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  1. Do you need the raw .bin files? I can burn you a full set of EPROMs for the CorComp.
  2. Not sure what the limit is but it will at least accept up to 16K since the Eprommer will do 27128s. Mechatronic Eprommer Manual.pdf
  3. Would the HSGPL dump of XBIII be of value?
  4. If the D/F 80 file is self-sufficient, I use the Mechatronic Eprommer software. Just load the D/F 80 file and then SAVE the memory image back. Otherwise, just use the SAVE program that came with E/A or the F'WEB version.
  5. New update for the TL866II+/T56 (mostly T56) that adds 120 pcs to the T56. Mainly SST and ATMEL 89 series. Version as of 8/1/2020 is V 10.29. Also a bug fix.
  6. New update to TL866II/T56 now in Vn 10.27 on 07/23/2020. Chips added and a bug fix.
  7. I have a box of 3-1/2 X 15/16 that are really old and the adhesive has degraded enough to make them largely useless. I use them for EPROM labels and I guess I'm going to have to pitch the lot - about 2,000 of them. However, I have several boxes of good labels of various larger sizes that I can cut to size and use.
  8. I did one of those "spur of the moment" Ebay searches. This time for some Avery 4241 pin-feed, 3.5" disk labels. After not being able to find them for a couple of years, I found a vendor that had A BOX in stock and I was able to snag it for a few cents over $12. That will keep me going for quite some time with the hundred or so that I currently have to work with.
  9. Infocom games can be loaded from a single disk if it is of large enough capacity. It must be DSDD.
  10. I suggest you re-read the Mainbyte page. Pay particular attention to the third paragraph and the details of replacing the fuse. The external fuse is straightforward. The internal fuse not-so-much so. If nothing in the PEB powers up, it is likely the external fuse on the newer models. If only the fan powers up, it is the internal fuse in the transformer which is present in all models.
  11. Go to the link in KSARUL's last post and follow in the instructions. The hiden fuse was documented in MICROpendium and various other sources years ago.
  12. So, it turns out that KSARUL was correct and OMEGA was wrong. Interesting!
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