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  1. If you have the Nano, you pretty much have what you need to run Mister. The other boards provide additional functionality, but you can run most cores without anything else. The only thing I'd suggest to grab would be a cheap USB hub with a Micro-USB connector. They're inexpensive enough that you can get one now and toss it once you get a better purpose built USB hub.
  2. Been playing around quite a bit with the new Adam core. It's generally working well, but has a few issues. rampa069 has been great at responding to tickets. He's already resolved multiple, including one of mine which has fixed a long standing audio bug in the Coleco core. I have another issue open that's stopping The Best of Broderbund from working. It's really nice to see someone taking the time to properly support ColecoVision and Adam on MiSTer.
  3. This is very exciting! This is my first year in the club. When will 2022 members get access to the ROM vault?
  4. I finally heard back and am now being told that the system is not compatible with my TV (Sony 65X930E). I'm pretty much done with it and will be putting it up for sale if anyone wants it.
  5. Unfortunately, I still don't have a working system. I got in touch with Toby, who had me reach out to their tech (Brian). That was a month ago and I haven't heard back. I even followed up a couple weeks later and still just silence. This is my first time having to deal with customer support through CollectorVision, as I'd never had problems with my previous purchases, but I must say this experience has been pretty poor.
  6. Does anyone have an e-mail address for CollectorVision support? The contact page on their webpage doesn't work for me and I'm not getting replies here or on Facebook. My Phoenix is pretty much broken as I can rarely get the system in a state where it's showing me the game on screen.
  7. So the issue is even weirder than I thought. I had the SD card screen up when I turned off the system. I unplugged the power and HDMI cables for 10min, then plugged everything back and turned on the system with Sydney Hunter in the cart slot. On screen was a frozen version of the top half of the SD card menu that I was on when I powered off the system, but the audio made it clear that it was actually playing the cart in the background as the music for Sydney Hunter was playing. Pressing buttons on the controller did absolutely nothing to get me out of the stuck screen. As I had done in the past, I removed then re-inserted the SD card, which unlocked the screen and went straight to the game. I didn't notice this earlier, as I was testing the system without audio. Got a few videos to show the issue. EDIT: Just wanted to add that I tried to use the contact form on the CollectorVision website to report this issue, but I keep getting the error "Database error occurred. Please try again.".
  8. I tried disconnecting HDMI, after reading about the power issue here, but that doesn't seem to help. The unit was purchased directly from CollectorVision and should be a gen 2.
  9. I received my Phoenix a month or two ago and finally found time to try it out. Whenever I turn it on, I just get a frozen half-screen of what I was previously doing on the system. To get the system to do anything, I need to remove and reinsert the SD card while the system is on. That seems to get it out of whatever weird state it's in. The same behaviour occurs when I start the system with a cart in to the slot. I have to remove and re-insert the SD card for it to load the cart. I've randomly seen the Phoenix logo screen only a couple of times and have no idea what was done differently to get to it. The second time I got the Phoenix logo, I was able to enter the configuration screen and tried reinstalling a cores that were on the provided SD card. That didn't change this behaviour at all. Not sure if it matters, but when the screen is frozen it says F18A V1.9 at the top left of the screen. Also, pressing RESET in this state does nothing. Any suggestions on what to try to get the system to act more reliably?
  10. I just received a Game & Watch Crystal Climber and it unfortunately has what appears to be damage from water or another liquid. The's what appears to be hard chemical buildup around the lip of the system, as well as some dried patches inside of the screen. I haven't seen any posts about people opening up these systems before and am interested to hear from anyone who has. I have experience working on other G&W games, just not the Crystal versions. Is there anything I should watch out for while taking it apart?
  11. As the title states, Im looking to add a TurboDuo to my collection. It must be recapped and come with an original controller and a power supply (PSU doesnt need to be original). Not looking for games. Please no offers for PC-Engine Duo systems. I already have those.
  12. I decided to give it a go. I ended up breaking two clips on the bottom of the system, but I was able to lift it up enough to wipe away all the dirt. It even seems to still sit in place fine after pushing it back down. Not completely solid, but it's not going anywhere unless someone specifically pushes on it. I'd rather have those broken internal clips than all the dirt that was under the plastic, so I consider this a win!
  13. I have a Lynx II that has dirt between the screen and the protector, which I'd really like to clean. At first glance, it looks like I'd have to dissemble the entire unit, but I'm hoping that's not the case. Is it possible to remove the screen protector without a complete disassembly?
  14. They're not returning anyone's money. There's a reason Kickstarter doesn't charge anyone until the end of the campaign. Credit card processors don't take lightly to canceling hundreds or thousands of transactions.
  15. That's their $50M stretch goal. It will feature an FPGA that powers a flashing LED.
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