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  1. I fail to believe that you only bought 100 - more like "or so".
  2. To permanently change the base colors (fore/background) to something other than white on black, use the following procedure. Use a sector editor and search the last file in the series (i.e., TIMXV) for the string >07F1. The last two bytes "F1" are the color bytes. Change them to the fore/background colors of your choice and save them back to disk. That string only appears once in the file so it is easy to find. Enjoy!
  3. Anyone have the docs for the 80-col version of TIMXT that they could post?
  4. Or, you could try this approach. You will need a modem and terminal program capable of the increased speeds.
  5. That sounds just like the 80-col editor in F'WEB with an AVPC or EVPC card.
  6. Here is the last software for the QUEST RAMdisk QUEST5.dsk
  7. The first one has the auto-clock speed detect and increased baud rates, The second also includes user-defined interrupt handling as well as a true backspace instead of <DEL>.
  8. I would be happy to - send me a PM.
  9. Unmodified - it is a direct DSR drop-in.
  10. Thierry Nouspikel has both the RS232 source code and his patch on his website (the itself patch can be a bit difficult to find). The patch is basically in two sections - one part with the interrupt handling code and the other with the clock/baudrate code. I divided the patch, assembled the clock/baud rate portion and separately the entire patch together (I now had three files - RS232, clock/baudrate, and complete patch). I used the RAG Linker to create two files - one with just the clock/baudrate mod and RS232 code and the other with the whole patch and the RS232 code. Then, I removed the first 6 bytes of the both linked files with a hex editor (to remove information created by the Linker) so the file had the correct >AA01 recognition byte as the first byte. I then searched the file for the hex string containing the code for <DEL> and replaced it with the code for the true backspace and replaced it. The end result were the .bin files as I posted previously. Not difficult but just a bit tedious.
  11. Unless you want to use an adapter, program the code into a TMS2532 or TMS2532A. If you want to use a 2732 chip, the adapter is attached. Adapter for 2732 in a TMS2532 Socket.pdf
  12. Here is the complete Thierry Nouspikel patch for the TI RS232 - the increased baud rates, user controlled interrupts and I have also added a true backspace instead of <DEL>. Enjoy! ti_rs232nouspikel_bs.bin
  13. OK - Here is the binary for those who want it. For those of you who are unable to burn their own EPROM, contact me by PM and I can burn you a copy and ship it for $7. ti_rs232hs.bin
  14. Check the patch on Thierry Nouspikel's website.
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