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  1. I am in the market to purchase a system II in tested working condition. Please let me know if you have one to offer.
  2. Are there reservations on any of these? It looks like you don't want Paypal yet as you would need to calculate shipping for everyone. I'm not sure if my posting saying that I wanted one was enough to get one reserved or how that side is going to work. Just noticed that Boojakascha is working on a project Ulysses. Yet another pun that I dreamed up a while back that someone else is developing with the exact same name that I had come up with for the project. Still, it's wonderful to see all these people jumping into the Oydssey game these days! Still no project "Iliad" or "Aenid" yet though.
  3. I may make a few custom requests, but definitely put me down for Space War and Percepts.
  4. Ha, another idea that I had a while back (I have PM's as proof!), but never got around to implementing. Put me down for one. So glad that there are some people out there getting around to all these projects that have lived in my head for five years. Now if someone implements my Odyssey portable idea (codenamed: Iliad) that would be something. 🙂 EDIT: I've obviously been resting on my laurels too much. New games and hardware have been released that I haven't even heard about. I never heard about the previous multicard that lead to this reproduction. Looks like the Odyssey homebrew page needs some updating and consolidation, and I need to do searches for who's working on what more often.
  5. I really want to do something for the Odyssey's 50th, whether it's releasing a game, doing one of the hardware ideas that I've had, or finally getting the vgarchive up and at least having the Odyssey reference materials available. Anyone interested in collaborating to do something awesome for the 50th?
  6. Hey Sly, I still don't see a reference for Yar's Revenge on the Odyssey. Do you have something on that?
  7. Jealous of this. I had the basic idea for an RPG on the Odyssey and even thought of calling it "First Fantasy" for the same pun-based reasons. I just don't have the time to do any game development and haven't for the last several years. Either way, I will watch this space eagerly.
  8. You said it. I thought that I had them all as well. If anyone sees any new Odyssey games please update the thread here. I really appreciate zhorton for doing so when he was ready to release his new games.
  9. Sly I've never heard of Peacekeeper/Command-o or Space War Demake. Do you know if either is still available? Those were during the lifetime of this thread, so I wish someone had posted something. Uppy told me that he'd basically abandoned his Soccer remake some time ago and with it being released by Zhorton and his team I don't think that there's any reason to continue posting those. Can you provide references for the other unreleased/abandoned ones other than Hadeus War? I have that one on my list. Also if you could provide a list of any exclusive games for Odysim I will add them.
  10. I'm pretty sure that I have everything other than re-releases and I'm not intending to go that granular. I'm listing games rather than individual releases. If you see anything in particular that's missing let me know, because I don't see it.
  11. I've updated the first post to the best of my knowledge. If anyone knows of any other Odyssey homebrews please post here and I'll add them to the first post.
  12. Please put me down for one. I do find it amusing that this thread is now the place to post about new homebrews rather than in their own thread.
  13. Very cool. When I first heard about this, I thought that you were recreating the Odyssey itself, so that people could purchase one at a lower cost. This is one of the projects that I'd had in mind, since the schematic is so easy to obtain. Basically rebuild the Odyssey with components on-hand. It looks like you're just looking at new ways of creating accessories and other features for the system. I will say that there's also more potential than just jumpers with the game cards, which I think your card #13 does. Even Ralph Baer mentions that instead of just jumpers they could have added circuitry to the game cards to change the system's behavior. He developed two prototypes of these "active cards". The first one was connected to a speaker and just added sound. The second one actually caused the walls to move during gameplay. Magnavox didn't want to run with those since they increased the cost of the cards, but there's definitely untapped potential for the system in addition to the ability to add different controllers and external game elements. @Zhorton, you may have thought of these before but two ideas that I have right off the bat: 1.) How about creating the putting accessory that apparently was created for the original brown box but never got released by Magnavox? 2.) I had this idea for creating a multi-card with circuitry to allow you to select the operation of any of the 12 original cards by setting dip switches. That'd certainly save time and effort if switching between games or playing a game that uses more than one card. That's another one of those "one day when I have time" projects that you could get to first. Other than that, could you let us know if your website is up yet.
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