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  1. I found one like it in France Jean Louis
  2. Thank you to both of you, since indeed all the management of the vdp is already in the Basic rom with all the commands. In French we say what an idiot not to have seen it. thank. Jean louis
  3. Hello Thank you for your answers on the subject ER2289 @Ksarul Jim for the line 920 to 956 these are the standard basic eproms and the others are a game, you just have to see the file with a hex editor demo1000.u13 and demo1800.u11. I could be wrong, but I think I'm right @Stuart The two eproms would therefore only be the games that are loaded by Load0 or Load1 but the system already manages the tms9918 at the start of the instructions. The tms9918 card could work without these eproms I'm less good than you two. Jean louis
  4. Hello, I am looking for a copy of the two eprom tms2716 of the video extension card for the TM990/189 or TM990/189 card. Or if one of you has that and would like to dump it on me. thank you in advance Jean Louis
  5. Hello, What changes is already the vdp, after NTSC comes out of composite video 5 pin connector. All the diagrams are on the net. Jean louis
  6. It is the same today with the modules, and the labels which can be realized, soon no more difference between the false and the real one.
  7. It's a real manual why are you talking about a pirate? You think a person is going to hack a k7 games manual for the TI99 to make money. He's gonna have to sell a lot to be rich. JL
  8. Yes on both supports except that they mixed everything up
  9. I don't know if this is prototype documentation, but this one looks great It is written cassette and the reference is for a floppy disk This software can be used with basic simple, while in the doc he talks about extended basic. All wrong TI JL
  10. I probably expressed myself badly, this is just the interface I have.
  11. Scholastic Spelling Level 6 2132 2223 plus une autre dessous 2131 2227 rom 1501392-18 P code Rom 1501392-32 and 1041016-2
  12. plato Rom 1041016-09 ti logo french 4415 4399 2257 2256 rom 1041016-05 fitness training 2044 2045 statistik 2059 Grom0 dutch 2065 2066 2067 2068 gestion privée 4461 4462 4463 Hunt the Wumpus (NL) I D CD2096 Number magic 2043 2046 multi langue TI calc cd 4454 rom cd 6423 cd6424
  13. 99/4 euro 2003 2004 2005 rom 1501392-7 1501392-8
  14. demonstration 2024 2025 2026 schachmeister phm 30082022 2047 2048 2048 rom cd 3209 munchman GB 2221 1501392-29 Personal Record Keeping D and I 2242 2243 2061 2062 2063
  15. multiplan cd 4349 4350 4351 4352 4353 Scott foresman addition and Substraction I 2134 2135 2136 Minus mission Cd 4303 4304 alien addition 4332 4333 E/A 2204 Extented basic 4 groms 2114 2115 one over the other rom cd 3225 or 1501392-25 and cd 6406 or 1041016-06 Diagnostic 2006 ti writer 2294
  16. Hello, I have a Kantronic interface that I don't use. Are any of you looking for an exchange? Jean louis
  17. Thank you Jim I have everything on this module, on the other hand this one also adds to the file of the maximum control bytes it is the hard copy of the module. Jean Louis
  18. There was a module like Gram Kracker, MAXIMUM which had its own numbering system who was next MAXIMEM numbering: number 1 RAM1 adress 6000 RAM 8K Emule Rom number 2 RAM2 adress 6000 RAM 8K number 3 GRAM adress 6000 GRAM 6K Emule Grom or 8k existe with extension hardware number 4 GRAM adress 8000 GRAM 6K or 8k existe with extension hardware number 5 GRAM adress A000 GRAM 6K or 8k existe with extension hardware number 6 GRAM adress C000 GRAM 6K or 8k existe with extension hardware number 7 GRAM adress E000 GRAM 6K or 8k existe with extension hardware During the dump the files created were numbered exemple: XXXX1234567 12 Rom 34567 Grom XXXX name of cartridge. Advantage of MAXIMEM it is a real copy it has no addition of data during the dump. I think every Gram Kracker has its own way of handling it Jean Louis
  19. If everyone if put it would be quick after it is a question of the will of the community Jean Louis
  20. 1501392-9 is rom of chess grom 2022 also This is a chess cartridge in French cartridge is the grom is 2022 2085 2086 2087 and rom is 1501392-9 An idea, why not reference all the grom content in a file or something dedicated to that exemple Diagnostic CD2006 TI CD2055 CD 2056 CD2057 rom CD3226 or 1501392-26 and CD 3227 or 1501392-27 Grom 0 Spanish CD4313 E/A CD2204 Carwars CD2205 TI Writer all language CD2294. Jean Louis
  21. Use this http://www.deviceside.com/fc5025.html work fine. Jean louis
  22. My gotek system with FlashFloppy vers 3.4a work fine. 20200411_135153.mp4
  23. Without the coding of the component it is useless Jean louis
  24. Thank, But No, the diagram I'm looking for is the power supply for the ti99 / 4 with the speaker integrated into the computer. Thank Jean Louis
  25. I have a Scsi card With the card that replaces the two Gal. I'm looking for a copy of these gal or just the equation file. If need the eprom dump ask me. Thank Jean louis
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