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  1. Voici des photos du modulateur video secam PHA 2101, rare voir très rare en France. Here are some pictures of the video modulator secam PHA 2101, rare to see very rare in France. Jim If you look for this interface I have a duplicate without box.
  2. The Tms3556 was intended especially for videotext, a module was present in some TV look the documentation. http://bitsavers.trailing-edge.com/components/ti/_dataBooks/TMS3556_Mar84.pdf There was in France a magazine that had made a video card based on this video circuit For HexBus circuit request on the forum some have to have some. Jean Louis
  3. Sorry to contradict you pin 16 does exist and on the diagram I give it receives a voltage via a resistor. If some research this PHA2037 I have someone in exchange possible. Désoler de vous contredire la broche 16 existe bien et sur le schéma que j'ai donner celle ci reçoit une tension via une résistance.
  4. There is another schema with a Harris component difficult to find HAI 4625 A quadruple op amp, the result is the same as with the LM318. And yes I have at disposal a PHA 2037. Il existe un autre schéma avec un composants Harris difficile a trouver HAI 4625 https://www.alldatasheet.com/datasheet-pdf/pdf/907052/HARRIS/HA-4625.html Un quadruple ampli op, le résultat est le même qu'avec les LM318. Et oui j'ai a disposition un PHA 2037.
  5. When I think it's been since 2010, that I write that the French system by the scart is really better than the Pal sytem. and it's 9 years after we thought I was right Attention works only on euro hardware, easy to recognize TI 99 /4a 6 pins DIN video plug Quand je pense que cela fait depuis 2010, que j'ecrit que le system Francais par la prise peritel est vraiment mieux que le sytem Pal et ç'est 9 ans après que l'on se dit que j'avais raison. Attention fonctionne que sur le matériel euro, facile à reconnaître la fiche DIN vidéo de TI 99 / 4a à 6 broches.
  6. If it interests you I must have the scheme, and even boxes to exchange. JL
  7. I think a lot of our wife thinks the same thing
  8. you have what in exchange possible
  9. No look on ebay.fr or Request here. It's been years that I read, the image of my IT is bad in pal, I hack to improve that in the end always so bad result While there is a possibility in RGB, why not use it. It is true that the PAL or NTSC is the market video formats, both bad, French Secam is technically much better, In our case it's RGB everywhere on the forums of old video game video everyone dream of RGB So use it! .
  10. I often read that we are looking for a PAL signal of good quality or other hack. Why not use the RGB Scart interface PHA 2037 , is more easy, the quality is good, better than the modification of the PAL box PHA 2036, Work juste with ti99/4a EUR. JL
  11. Oh thank you both Jean Louis
  12. Thank you Jim for your knowledge, I do not remember this card at all during my visit to Wiesbaden. Where do we find the software that manages this? And the schematic of Quest 200 RAM Disk Jean Louis
  13. Who among you could give me information on this card which must be a RAM Disk. He noted JST 1987. Thank Jean Louis
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