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  1. Is a Pause Button (ie: Add-A-Halt) a possibility with the SGM2?
  2. This wish is for the SGM2… a Pause Button! So many Legacy and Homebrew games do not offer a Pause option programmed in to the game and it would be nice to see this added, if possible.
  3. This board could have been used in conjunction with one of Coleco’s In-House CV or Adam test utility cartridges. As was explained by a Coleco Tech, the multiple Coleco locations (CT, NY and Canada) didn’t always collaborate with one another, so it’s always been a little difficult to get definitive answers on matters like these. The only test carts that I know of that require additional hardware are: - Go/No/Go by Nuvatec. Nanochess gave a detailed description of his findings of the program code and IIRC it looked at the controller port(s) for additional hardware. - Adam Final Test (not the rom image in the Archive as that one needs to be renamed to Adam Menu Test) which requires the Adam Final Test Module (contained in an EM#1 case) and additional accessories. Just got a good dump of the cartridge and others that I am sorting through. - System Hardware Test. Not much is known about this one but additional hardware seems to be needed.
  4. Time to call in the Heavy Hitters… hopefully ChildOfCV or Tekman could provide some further insight.
  5. If I had a nickle for every time that you used that line... well, you know the rest!
  6. Sounds like a job for Tempest. Oh, snap, that’s you!
  7. PM is the only way to answer this one! 👍🏼 Hard Hat Mack and BC II: Grog’s Revenge (extra mountain levels, etc) were never converted to CV cartridge format. I doubt an actual Coleco coded cartridge version of Hard Hat Mack was ever programmed like i knew A.E. (released on The Best of Brøderbund) was and took me some 30 years to get lucky enough to find it, but never say never.
  8. A big shout out to the CollectorVision Team... the website has really come a long way and it's very much appreciated. Also, thank you for including all the manual PDFs in the CollectorVision Experience Club section.
  9. Following up after doing some further testing on issues with one of the secret games when played on an ADAM. If other ADAM owners could test and chime in, it would be interesting to see if they experience the same issues when using the actual cartridge. I removed all additional hardware so that the system is stock and the issue I previously described still occurs. The Adam is what some have termed a “Super Adam” since it will play a large number of SGM required games without the need to connect the SGM. Earlier this year it was discovered that this Adam also had an issue that rendered the MIB238 Serial Ports not useable until the MIB238 was fixed. i setup my backup ADAM system (stock, no additional hardware) and the first screen played perfectly. Unfortunately the second screen experienced a number of issues including the item that floats at the top could actually move off the top of the screen and reappear at the bottom. Another was the character could get to a magic spot about 4/5 of the way thru the screen and then is transformed back to the starting position. Just want to make the issues known for other possible Adam owners and interested to hear how the game works on their system. I’m good with playing the rom image via the AtariMax cart on the Adam and have numerous other options with a CV or Phoenix.
  10. You are in great hands with ChildOfCV on the case!!! Referring back to Post #4, sorry... busy days! Two versions of the ADAM Computer were made: - Expansion Module #3 ADAM that connects to a ColecoVision Game System - Stand-Alone ADAM which has the ColecoVision PCB built-in to the Memory Console. The ADAM PCB in this has a number of small differences, but for the most part is the same that comes in the EM#3 Memory Console. RF = Video and Sound Monitor = Composite Video only Auxillary = Composite Video with Audio You can have 0, 1 or 2 Digital Data Drives installed in the system. The system will work just the same, but of course, that will determine what drives are available to load or save to. If the ADAM PCB is working properly of partially working, the data pack that you inserted in the Data Drive should have began seeking as soon as you pressed the Computer Reset. That the tape only moved slightly is not a good sign as far as the ADAM PCB is concerned... but this does not rule out the ColecoVsion PCB as you have been finding out. The Printer startup or on pressing the Computer Reset is as follow: - Print Head moves all the way to the left and make contact with a contact switch so that the system knows exactly where the print head is - The Daisy Wheel spins for a couple seconds to position itself - The Print Head moves a couple inches to the right... it's Home position The U## sockets are located on the ADAM PCB (the bottom board in the Stand-Alone ADAM or the only board in the EM#3 ADAM) and contain the SmaWriter roms (could be 2 or 3 roms... 3 for earlier released systems, 2 for later). Pictured attached for reference. When you turn on the ADAM, it starts in Electronic Typewriter Mode where anything you type is sent to the Printer... just like a real typewriter. Pressing the Escape/WP key switches to the full word processor... SmartWriter. Pressing the COMPUTER RESET attempts to load a disk or data pack that may be inserted... no load commands needed for most ADAM software compared to say a C=64. Pressing the CARTRIDGE RESET switches to ColecoVision mode... with no cartridge inserted just the CV BIOS screen displays. Good luck with the repair. If all else fails, a longtime ADAMite and former Coleco employee has started to sell a lot of ADAM gear on eBay.... moonxpl.
  11. Have not tried. It loaded to the first title screen on CoolCV but my input configuration for this emulator is screwed up and didn’t have time to look into fixing it... so only played the dump on real hardware.
  12. Awesome! One of my favorite games of all-time. Thank You!
  13. It is called “Dragon: The Chinese Challenge” and was developed by Reedy Software.
  14. Would that suggest a possible issue with how RAM might/might not be cleared/zeroed out by the AtariMax versus the actual cartridge?
  15. To follow up on my last post, I dumped the game to a rom image, loaded it via the AtariMax Ultimate SD Cart and it plays perfectly on my Adam. to expand further on the issue when played from the actual cart on the Adam... seems to only happen when I press and hold the fire button down from the very beginning of the first level all the way to the magic spot on the screen towards the top/middle. Again, I have additional hardware in my Adam setup which I haven’t had time to remove to test further. BTW, it’s an awesome game!
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