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  1. Yes, the CV and Adam Module need to be powered by the Printer. The CV power supply is NOT used with this setup.
  2. As far as Walters Software's EOS9, within their programs that include it like Adam's Desktop, options are available to boot other software programs like SmartBasic in order to keep EOS9 resident in memory. Other Coleco titles can be booted this way as well or exit the WS program into SmartWriter and keep EOS9 in memory instead of a hard boot where Coleco's EOS5 is placed back into memory.
  3. Rocky: Battle the Champ was the original name of the game before Coleco changed it CollectorVision just made this version to pay homage to the original name of the game. And yes, the price is ridiculous.
  4. Arcade ports are what made the CV so popular BITD so why deviate from something so tried and true. Although I really loved the 2600 ports of Kaboom, Frostbite and Adventure and would love to see the best of the best 2600 games get ported with enhanced graohics and gameplay.
  5. Hoarder!!!! BTW, I can see mine underneath your's. At least we all know that one of your units won't be showing up on eBay.
  6. Retro System Rescue / ADAM Ware made an external power supply that has been sold out for a while. They have released (as well as others) full details on how to install a power supply inside the Memory Console if you have the necessary skill set. You can contact them on their website or thru the Coleco ADAM Facebook group... send a PM to William Hicks. He is also a member here (MilliV) but doesn't check in too often. Also checkout the Adam Archive... www.adamarchive.org and Joe Blenkle's Adam website linked in the footer if this message.
  7. This is a tough road to hoe for all parties involved as far as a 2nd run pre-order. I personally would not want to put up $200-$250 on a pre-order basis without knowing if and when there would be enough orders to proceed with manufacturing. Something like this could take a couple months on up to a ?? year ??, but something tells me that once the first run have all been shipped and CollectorVision has time to work on further cores to add and updates, this will move things along more quickly. Unfortunately an option like a $50 refundable down payment if no 2nd run / not refundable if one decides not to follow through with purchase when 2nd run is ready isn't available. It's a lot more work for CollectorVision to manage and track this, so I understand. Anyway, something tells me a good number of people purchased multiple units from the first run and soon enough they will be showing up on eBay at incredibly inflated prices.
  8. Note that the Adam Image Manager program by Adam Ware (the menu program for the ADE written by William Hicks) requires a keyboard to use, but hopefully controller input will be added in the next version. Without a keyboard, you will need to use the functions buttons on the ADE to move around the directories, scroll through the image lists and make selections.
  9. Congrats on the Adam pickup and hope it's in working condition once you get everything setup. You can check with MilliV or Adamcon via PM as they should both have keyboards available at reasonable prices. MilliV might be easier to get a hold of on the Coleco Adam Facebook page, his name is William Hicks. You don't need the keyboard to play ColecoVision cartridge games as well as most Adam specific game titles like the Super Games. Just the Memory Console with one controller will do. Track down or make a DIN Monitor cable for Composite Video with Audio for best video out although RF on the Adam is pretty good. To make your own keyboard using a PS/2 or USB keyboard would be an endeavor because you would have to make your own Adamnet controller. It's been done using an old PC keyboard, but then all the key translation would have to be accounted for. The ADE is the way to go especially now that it supports rom images up to 32K. Just an awesomr hardware device.
  10. That would be the X-10 Home Automation System that was sold by Radio Shack. Alan Neely of AdamLink of Utah sold these as well as developed the software drivers.
  11. Here's some great info from John Lundy that was posted on the Coleco ADAM facebook page... This info might come in useful for tech savvy users with the ability to program EPROMs. I’ll post the 3-EPROM versions of R80 and R97 to the files section. Converting an older 4-EPROM configured console to 3-EPROM R80 configuration This all started when my first console had R77 with 4 EPROMs installed. After that, I had one with R80 with 4 EPROMs and another R80 with 3 PROMs. Some had a jumper wire bypassing the PCB A13 line and running the U22 A13 pin-26 directly to U7 (MIOC) pin-19 or also one end of unpopulated WJ5. This line appears to be used for special addressing to U22 for dealing with EOS in a 4-EPROM configuration. The schematic shows jumper settings but without any useful information about configurations. Configuration jumpers for ROM select decoder (U23) and EPROM sizes used Older 4-EPROM configuration: WJ6 – Installed WJ5 – Removed U21 2764 (ALF-3 $4000 to $5FFF of full 32K ROM image) U22 – 27128 (EOS in lower 8K and ALF-4 in upper 8K $6000 to 7FFF of full 32K ROM image) U8 – 2764 (ALF-1 $0000 to 1FFF of full 32K ROM image) U20 – 2764 (ALF-2 $2000 to 3FFF of full 32K ROM image) Newer 3-EPROM configuration: *Remove any prior wiring modifications to U22 WJ6 – Removed WJ5 – Installed U21 – 2764 (Dedicated to EOS) U22 – 27128 (R80 Upper 16K $4000 to $7FFF of full 32K ROM image) U8 – Not installed U20 – 27128 (R80 Lower 16K $0000 to $3FFF of full 32K ROM image) *Note a 27256 EPROM can be used to replace a 27128 EPROM as long as it is programmed to the upper 16K ($4000-$7FFF) space.
  12. Have you considered the MicroFox Parrallel Interface for Slot #2 instead of re-inventing the wheel. It has a Boot Prom socket that can facilitate up to a 32K prom (IDE HD Drivers, SmartBasic) that would load upon turning on or resetting the system. It also functions as an Addressor Card for expansion Ram above 64K. Last, but not least, it's cheap.
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