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  1. Thank you Jim I have everything on this module, on the other hand this one also adds to the file of the maximum control bytes it is the hard copy of the module. Jean Louis
  2. There was a module like Gram Kracker, MAXIMUM which had its own numbering system who was next MAXIMEM numbering: number 1 RAM1 adress 6000 RAM 8K Emule Rom number 2 RAM2 adress 6000 RAM 8K number 3 GRAM adress 6000 GRAM 6K Emule Grom or 8k existe with extension hardware number 4 GRAM adress 8000 GRAM 6K or 8k existe with extension hardware number 5 GRAM adress A000 GRAM 6K or 8k existe with extension hardware number 6 GRAM adress C000 GRAM 6K or 8k existe with extension hardware number 7 GRAM adress E000 GRAM 6K or 8k existe with extension hardware During the dump the files created were numbered exemple: XXXX1234567 12 Rom 34567 Grom XXXX name of cartridge. Advantage of MAXIMEM it is a real copy it has no addition of data during the dump. I think every Gram Kracker has its own way of handling it Jean Louis
  3. If everyone if put it would be quick after it is a question of the will of the community Jean Louis
  4. 1501392-9 is rom of chess grom 2022 also This is a chess cartridge in French cartridge is the grom is 2022 2085 2086 2087 and rom is 1501392-9 An idea, why not reference all the grom content in a file or something dedicated to that exemple Diagnostic CD2006 TI CD2055 CD 2056 CD2057 rom CD3226 or 1501392-26 and CD 3227 or 1501392-27 Grom 0 Spanish CD4313 E/A CD2204 Carwars CD2205 TI Writer all language CD2294. Jean Louis
  5. Use this http://www.deviceside.com/fc5025.html work fine. Jean louis
  6. My gotek system with FlashFloppy vers 3.4a work fine. 20200411_135153.mp4
  7. Without the coding of the component it is useless Jean louis
  8. Thank, But No, the diagram I'm looking for is the power supply for the ti99 / 4 with the speaker integrated into the computer. Thank Jean Louis
  9. I have a Scsi card With the card that replaces the two Gal. I'm looking for a copy of these gal or just the equation file. If need the eprom dump ask me. Thank Jean louis
  10. Hello I search Schématic Of Power suplly AC9900/N +5 -5 +12 volts Thank
  11. It's not always easy to understand the translation, I'm bad at language and it's google that works for me Jean louis
  12. I don't understand everything in the posts, excuse me so I thought I was going to do well, I wouldn't do it again. Jean louis
  13. I have already tried but the result is not necessarily there in any case with non-professional tools. If you have any other, I would gladly do it for you, it's done quickly but it's already a start The main one is backup. Jean louis
  14. Ocr and resize. OCR Programmable Calculator News Vol 2 No 1.pdf
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