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  1. It's not always easy to understand the translation, I'm bad at language and it's google that works for me Jean louis
  2. I don't understand everything in the posts, excuse me so I thought I was going to do well, I wouldn't do it again. Jean louis
  3. I have already tried but the result is not necessarily there in any case with non-professional tools. If you have any other, I would gladly do it for you, it's done quickly but it's already a start The main one is backup. Jean louis
  4. Ocr and resize. OCR Programmable Calculator News Vol 2 No 1.pdf
  5. Part of the document is passed through ocr and reduced in size. 1978_1979_LCD_CALC_Product_X.pdf 1984_Powerline_Network_Memo_reconnu.pdf
  6. Who among you has ever found a sticker where it is rated "CS1 Only" by removing a TI99 / 4a. Qui d'entre vous a déjà trouver un sticker ou il est noté "CS1 Only" en démontant un TI99/4a. Jean louis
  7. Thank you for your answer, whatever I will be patient. JL
  8. F4049BPC a same to MC 4049 MC14049UB - Hex Buffers.
  9. I am looking to repair the revision E and F SCSI cards for programming the GAL 16v8 and MACH211 if you have the jedec files, or any other documents such as diagrams. Thank Je recherche pour réparer des carte SCSI révision E et F la programmation de la GAL 16v8 et du MACH211 si vous avez les fichier jedec, ou tous autre documents comme les schémas. Merci
  10. I participated. Thanks for what you and Jim are doing jl
  11. There have been several versions of pal for the 32 K ? jl
  12. My Equation PHP1240 AME * 1* *20* vcc A00 * 2* *19* A411 A01 * 3* *18* NC A02 * 4* *17* CRU A03 * 5* *16* WDSEL DEN * 6* *15* BDR A07 * 7* *14* U27 /MEMEN * 8* *13* U26 PCBEN * 9* *12* A46 GND *10* *11* nc /U26 = /A00* A01* /A02* /A03* DEN*MEMEN*PCBEN*AME /U27 = /A00* A01* /A02* A03* A411*DEN*MEMEN*PCBEN*AME /BDR = /A00* A01* /A02* DEN* MEMEN*PCBEN*AME /UDSEL = /A00* A01* /A02* A03*/A411*DEN*MEMEN*PCBEN*AME /CRU = /A00* /A01* /A02* A03* A46* A07*/MEMEN*PCBEN
  13. My Equation PAL12L6 RS232/PI0 PHP 1220 AME * 1* *20* vcc A20 * 2* *19* CDS A01 * 3* *18* UA1 A03 * 4* *17* UAO A47 * 5* *16* CRU AOS * 6* *15* PIO A06 * 7* *14* BDR A08 * 8* *13* DSR A09 * 9* *12* PCBEN GND *10* *11* /MEMEN PAL12L6 RS232/PI0 PHP 1220 /DSR = /A20* A01* /A03* MEMEN* PCBEN* AME /PIO = /A20* A01* A03* MEMEN* PCBEN* AME /BDR = /A20* A01* MEMEN* PCBEN* AME /CRU = /A20*/A01*A03*/A47*/A05*A06*/A08*/A09*/MEMEN*PCBEN*/CDS + /A20*/A01*A03*/A47*A05*/A06*/A08*/A09*/MEMEN*PCBEN* CDS /UAO - /A20*/A01*A03*/A47*/A05*A06*/A08*A09*/MEMEN*PCBEN*/CDS + /A20*/A01*A03*/A47*A05*/A06*/A08*A09*/MEMEN*PCBEN* CDS /UA1 - /A20*/A01*A03*/A47*/A05*A06*A08*/A09*/MEMEN*PCBEN*/CDS + /A20*/A01*A03*/A47*A05*/A06*A08*/A09*/MEMEN*PCBEN* CDS
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