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  1. Hopefully that's the case, and no cards were damaged.
  2. Sorry to hear about the hardware problems. Tried to get on yesterday morning and evening, and figured something must be up.
  3. Do you think it could be the EZ-135 drive going bad, or perhaps the platter itself?
  4. Looks good, but I wonder why the white background colors aren’t showing up. If you look at the image in the text I sent you, you will see what I mean. That’s how it looked in Pablo Draw.
  5. Good to hear. I’m almost finished with a new ANSI, nothing major, just something for LOGINTRO or whatever. Shoot me a Softmail if you want something added (host name, location, whatever).
  6. Doesn’t sound like a heatwave to me. 🔥🔥
  7. I would be up for this, if I’m not working.
  8. Mad Hatter


    That’s a good question. I think it is on heatwave, but the file transfers are down. I could always send you a 5.25 floppy if needed.
  9. Mad Hatter


    I have a 7-8 year old rev 5.0, and it is able to be powered directly from the SCSI cable, without an external power source. But like IM said, must depend on the particular unit. I would use MYS to format the drive(s), then CYA to remap them. My 3 SCSI drives are set as: SCS1 = SCSI ID 0 (this is SCSI2SD drive #1) SCS2 = SCSI ID 1 (SCSI2SD drive #2) SCS3 = SCSI ID 2 (SyQuest EZ 135)
  10. I found another disk with a game by him called “Newbert”. I’ll load it later, but I remember it’s a Q-Bert clone.
  11. Were you able to locate the cabling required to connect this to one of the compatible tape or disc players? It would be neat to get one up and running and some point. Mine works, and the controller’s BASIC program recognizes it, but there is nothing to do with it beyond that.
  12. Moon Patrol, even the though it’s a tad slow compared to the arcade version.
  13. I have a game on disk by Darin called Armor Ambush. I believe it is for ABASIC.
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