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  1. Screen looks fine so far, even in color test mode. Some light burned in spaces are visible when the background is all white but nothing tragic i think. I think ill try the remote function for the screen next, maybe i can tweak the image a little bit. Thanks for the link, will check out the forum!
  2. First of all, both guns have the same issue with some slight targeting problems in the upper left corner not only the one we repaired. The rest of the screen works fine, even sometimes in the upper left corner. Is it possible that the tv needs some time to "heat up"? I'm not sure but i imagined that i gets better sometimes the longer the tv is on. We checked every wire and connection in the broken gun with a multimeter and found one connection loose. The wire was only connected to its shrink tubing so we soldered it to the proper contact. There is no solenoid in any of the pistols. Happy for any advise
  3. Another question I have is about the Jamma adapter. Can i switch the Lethal Enforcer PCB with any other PCB that has a Jamma plug and uses lightguns?
  4. Hi, I got my Lethal Enforcers Arcade Cabinet yesterday and since its my first coin-op I'm kind of freaking out how awesome it is The cabinet is in an overall good condition, no scratches on both side arts, the marquee has no cracks and the control panel looks Ok for its age. The Player 1 gun didn't work when we picked it up, so some friends came over yesterday and we spent about 3 hours fixing and soldering the gun and now it works again Monitor has clear colors and sound works fine. One problem we encountered was that sometimes when we tried to shot in the top left corner nothing happened but another time it worked fine. Calibrating both guns in the test mode didn't solve it. The manual says to degauss the monitor if you can't shoot certain areas but the built-in Hantarex Polo monitor already has an auto degauss function. Does somebody know what else it could be or how to fix it? Will take some pictures as soon as I have a new fluorescent lamp behind the marquee Thanks!
  5. 93300 Yay Gyruss, my first try today Fortunately I still have vacation next week so a lot of time to practice @duncantoml: 285k is awesome! Is it allowed to use another controller like the MegaDrive? My hand starts to hurt with the Coleco controller at 50k points
  6. Bump for an awesome seller! Cartridges arrived today, very well packed, good condition and all work fine! Thanks from Germany!
  7. Thanks to your question i played a little bit with that switch obove the eprom reader. If i insert an eprom with 2 games on it, i can select between the games depending on the switch. If i slide the switch to the left , it starts the first game and to the right the second. I think its an awesome mod and i'm very happy i found it on ebay.
  8. After wondering what the little metal stick is, I figured out that you have to pull it up to "lock" the roms. Now it works fine!
  9. Received the Atari today and I thought the black thing on top of the Atari must be the cartridge in which you insert the roms, but no it was just a cap protecting the "rom slot". Normal Atari cartridges work fine but i can't get the roms to work. The seller told me he bought the Atari with the modification, looks self-made and sloppy. Don't know what the switch above the slot does. Contacted the seller and now i'm waiting for a reply. Took some pictures:
  10. Thanks for your help, going through the tutorials/infos first! Since the CV is based on the Z80, is it useful to read some infos/books on how to program for the Z80 or is it a waste of time?
  11. Hi, since I wanted to learn how to program for the Colecovision but have no idea where to start I'd like to know which language the CV uses? Whats the best start, buy a book of C or BASIC programming for dummies and read/learn it? I should also mention since I am out of university my programming skills nearly dropped to 0. So forgive me my noob questions, some help would be great
  12. Thanks Yurkie, I'll send you a PM but first I'll check the CV's power supply.
  13. Sorry no 2nd CV or ADAM. Strange thing is, when i plug the expansion into the CV and try to play a CV game it won't work either as long as the expansion is plugged to the CV. When i remove it, the CV alone works fine.
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