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  2. Alright, so I just bought a Trance Vibrator (USB vibration device for use with PS2 games Rez & Space Channel 5 (Part 2))... I want to use it with my computer to either just mess around with it, make it vibrate however I like, or at the least, vibrate when I play music through iTunes. I have a Mac... searching the web I found only 1 plugin for itunes called "RezTunes" ...only problem is this is like 7 or 8 years old, so it only works with 32 bit itunes, and I tried to change my itunes to get it to work, but with this new computer/itunes, it says 64bit is required to run... so.... ANYONE out there, calling all smart computer people for help. can someone redirect me to some kind of program that will read my Trance Vibrator and let me manipulate its functions, OR a plugin for iTunes that will actually run on an -up-to-date Mac/iTunes. seriously have been searching google for hours, I found some technical info, but I am not smart enough or computer skilled enough to make my own application or plugin, or even modify this old one. and no, this is not for sexual purposes at all. please help
  3. link not working. drat. Clue is my favorite movie, too.
  4. UPDATE: http://www.twitch.tv/kulpdogg ok, I got it working. finally. that was so annoying though. ok, so I have a Mac, I downloaded OBS, but that only captures my computer screen.... elgato has a program called game capture hd, that works great, BUT when I go to stream to Twitch, it's all green and horrible looking and I can't figure out why, SO me being the smartie pants that I am, I use both programs, and use OBS to capture the screen-preview of my non-streaming gamecapture hd app, and then stream through OBS. so it works, and I figured out the sound by downloading ANOTHER app called Soundflower. horrible experience, but I found a loop-hole that works wonders for me so far. check out my stream, follow me if you're interested. I plan on playing a crap-ton of games with retron 5. and... I have TONS.
  5. ok, sorry for answering my own questions, but at least maybe this will help someone else in the future, after several searches on youtube, i found that some people are in fact recording with retron 5 with an HD 60 device, (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzGqfTU4YRQ) so I guess it will work to stream to twitch as well.. I guess I'll just go ahead and buy one for $150 through amazon. will update after I get everything up and running. I can't believe there is like no info on this on the internet. sigh...
  6. I looked up the Elgato and Elgato HD 60. now I just need to know if the HD 60 is compatible with RetroN 5 or not.. so far I think I found out that the regular Elgato is compatible... I think... but I'd like to have the 60....if that works.... no clue
  7. i'm a streaming noob, but i want to live stream games from my retron 5, anyone have any tips? what is the best equipment to buy for this? cheapest place to buy it? any other suggestions?
  8. i thought there was one on atarimania, but i was mistaken, just pictures of parts of the box. the only scan i found was on here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/atari2600/945138-air-raid/images/box-100085 not good quality though. good luck.
  9. cool stuff as usual, Mike
  10. are you guys not scanning end-labels? I clicked on a few and only saw front cartridge scans ...do...you want end-label scans?
  11. awesome guy with fantastic communication. shipped fast with tracking info, got here fast and in amazing condition. would do this again. thanks!
  12. awesome! thanks so much! now I know. no harm done, I wasn't expecting much anyway from such a common game.
  13. so I just won an ebay auction of a box variant i haven't seen before for Slot Racers. http://www.ebay.com/itm/161556799653?_trksid=p2060778.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT the box is white with black text, no pictures.... I didn't see a scan of the box here or on atarimania.com, and a google image search found nothing. so I'm wondering... did I hit a secret jackpot or something? lol I am totally 100% willing to add scans for atarimania.com if they want it. I have this brief memory of hearing about/seeing other white boxes like this in the past.. I think.. which other games did this? why? anyone have any input for me? Will add pictures in a couple days when it arrives.
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