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  1. You would have to search for the CV MegaCart tech files that were made available years ago to add proper support much the same way AtariMax and some emulator authors had to add support to there products for games that use the MegaCart PCB.
  2. Converted from the DDP image to cartridge rom format by JamesD a number of years ago.
  3. All I’m asking is if you tried to contact him personally about your concerns. To me, it does not matter one bit how Milli has publicly discussed his game, but what would matter to me is if you tried to discuss your concerns with him privately and he told you to go fly a kite. if you did not attempt to contact Milli, then in my opinion you have embarked on a social media barnstorming tour. My opinion, you don’t have to like it. And know this, I appreciate and respect your thoughts on the gameplay, especially concerning the dual controller play mechanics.
  4. I have to ask… did you contact Milli about all your concerns prior to writing up this lengthy list of concerns as well as recording the video? if so and your concerns were ignored, than I better understand. if not, then I think you should delete this thread and anything else that you have posted elsewhere. I’m sorry, but all I have to go on at the moment is this thread and you come across all panicked like this is the end of the world. EDIT: especially seeing as some revisions have already been made and shared via digital download so no reason to think that Milli wouldn’t consider suggestions and concerns.
  5. Great to see Turmoil finally come to the CV & ADAM especially after the demos released by Howard Uman in 2009, that he originally started in 2006, perked everyone's interest but then ended up as vaporware. His version seemed pretty far along but did not have any sound effects or music. The gameplay pic doesn't do it justice as the enemies are not on the screen. Now to set some time aside tonight to play CCR!
  6. I should correct this statement as A LOT of the CV and ADAM games play amazing with a USB Mouse.
  7. It would be extremely silly! Some of the CV and ADAM games play amazing with a USB Mouse… especially wireless. in my humble opinion, your Coleco Mouse is a must product for gamers and works great with ADAM apps.
  8. I wouldn’t say that a HUGE CHUNK of the game was missing, just that a number of the enemies were missing. It wasn’t really bad chips, but 2 bytes of code. Well, I guess you can say BAD CHIPS especially if the game code was burnt to PROMs which is a one time deal. No company releases a game knowing the game won’t sell well. If they feel that way, then they don’t release the game. Well, unless it has all been manufactured but then that would mean someone’s head should have rolled for signing off on it to go to manufacturing. I’m not sure of the release days for the Coleco and CBS version, but it’s not like anyone that bought the Coleco version knew that there were missing elements due to code corruption. If one was familiar enough with the arcade game, then they would know that there were missing elements but wouldn’t have known that this was due to code corruption. They would have just figured Coleco programmers left out these missing elements especially if they were familiar with other Coleco titles like DK were a whole arcade level was missing from the game.
  9. Check out John Lundy’s Coleco Mouse Adapter. All the info is available on the Coleco ADAM Facebook Group as well as GitHub. He has some all ready to be purchased. Oh yeah, he just added code to all the connection of a NES or SNES controller to his Mouse adapter to use on a CV or ADAM.
  10. Best to send pboland a PM as he might not check these threads.
  11. Very surprised that weren’t a couple more bidders, but it all works out in the end because you bid is exactly what I was hoping to get. Sending a PM… thanks.
  12. Only time the drive latch should be closed is if packed away, moving it to say take somewhere or if being shipped. While inserting a disk is not the most ideal thing, if you don’t have the cardboard insert that came with the drive, then definitely use an old disk.
  13. It’s the “Fun of Discovery” that Coleco loved to use in their game manuals especially when mixing old and modern platforms to get the job done.
  14. Get yourself an RF Cable (preferably an old one as I have had varying degrees of success with new ones) and the RF-Coaxial Adapter.
  15. I have always left it open with no disk inserted. If packed away or shipping, I insert a disk and close the latch.
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