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  1. Post #166 contains info and download links (hope they still work) for my CF Card images files and includes a very details documentation file (in WordPad RTF format). It’s a lengthy thread but well worth reading thru in it’s entirety.
  2. Yes. I just replaced the mentioned rom image files that were already of CF Card #2 (ie. Hard Disk 2 as listed in the HD Menu program) Meteoric Shower is on volume #1 while Pitstop And Sector Alpha are on volume #2.
  3. I don’t seem to recall this every being done. There have been a few that made the EM#1 a stand-alone game system. What about an interface/adapter that connected between the Memory Console and EM#1 so that the EM#1 can be kept original.
  4. Get lucky that a working Serial Interface is offered up for sale somewhere. Convert an AdamLink 300 baud modern to a Serial Interface. Documentation is available on how to do so. Wait for someone like MrPix to complete and release his Expansion Kit for the Adam. Make on yourself from all the documentation and schematics released by Micro Innovations for their Dual Serial, MIB2 and MIB3 interface cards.
  5. Decided to tackle some further rom image updates on CF Card #02: - Correct rom dump size of Meteoric Shower (8K not 16K) - Final version and correct rom dump size of Sector Alpha released by Ikrananka (20K not 24K) - Bug free version of Pitstop Attached is version 2.2 of my CF Card #02. Just use HDDRawCopy to write the hd_ide.img file back to your CF Card. hd_ide2 (v2.2 - Pitstop, Meteoric, Sector).zip
  6. No need. Either you have the original setup provided by MicroFox or Ver. 1 of mine. I made a lot of additions to Ver. 2 and I will label the Activision rom update as Ver. 2.1
  7. No, just the four Activision rom updates. The last major update that I posted in the IDE CF Card thread was back in 2015 iirc and was version 2 as far as I listed in the doc/rtf file. It’s been a long time mainly because of the release of SD Drive solutions.
  8. Glad to help. No sorcery involved, just follow the steps I listed and you can do it as well. Big thanks to Eric Pearson (IIRC) for patching the rom dumps to work properly from RAM. I have to double check Sector Alpha and Pitstop to verify that they are the final “good” dumps of the cartridges... when I can find the time.
  9. Check with William Hicks or Jim Walters on the Coleco ADAM Facebook page as they usually have some systems open that they are working on.
  10. Megadisk... you inspired me to get off my arsh and update the CF Card #2 with the four patched Activision rom images. Attached below if the updated hd_ide2.img file with the working Beamrider, Keystone Kapers, Pitfall! and River Raid rom files. Just download, unzip and use HDDRawCopy (provided by MicroFox with the IDE CF Package) to write it to CF Card #2. How did I update it? I used ADAM Image Manager v1.1.1 by Eric Pearson as well as ADAMem v2.0beta by Geoff Oltmans. In ADAM Image Manager v1.1.1: - made a new 160K disk image - copied the 4 PC rom image files individually to the 160K disk image and gave the new ADAM files the C attribute - tried to block copy the individual rom files on the 160K disk image to the existing block locations on hd_ide2.img file (CF Card #2), but for some reason I could not do so using ADAM Image Manager as both the source and destination came up as ADAM IDE when I choose Block Copy so I had to use ADAMem In ADAMem it boots automatically to the HD Menu program: - USE HD #2 (SmartKEY II) - BOOT FROM HARD DISK (SmartKEY III) - Choose FILEMAN - CTRL-F9 to bring up ADAMem config in order to mount the 160K disk image with good roms in Disk Drive #1 - verify the starting block # and total # of blocks for each rom file on the 160K disk image and the HD_IDE2 image file - block copy the appropriate blocks from the 160K disk image to the HD_IDE2 image file to overwrite each bad rom with the patched rom If you come across anymore rom files that you experience issues with, please let me know and I will take a look. FYI... the patched rom images were necessary because the original game code would not work on an ADAM when loaded into RAM with CopyCart. - hd_ide2 (fixed 4 Activision Roms).zip
  11. Circa 2013, your Yurkie A/V mod would have used this....
  12. It is just an issue with these 4 rom image files. Just download the patched versions and then transfer to the CF Card (replacing the existing Beamrider rom file and the 3 others) to correct the issue. You should read thru my updated docs that are included with my CF Card image files as it will highlight other software incompatibilities and explains why I included rom images that don’t work mainly due to not being able to work from RAM compared to an actual cartridge ROM. Make sure to get Eric Pearson’s Adam Image Manager for easier file manipulation in Windows or use the Adamem SDL or DOS emulator (v1.8x or higher) to add to CF Image files, test and then transfer to actual CF Cards. It’s nice having these options to save all the wear and tear on actual Adam hardware.
  13. There were 4 games made by Activision that were recently patched in order to work properly from rom image format on the ADAM. I don’t recall of hand which ones but I think Beamrider is one of them. You can find the patched rom images in the Files section of the Coleco Adam Facebook page or on the Adam Archive (www.adamarchive.org). Also, it would be helpful to know what software setup you have on the CF Cards. Is is MicroFox’ or are they using my vastly updated software setup which can be downloaded here in a thread about the IDE CF Card.
  14. Rip Cord - Homebrew release is far better than what Coleco would have produced Skiing - if so, FINALLY, but highly doubt this is the Proto that was found!!! A Homebrew version seems to have stalled. Horse Racing - Ho Hum. Multiple Homebrew versions have once again stalled. Chess Challenger - please NO! A Homebrew version was made that is better than what Coleco would have produced. Smurf Play & Learn - if so (which it isn’t), please UNFIND it. Anyway, Youki’s latest hint rules out any of the above.
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