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  1. LOL, easy there bojay. This is the reason I dont like to post often in atariage. Defender and asteroids averaged 275 per game and went first. when warlords came time to end in the auction i wasnt anticipating winning all three, but those games averaged 220 and then the non remaining et's followed suit, so I caught myslef overbidding on more than one copy ( aiming to win only one). I was hoping for one of each game. I think I did well with getting 4 titles. And yes, not that I am speculating, but I probably will sell the two warlords if all else fails. I was hoping more on a trade for a game that I didnt win ( I would like star raiders if anyone actually is reading this who won and is willing to trade) I thought this was a site for gamers and collectors of atari - Not for people to bash it...... I enjoy having rare titles in my display - I thought this a great alternative to buying air raiders or music machine, or similar high priced games. Half of my rare games and titles I have found in the wild - which pride myself on........ I find the history tied to all of this fascinating. An important piece to the evolution of the video game as it stands today......... Why is ET getting the attention? Obviously we can now point to several games that may have caused the demise of Atari in 83......
  2. I have 8166,8167, 8171, 8176, 8216 and 8228 if anyone decides to create a registry.....
  3. Sorry Stan, Just sent you an email.....
  4. alien $4 ghost manor/spike peak double ender $7 Atari Video cube $40 big bird egg catch $2 bankheist $6 ghostbusters x 2 $3 fantastic voyage $6 super huey 7800 star trek $9 PENDING the earch dies screaming $12 PENDING HERO ( 2 copies) with manual $10 jr pac man with manual $3 f-18 hornet 7800 $3 kung fu master /with manual $ 10 PENDING MASH $2 MEAN SANTA ( homebrew) with manual $35.00 (what I paid for it) miner 2049er $12 montezumas revenge $28 PENDING moonsweeper $2 mr do $4 pitfall 2 $8 pengo $9 pooyan $6 ( rough label) PENDING porkys $8 raiders LOST ARK ( RARE LABEL- NO "OF THE" $10 mario bro 7800 $5 revenge of killer beef tomatoes $6 space cavern $4 tron deadly discks with manual $7 smurf saves the day SOLD spacemaster x7 SOLD submarine commander SOLD super cobra $3 tapper $10 threshold with manual $45 PENDING tom boy with manual $45 tomcat 7800 $3 wall ball $20 PENDING zimag dishaster $ 6 PENDING xonox chuck norris / ghost manor $14
  6. Boxed atari games. 4.00 each + shipping or 70.00 shipped for all! warplock bowling othello carnival surround grand prix haunted house circus atari qbert frogger fishing derby space war swordquest earthworld mousetrap super challenge baseball sssnake vanguard mario bro box only blueprint kaboom race ( sears) cosmic ark
  7. My texas Instrument Home Computer Manual collection!!!! ALL IN GREAT SHAPE 17.00 obo shipped! MANUALS The attack tombstone city A-MAZE-ING Football Car wars JAWBREAKER 2 personal record keeping chisholm trail hustle adventure black jack n poker home financial descisions security analysis solid state speech synthesiser
  8. Intellivion lot ( im finding these items after i sold my system lot!) Asking 55.00 shipped obo... voice enhancer module ( $20) carts - kool aid man burgertime triple action manuals advanced dungeon ansd dragon frog bog donkey kong burgertime x 2 football boxing snafu space armada sharp shot lock n chase space hawk sub hunt triple action lock n chase chip shot super pro golf space battle full catalog las vegas poker n blackjack major league baseball auto racing tennis popeye connection instruction vectron utopia football mousatrap space hawk qbert B-17 bomber tron maze a thon world cup soccer master of universe shark shark sea battle super pro football nba basketball overlays reversi frog bog armor battle mouse trap tron deadly disks football x 2 golf auto racing reversi utopia x 2 poker n blackjack
  9. colecovision lot asking 25.00 shipped cart only mr do wargames spacefury blackjack/poker slither defender manuals space panic burgertime qbert venture pepper 2 cosmic adventure super action baseball subrog ladybug omega race bump n jump donkey kong slither donkey kong gemeni game system owner manual
