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  1. I just received a Game & Watch Crystal Climber and it unfortunately has what appears to be damage from water or another liquid. The's what appears to be hard chemical buildup around the lip of the system, as well as some dried patches inside of the screen. I haven't seen any posts about people opening up these systems before and am interested to hear from anyone who has. I have experience working on other G&W games, just not the Crystal versions. Is there anything I should watch out for while taking it apart?
  2. As the title states, Im looking to add a TurboDuo to my collection. It must be recapped and come with an original controller and a power supply (PSU doesnt need to be original). Not looking for games. Please no offers for PC-Engine Duo systems. I already have those.
  3. I decided to give it a go. I ended up breaking two clips on the bottom of the system, but I was able to lift it up enough to wipe away all the dirt. It even seems to still sit in place fine after pushing it back down. Not completely solid, but it's not going anywhere unless someone specifically pushes on it. I'd rather have those broken internal clips than all the dirt that was under the plastic, so I consider this a win!
  4. I have a Lynx II that has dirt between the screen and the protector, which I'd really like to clean. At first glance, it looks like I'd have to dissemble the entire unit, but I'm hoping that's not the case. Is it possible to remove the screen protector without a complete disassembly?
  5. They're not returning anyone's money. There's a reason Kickstarter doesn't charge anyone until the end of the campaign. Credit card processors don't take lightly to canceling hundreds or thousands of transactions.
  6. That's their $50M stretch goal. It will feature an FPGA that powers a flashing LED.
  7. Up to $148,920. I'm done watching this project, as it's making me physical ill.
  8. I'd say the RetroVGS launch was worse.
  9. It's interesting to see that they're getting hammered by people on Facebook, but they seem to have a lot of supporters on Twitter.
  10. They had Nintendo Life publish the changes to the console. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2018/09/polymegas_grand_vision_for_the_ultimate_retro_system_includes_a_virtual_console_successor
  11. Wait, this is AtariAge? I can't be seen with you people Here's the thing ... This launch didn't have to be a disaster. They could have come out a week ago to let everyone know of the changes to the product, which would ensure people had the information they needed to make a proper decisions as to whether or not they'd make a purchase. From there, they could have used Kickstarter or IndieGoGo and not price the system like it's the end-all of clone consoles. If they did that, they could have probably been semi-successful. Instead, they make misleading statements and don't answer direct questions about the product. They also retained the price point they set when the product was supposed to be drastically different. I hate how crap like this keeps happening to the community.
  12. When it comes to FPGA, their FAQ says the following: If this is to be believed, the FPGA is only for accessory compatibility. EDIT: Holy crap! This one needs to be a screen grab, incase it's removed. Wow! So they've just come out and admitted that accuracy for the system is out the window. What a joke!
  13. This is getting infuriating! This is their response to someone who asked if Hybrid Emulation has been removed: Of course it's gone! These guys are losing credibility every time the post something.
  14. Ya .. someone from Missouri is launching a DDOS attack. Sure.
  15. I personally don't mind if a system like this is just emulation wrapped up in a nice package. I just have no confidence that this team is able to pull off the kind of quality they've been going on and on about. I have no idea how they intend to get full speed emulation of Saturn and Dreamcast games on that hardware. Also, not support ROM loading for 'legal' reasons is just complete BS at this point. If it releases next year and somehow turns out to be a solid product, they'll get my money at that time. Otherwise, my interest in it is done.
  16. If you believe their site, they've somehow sold nearly $22,000 worth of hardware so far. Not sure how, since you can't check out. They're also treating this like a fake Kickstarter campaign. If that's the case, why aren't they just using Kickstarter? It would get them so much more exposure, that the extra sales would more than cover Kickstarter fees. None of this makes any sense.
  17. There's so much about this project that makes me uncomfortable. The April 1st release date doesn't help either. I had been remaining cautiously optimistic about the project, but now they're definitely not getting my money for a preorder.
  18. Did AtGames update the Genesis HD model to deal with the slowdown/choppiness in games? I was just talking to someone who picked up the system this weekend and he said he's certain the games play perfectly. He used Sonic as an example. Sonic runs pretty poor on my system, which was purchased during the original released, so I'm doubting what he's telling me.
  19. I do get the boot error. There's definitely some communication happening between the computer and the drive, since the boot error occurs more frequently if I open the drive latch. I do, but that drive is in mint condition and I don't want to risk anything happening to those chips.
  20. The busy indicator does absolutely nothing. I'll remove the shielding tomorrow night and reseat the chips under there. I know where my multi-meter is, but I won't be able to get at it until the weekend. I'll need to look in to the best point to check on the board and what voltages I should be looking for.
  21. The drive does nothing when I do this. Can't find my multi-meter at the moment, so I can't check this. I've disconnected and reconnected all the accessible connectors. I haven't removed the shield under the drive yet and not too familiar with what's under there. None that I can see. The drive appears to be in very good condition. You can see pics here - https://imgur.com/a/Lwb4i
  22. The drive belt is still intact and properly connected. I get the main power light, but the 'drive read' light never comes on. The drive never tries to seek and it is set to drive 1.
  23. I just acquired a 130XL with a 1050 drive. Everything was apparently working before it was shipped to me. Unfortunately, USPS didn't handle the package well, resulting in a sizeable hole on the side of the box. Perhaps due to the shock that caused that hole, the 1050 drive is not working. I turn on the drive, put in a disk, turn on the system and nothing happens. The drive doesn't even attempt to spin. Any idea what might have happened? I've opened the drive and all the connections are in place.
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