze problem i give a screen shot ever time happen in mode that you have idea.. thanks Adam
  3. Sorry for my english.. try i at explain better.. - book Asmusr.. purchase from red tower . i used one time with shard ice from Hero character and ok, after i remove from Hero items inventory and give at paladin, paladin take it and put in section for use it in spellbook zone but cast command no show! Paladin have book asmusr insert in speelbook section how looked in item inventory, but the program no recognize it , equal situation for all 4 character that i tested for all the other books everything is ok -Arrow,Stone problem.. i have arrow or stone equipped ready at use with bow or sling now i remove stone from equipped and have in items inventory now i use 1 option examine on arrow or stone.. if ok show that arrow is used by bow, stone by sling ecc.. but time in time if i do this test the arrow is looked how a untried potion, exit word revelation and the amount of arrows or stones becomes half. ( this problem is random ) - The problem that the game crashes during a random fight remained, more time when i combat in savage island maps. - This problem are present both when I use linux and windows. Configuration computer linux Ubuntu , windows 10, version of classic99 is 036 i have Roa with save game where is present book bugs
  4. Hi Adam.. i played Roa using classic99 v399.036 with Linux and Windows 10. Now i restarted a game using classic99 with disk and no using data directory and roa.exe boot. Now i found many bugs.. freeze bug when combat ever is present , after i discovered another little bugs.. 1 when i have in inventary and use quarrel, stone or arrow all ok but if i remove arrow or stone and i examine them show arrow word examined and value of arrow or stone ecc.. go half .. example 200 arrow first and after examine show value 100 arrow.. another problem is the magic book that i purchase in crimson tower Asmusr Book and after i used first time with Hero i give ad another member of party but is no more possible equip!.. All this bugs are present when use classic under win10. First i write here i tested under linux the books problem and equal.. if you need i send at you my game for look ..
  5. Thanks Adam, looked and configurated.. start and now work well. Now start a new game in this mode roa bin file and disk 1-2-3 and now looked if the bug go out or none..
  6. Hi Gregory, i used latest wine version, but i do another test.. i copied roa directory in another computer that use win10 , installed a ultimate version of classic99 but ever problem.. Now.. i for start game ever use roa.exe file.. if i use classic99 but no start using roa.exe file how use grom file ? i no remember the correct configuration..
  7. Hi to all friends, i have this problem.. (look Pics) the game halted in combat mode. This happen in randomize mode four time in many hours of game.. i think that my pc configuration give the problem.. i used ubuntu linux and classic99 under wine. Another people used under linux classic99 for play at RoA? Thanks Ermanno P.s. when freeze the game pics no show letter ..
  8. Like if one create a rxb2020 suite similar at xb2.7 suite for ubergrom...
  9. Mhh i vote at 9 point but my Geneve is a bit different.. geneve board had 32k sram upgrade, bios 1.0 and vdp 192k upgrade, horizon 2000 board 1mb, scsi board (snug), memex 2mb expansion ram, myarc fdc, how stock for emergency have hdfc myarc controller, another memex ram board, myarc 512k ram and another horizon board.. in theory the best old configuration was Geneve with bios 1,0 32k Sram upgrade, vdp 384k ram, horizon 4000, scsi , hdfc controller myarc, rs232 myarc or corcomp fixed for geneve, and rave interface for speech...
  10. I have a corcomp floppy board fault.. if can send me your work i try at test it.
  11. Hi Chris, final price for one board working and testing how much? Range 100-150$ ?? Or more?
  12. Astharot


  13. Hi, a Mint version (is a ubuntu/debian fork) for linux is possible? I try at install but no have success.. :-(
  14. Here i post a dump of disk full of information on myarc fdc controller with assembly source wrote by Paolo Bagnaresi.. i built this floppy take this info from many disk that i have .. at moment is all that i found.. :-) myarc.dsk
  15. i Found the PAL file jed for myarc fdc controller and rs232 .. also this seem my memory no fault was work by Paolo Bagnaresi.. .. maybe is possible using this file rebuild a fdc myarc controller.. hope FDC80BAD.JED FDCMYARC.JED R232MYAR.JED
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