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  1. 😁 What if you play it on an ADAM computer? Will it play the enhanced version? 😁 That question is a bit of sarcasm, please do not take me literally as I already understand what version of the game will play on an ADAM.
  2. The issue that people remember is the EMP that is emitted from the ADAM Printer when turned on. If a data pack was too close or on the printer, the contents "could" be corrupted. I never experienced this issue and I have used/tested 100s of systems over the years. For it to affect a floppy disk is hard for me to imagine happening, but in hindsight, I would store them somewhere else. How old are the disks that you are using? If over 30 years, that could be the problem or if newer, perhaps just a bad/cheap batch. It could also be an issue with the disk drive or the ADAM Logic Board, but you would need to continue testing things to see what happens... especially if you notice disk image files becoming corrupted on you ADE Lite.
  3. Glad to here it was the write protect light. As I mentioned in the other thread, this happened to the first disk drive that I owned some 37 years ago. What type of light is it?
  4. Here are the DOS program that I mentioned in a previous post. Here are some old threads that should help immensely. ADAM Connection (1988) (SpeedyWrite Software).zip ADAM Connection (1993) (SpeedyWrite Software).zip ADAM-DOS v1.20 (1994) (Bonafide Systems).zip DCopy32 v1.0 (2002) (Guy Bona III).zip DCopy (1996) (Unknown).zip 22Disk v1.40 (1993) (Sydex).zip
  5. Check out this thread with details on adjusting the Variable Capacitor... if all else fails from what I talked about in the other thread that you started about formatting ADAM disks. BTW, I posted more info in that thread.
  6. Will the disk drive write to an already formatted disk? For instance, save a SmartWriter document. if it will not write to an existing Adam formatted disk, it could be the photo-electric cell has gone bad. It is located on the left guide track where the write protect notch on the disk lines up when inserted. My first ever disk drive experienced this issue and I removed the LED?? (light) on the top of the track and would shine a flashlight down the small hole to the light sensor at the bottom of the track guide in order to write to disks. Basically my disk drive thought every disk that I inserted has a write protect sticker on it. The other possibility is the alignment is off and you need to adjust the Variable Capacitor while booting Disk Manager. Search for a thread in this forum named Adam Maintenance. I think it was #3 where I detail this procedure. if neither of the above work, it’s no easy fix and these drives were modified to 5 1/4” 320K or 3 1/2” 720K back in the day.
  7. If you have a 5 1/4” FDD (360K as 1.2Mb might not work) on that PC, you could boot to DOS and use a number of different programs to transfer files or disk images as well as format Adam disks. DCOPY WRDisk by Marcel de Kogel The Adam Connection (eos.exe) by David White 22Disk by Sydex (CP/M files) You could also try Adam Image Manager v1.1.1 by Eric Pearson on a modern PC to work with files and disk images and then copy to an SD Card for use on the ADE Lite that you own.
  8. NIAD


    I completely understand why lawyers use C&D letters and more importantly I understand why hobbyist home brewers would rather not be bothered with stuff like this if at all possible.
  9. NIAD


    Then roll the dice, pay Kiwi the going rate to program the game and then distribute the game yourself. I do not mean to sound so harsh, but it's easy to sit on the sidelines and make statements like you have without any financial recourse like those that would be faced by any of the current Homebrewers. Why do you think Opcode backed down re. DK? It's just not worth it and all the Big N's lawyers had to do was send a C&D letter.
  10. You should supply the finished CIB with my 🤗 beautiful 🤗 overlay!
  11. WTF!!! 😍 1. So either a programmer is working on converting this ADAM software title to CV rom format OR 2. An ADAM core is actively being developed that is much more advanced than available software emulators like ADAMem seeing as it does not have a problem loading the custom version of CP/M that the game was supplied on. I'll go with #1. By the way, stop being so secretive all the time... there is a place for that already within the CollectorVision Club!
  12. Thank you Nanochess. Jim Walters is looking at the ADAM Resident Debugger v2.0 and reports that it is looking for communication with another computer. Will see what else he is able to come up with. The Monkey Academy with Debugger rom is pretty impressive and I have to get back to that one to see what else I can discover about it. Unfortunately for most here, you need a real ADAM to use it.
  13. But they can leak the rom image of the 2019 secret game when they are given download access by CollectorVision as far as you have stated. Hmm, if someone can dump the game to a rom image, is that eligible for leaking? Through it all, I have been pleasantly surprised that the 2019 secret game name or rom hasn't been leaked! Good job guys.
  14. Just spent a couple hours reading over the MSXVR website and watching videos.... WOW! 😵
  15. Ikrananka... I would stick to the format that suits your needs best and then the rest of us simple benefit from your sharing of this database with us. There is only so much that you can do and as far as I see, the only real alternative to providing so much information neatly would be akin to what https://cvaddict.com/ has setup on his website but with further additions to incorporate all the content of the Database... that would amount to a full time job!
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