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  1. Bump. Checkout Post #01 for details on the "Coleco Electronics 1984 - 2nd Edition Press Kit" that I am selling.
  2. NIAD

    SGM 5th run

    No updates re the ADAM (beige) SGM / 6th run since Opcode’s last notice re the $50 deposit. Hopefully some news with be coming soon!
  3. Two people come to mind... Mystery Man and Nanochess. If MicroChip is given serious consideration, then ADAM Bomb 2 would be another Steve Pitman game to consider especially since it’s so different from anything else that is available on the CV.
  4. Far, far from it. The biggest hangups with the system were the initial roll out defects and numerous mistakes in the owner's manuals that were cleaned up in short order by the end of 1983. A lot, and I do mean a lot, of the systems that were returned as defective were due to first time computer user error and should I say lack of understanding. I also seem to recall IBM experienced a world of issues with the roll out of the PCjr., but for some reason it's just not as talked about as the ADAM. What it all boils down to is the lack of support for the ADAM from 3rd Party companies and then Coleco dropping support after only 14 months on the retail market. What you have in the ADAM is basically the precursor (perhaps even comparable) to the MSX1 line of computers, but without the tremendous support.
  5. Damn iPhone’s with all their smart features. Ultimately who is the dummy in this case.... ME!!! WASTE.... WASTE.... WASTE. Just testing.
  6. That was a waist of 13:42 of my life! As the old saying goes, "Ignorance is bliss".
  7. Thanks for sharing the pics. Interesting to see graphics development being done in the "Coleco Graphics Processor" which many also know as "Project Name by Line". Little bit of info, there are 2 versions of C.G.P. and if you place Version 2 on cartridge, whatever graphic screen is displayed on the ADAM when the cartridge reset switch is pressed will be captured. It can then be saved as a C.G.P. picture file and then converted to a PowerPaint picture file with a SmartBASIC conversion program.
  8. Who will be handling the production and distribution of your games?
  9. Odd, every time I tried that address I got a NO ANSWER. However, the 80 column address works every time.
  10. Never mind, the 80 column address works just fine.
  11. Tried connecting to retrocampus numerous times but always get NO ANSWER. Is it only available at specific times?
  12. Really impressive and looking forward to further updates. Seems like you could reuse the game engine to create a Super Front Line game... another Coleco vaporware title. Any further developments on your versions is Asteroids and Missile Command.
  13. Milli is no longer making the rCAP Power Supply, but you should still PM him here as well as on the Coleco ADAM Facebook group (Bill Hicks) to see if he could set you up with something. Everyone seems to be using the Mean Well RT-50A power supply now either installed in an external case or mounted internally in the open area next to the 3 Expansion Slots. https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/mean-well-usa-inc/RT-50A/7706370 Or there is this expensive option: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apollo-400-Watt-Power-Supply-for-the-Coleco-ADAM-Computer-Memory-Console/113718629092?hash=item1a7a2892e4:g:-XIAAOSw76dbmf8E
  14. I have the last version of MESS before the merger into MAME and haven’t used it in years. Just no time to check out the latest version of MAME to see if ADAM emulation has improved over the years.
  15. When you right.... you right! 👆
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