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  1. There is a "walk thru" - I've been there.
  2. T56/TL866II has been updated to Vn 10.41 effective 10/22/2020. More chips added.
  3. Sunday is great. Willsy said he would try to make it
  4. Since there are no details about the Faire (which is supposed to be in a couple of days), I must assume that it ISN'T happening. I'll be there for ZOOM in Sunday.
  5. That was done about 30 years ago.
  6. Some Chinese chip suppliers are more reliable than others. Funkward and IC-China come to mind but they still have a percentage of "dodgy" chips. On the other hand, Unicorn, Mouser, and Digi-Key are thoroughly reliable suppliers here in the USA.
  7. There IS a bug in DISkASSEMBLER. The late "Great Gazoo" found it and passed it on to me some years ago. Using DISkASSEMBLER.pdf
  8. This short tutorial came from "The Great Gazoo". It seems that he found a 'bug' in DISkASSEMBLER when re-assembling a program. Using DISkASSEMBLER.pdf
  9. Looking forward to the new release. Will it be backward compatible with Vn 3.5 (i.e., will I be able to use the current XML file) or will I have to start over and reconfigure it all again?
  10. No- as long as I can select "Ignore this Topic" and be done with it.
  11. What program are you trying to find? Why not just ask for it instead of starting another thread.
  12. Life is hell when you get old and forget things 😁
  13. I thought that I would "spice" MAME up a bit by using a couple of "Insanemultitasker's' programs. My copied system is set up with the EVPC (80-column card) and a Horizon RAMdisk as DSK4-D (DSK1-3 are virtual floppy drives). SPLASH is used to display a TI-ARTIST picture at startup for eight seconds (unless cancelled by pressing the space bar) after which it displays the 80-col MENU program. The only caveat is that both must reside on the first partition of the RAMdisk. Anyway, MAME starts like this:
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