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  2. I'm glad you found the eprom files, I'm watching tonight and I have these eproms with my card. jean louis
  3. The data sheet is very rare, this is my scan of the book. jean louis
  4. What would you have in exchange, I already have a lot of things on the ti
  5. I have available an exl100 computer with modules and books in case some of you could look for one. I prefer an exchange. Beware of shipping costs from France. Look the picture https://photos.app.goo.gl/Vm7LvQVitTxnE5idA
  6. même en français je me trompe Faux n'arriveras Juste n’arriverais donc moralité "jamais" je ne saurais écrire en Français non plus! (Ne dis) jamais plus jamais. :-) par contre je ne suis pas James
  7. Un peu, tu plaisante tu est trilingue Anglais, allemand et français, le jour ou je parlerais anglais comme toi tu le fait en français n'arriveras sans doute jamais. Jean Louis
  8. Also Ti calc for spreadsheet program. Jean louis
  9. Jim is correct 9864 is 8K. no 16 K. I can not change my post Why ?? Jean louis
  10. Picture of Command Module on Mechatronic Extended Basic and Mechatronic Extended Basic II+ Mechatronic Extended Basic II+ : ref Rom 9128C-1113 16K 9128C-1114 16K 9128B-1240 16K TTL Bipolar Prom 32 X 8 There is an easy solution to transform your Mechatronic module. Open your module, see if the prom is on support. Look the rom ref 9128B-1240 is present, so just change the prom, and your module becomes Mechatronic Extended Basic II+ Mechatronic Extended Basic : ref Rom 9128C-1113 16K 9128C-1114 16K 9864B-1095 16K TTL Bipolar Prom 32 X 8 A same of TI Extended Basic. Jean Louis
  11. Yes it was to me that you bought this cartridge. Mechatronic updates its extended basic cartridge,some cartridge remains with the silver label but is II+ or Mechatronic/PS Extended Basic Menu. I still have in my stock two or three cartridges like this one. what changes between the two cartridges. -- Extended Basic 2 Rom 16k 1rom 8k -- II+ or Mechatronic/PS Extended Basic 3 rom 16K Jean Louis
  12. Merci beaucoup. Bonne fêtes a toi et au tiens. Jean louis
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