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  1. Some of these programs come from a French 99 Magazine n8 n 10
  2. If some of you are looking for a PHA 2037 I have a few for sale
  3. Thank you for your answers JL
  4. Hello, can you advise on a disassembler for the tms 9995, is there one on the TI99. Thank Jean louis
  5. I have never been to the USA but I have documentation on the city of Lubbock, including a city newspaper related to ti99
  6. the shipping costs are expensive 6 -7 euros for France Spain more the power supply 20-30 euros ion ebay. the solution that Ciro done are may be the best
  7. And Gotek system is nore more easy ? Usb transfert read with tidir.
  8. Sorry this texte is in French Une réparation due à une défaillance des condensateurs électrolytiques est devenue un phénomène banal, inhabituel dans les années 80. translate: Repair due to electrolytic capacitor failure became commonplace, unusual in the 1980s. https://qastack.fr/electronics/253976/what-happened-to-electrolytic-capacitors-in-the-21st-century on the old capacitor you could reform the electrolyte https://www.carnets-tsf.fr/condensateurs-anciens/reformer-les-condensateurs.html sorry in French. But, as I mentioned in this thread, everyone has to decide for themselves. By cons I retain your idea of changing the regulator, If on the capacitors we are not entirely in agreement I tell you very good idea😉
  9. Soon in France we open on May 11 schools and people return to work. the children would be less carriers but it could contaminate their parents the world is crazy
  10. I give you my archive file in back format, if you do it it's good for me and I thank you, but don't spend too much time on it I managed with arc303 to have some pieces and I'm not on that it is really useful to me, but as I miss it a lot I don't know. The name on the TI is GE*PROD/L. I thank you in advance even if you do not succeed the gesture is very nice Jean louis geªprod¯l
  11. Good new the screen on.
  12. On the model with the internal speaker the power is external see the photo that I put. The 4 power supply pins of the ti are in this case use unlike the other model where only three pins are used, moreover on this power supply one pin is larger than the others it serves to avoid an error. On all other models except this one the voltages are AC but for this is DC. Jean louis
  13. Ok the power supply is a same after we need to investigate more and without a minimum of knowledge it's going to be difficult.
  14. This is the power suplly for this ti99/4a. did you check the tensions.
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