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  1. Try this list. CALL LOADS.pdf
  2. Here it is as an Archiver 3.03 file with a TIFILES header MDM150
  3. Have you tried MDM V1.5?
  4. FYI from the BWG docs: SBR CallsThe DSR supports the following CALLs in TI.Basic or the HRD-Menu with “K“: Call Files (x)With this CALL you can store the number of file buffers in VDP-Ram. For each open file there must be the same number of data buffers or you will get an error message. Possible values for (x) are from 1 to 9. Call 16SPTThis command switches the controller software to a disk format with 16 sectors per track in Double-Density, for those disk controllers that support it, that was planned for the predecessor of the TI Disk Controller PHP 1240 that never made it out of the beta stage and was never produced or sold.. However, this is the format of the HEXBUS-Disk Controller and the one that MYARC products used so disks in circulation in this format can be run (and are). The command of 16SPT goes to all of the disk drives that are connected to the BwG Controller. Access to “normal“ Double-Density format is no longer possible and can only be done through a Ramdisk or a diskette with Single-Density.. The 16-Sector format remains in effect until switched back with a CALL 18SPT. This change affects all programs that use the DSR for reading and writing.. Also formatting for most programs should function since these all use the individual DSR routines. Call 18SPTSwitches back to the “normal“ Double-Density format (18 Sectors per track)
  5. I ran two P-Boxes for a couple of years
  6. I have a full P-Box (with a couple other cards that I can add to a second P-Box) 1 - Flec Caed 2 - AVPC 80-Column Card 3 - SNUG HSGPL Card 4 - Rave Speech Card 5 - 1 Meg SAMS Card 6 - SNUG HRD-16 (3 m3g) Card 7 - TI RS232 Card 8 - SNUG BWG (DSDD plus clock) Horizon 1.5 Meg RAMdisk
  7. TL866II was just updated. Current version Vn 8.51
  8. Looks like the clock speed detect works. Hopefully the baud rate tables are correct as well. SKYPE if you can.
  9. Were you using the RS232 code that I sent to you to do your BBS tests?
  10. Both of your DSR files are identical in content to Vn 2.1. I don't know if there is a bug in that version that is specific to PIXPRO. FWIW, all of the other DSRs have the recognition bytes as AA03 and there are some other differences as well. My notes show that Vn 2.1 was the last version officially issued by Myarc.
  11. I have a DSR dump program that runs from within F'WEB. All you need is the CRU of the DSR and the length of the DSR in question.
  12. The only definitive way is to dump the DSR and compare it to a known version. Or, you could pull the card, open the shell, and see if there is a label on the DSR chip.
  13. I have several variants of the 512K card DSR. The original, Vn "JD", Vn 1.3B, Vn 2.1, and Vn 3.0. I can supply any of them.
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