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  1. Make sure the black rubber timing in the Data Drive is in place... it is next to the read/write head. If not present or in bad condition, do not use a data pack in the drive!!!
  2. Looks really good and like Coleco_Master, I love puzzle games. One thing I hope is considered is a way to save your game/progress either with a SaveRAM PCB or through a passcode.
  3. They should have used the ColecoVision version called "Quest for the Golden Chalice" by Mystery Man/Team Pixelboy!!!!
  4. Not completely sure if this is a developmental version of the planned Math Quest game that Coleco was to release for the ADAM on data pack and disk. More info can be found on the Coleco ADAM Facebook page.
  5. Great to see you back on AtariAge! For anyone on the fence about DD's modded controllers, I had both sets (still have DK/DK Jr.) ad they are incredible... even though I don't use them as much as I should. Makes sense to have a Mr. Do! / Mr. Do's! Castle set and possibly an Antarctic Adventure / Penguin Adventure set.
  6. John Lundy doesn't frequent AtariAge as far as I know, so you're going to have to bristle up and join Facebook to contact John and then delete your account after.
  7. NIAD


  8. Should send Pongbeat (think that's right) a PM seeing as he picked up a couple truck loads of ADAMs a couple years ago. IIRC, he is in France.
  9. I'm with MilliV on this one... We already have a good and available IDE interface available from MicroFox/Adamcon and what is most needed is the MIB/80 column interface that you have been working on especially seeing as Serial interfaces are very scarce and 80 column units are insanely scarce.
  10. Looks like you would need to get into contact with William Hicks, Jim Walters or Eric Pearson. Sorry to say that you'll have to contact them thru the Coleco ADAM Facebook page.
  11. This is a database file probably created by one of the Coleco 'Filer programs and probably SmartFiler. It's possible that the file was created by another 3rd Party database program, but hard to know for sure. Anyway, 99.999% sure it's nothing relevant and you can just INIT the data pack in SmartBasic to write a fresh directory to it.
  12. If there is indeed a bug in AIM, you could continue to use it with DDP images and then convert this image with Steve Pitman's Virtual ADAM to a Disk image which in turn adds the proper disk interleaving. I'm not sure if Eric is a member here, but he is on the Coleco ADAM Facebook page.
  13. Seems like #4 1987-88 would be appropriate according to everything that you have discussed as far as what the next evolution of the CV or CV 2 would have been. Well, at least for the immediate future of the SGM2/Omni and then when they are established and programmers start pushing the capabilities of the SGM2/Omni, things will naturally progress.
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