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  1. Don’t blame ya for keeping it off, 8CM515 is what I have too. The power button is shot, and requires that I wedge a piece of folded paper into the small gap in order to keep it on. The screen occasionally flickers, and the speaker crackles. Guess that’s to be expected for a 30+ year old monitor.
  2. Glad the downtime was short. Just called in and paged for a chat, but I forgot the SysOp is the cool guy who’s never around. LOL
  3. If you end up going to a non-TI for ANSI work, there is PabloDraw which is multi platform, Linux and Windows. I use AcidDraw, it is similar to the program Tim mentioned (The Draw) but on steroids. You’ll need to use a DOS computer, or DOSBox to run either The Draw or AcidDraw.
  4. Just gave a call, looks good. Didn’t notice any bugs, everything ran smooth.
  5. @Swim is the SysOp there, he can probably help with your password.
  6. Ahh yes, the joys of being a SysOp. lol
  7. Hmm, maybe a pure Assembly Heatwave running from the Geneve command line??
  8. Wow you're right! I kind of forgot about that. Glad you picked up the reigns and took over after I decided to take it down.
  9. Nice review of Heatwave, and InsaneMultitasker is mentioned as well. https://tinyurl.com/ybk28c6c
  10. Not sure what version my WHT is either. It's Harold Mayo's old card. Also didn't see an option for MFM... HFDC!
  11. I would think that if you can connect okay, then you should be able to download as well. Which protocol are you selecting when you attempt to download?
  12. There is a version of this available as a door game for Heatwave. Unfortunately it isn't being used as I recall it was quite buggy and would crash the BBS.
  13. Damn that really sucks. I know the feeling!
  14. Additionally, don't forget about the original Terminal Emulator cartridge (TE2 was its successor) which was released for the /4 computer. It supported higher baud rates than TE2, and had more configurable options. Unfortunately it was also quite buggy. The original TE cart is extremely rare.
  15. I think the title of this thread should be changed to "Heatwave BBS OPEN", heh.
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