  10. atari commons. you cover shipping under 30.00 in games or 175 obo for these carts includes shipping! keep looking for the more rare games going up.... or 175.00 obo shipped. ( an additional 10.00 for a 10 inch high stack of r1-r4 manuals...... 3 telegames sears text no front label on an any 4 telegames) $1 17 telegames sears text $1 27 telegames sears text $1 50 telegames sears text $1 adventure .50 air sea battle pic .50 air sea battle text .50 air wolf $2.50 amidar $1 arcade golf sears text .50 asteroids sears text $1 asteroids .50 baseball sears text $1 basic math $2 basketball sears text $1 basketball atari text .50 barnstorming .50 berzerk .50 blackjack sears pic $3 bowling sears text $1 bowling atari pic .50 breakout .50 buck rogrs $3 bugs $3 canyon bomber sears text $1 casino atari text and pic .50 centipede $1.50 circus atari text and pic .50 each coconuts ( both variations $2 each ( bad labels) codebreaker text $2 combat text and pic .25 commando $2 congo bongo $2 cookie monster munch $2 cosmic creeps x 2 $3 decathalon $1 defender .50 demons to diamonds sears pic $2.50 dodge em .50 donkey kong x 3 $1each dragster .50 eggomania $3 encounter at l5 $3 enduro .50 et .50 fastfood $ 6 fire fly x 2 $4 each fishing derby x 2 $1 each flag capture text $2 football text .50 frogger .50 galaxian $1 golf text .50 grand prix .50 gunslinger sears text $2.50 haunted house pic .50 homerun text .50 human cannonball .50 ice hockey $1.50 indy 500 ( x 2) label variant 11 .50 joust ( label variant P) $3 jungle hunt $1 kangaroo $2 karate froggo $6 keystone kapers $1 laser blast .50 mad $5 math grand prix pic $1 maze sears text $1 maze craze text and pic .50 megamania $1 mega force x 2 $1 memory match sears text $1 midnight magic $1 missile command sears text and atari lower and upper case labels .50 moon patrol $1 mousetrap $2 night driver text and pic .50 omega race $1 outlaw .50 pacman .50 pitfall .50 planet patrol x 2 $3 pong sports sears text $3 popeye $1 porkys $5 racquetball x 2 raiders of lost ark .50 reactor $2 realsports boxing x 2 $4 realsports baseball $1 river raid .50 skiing $1 sneak n peak $1 solaris x 3 $2 solar fox $1 space cannon red x 2 $1 space cannon blue $1 space combat sears text $1 space invaders text and pic .50 space jockey $1 space war pic $1 speedway 2 $1 squeezebox x 2 $2 star fox $2 star raiders .50 star wars death star $2.50 star wars empire x 2 $2 street racer .50 super breakoput .50 surround text .50 swordquest eearthworld .50 tac scan $3 tank plus sears text .50 target fun sears text .50 taz $5 tennis .50 towering inferno $1 tutankham $2 video olympics text and pic .50 video pinball pic .50 warlord .50 word zapper $1 yars revenge .50 zaxxon SOLD demon attack $1 firefighter $3 trick shot $1 air raiders ( whitelabel) $3 armor ambush .$1 burgertime x 2 SOLD bump n jump SOLD dark cavern $1 lock n chase white label $1 masters of univese $4 space attack $1 stra strike SOLD super challenge baseball .50
  11. quick question guys, going through my atari games and noticed joust has a "P" on the bottom right of the top label and the main label says 1985 atari rights reserved. What does the P mean? I didnt see it on the scan when i searched the site and it had 1983? everything else is exactly like the r2 version on the scan. is it a PAL version? that would my guess? of course all my systems are in a box right now...
  12. Hi guys - Im more of a Nintendoage fan and collector but have been keeping up with my atari collection for a few years. Im not on here much but do appreciate the Atari and a big fan!, nothing better than having a party and with all the systems; always have everyone shout out ATARI! too much kid stuff pushing me out my basement.. both my little irish twins are mobile now!!!!! need to slim down and Im just letting go of lots of stuff, and keeping just a smaller collection going!.... heres the site, this is me! Id be happy to give good breaks to anyone on atariage thats local and ensure they are going to a good home!!! Ive actually got some listed below. will keep working as i break them out! Buke
  13. Anyone have one to sell, let me know and I can pay right away! thanks
  14. hey everyone. Ill be at the event with literally a ton of stuff... For Atari 5200 CIB 5200, 2600 systems, controllers, adaptors, etc.... about 200-300 games ( 40-50 boxed) starting at 50 cents and some of the rarer ones as well! over 1000 NES games ( over 550 original titles) and over a thousand more SNES, N64, coleco, sega, and everything else! controllers, systems, signage, accessories, and more!!! PM me if you are looking for anything in particular, and ill make sure I'll bring it!
  15. box is a bit worn out but has PROMO across the box, is this really rare? i want it but want to pay the right price for it and not overpay...
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