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  1. What I surmise from my own research (and conversations with KSARUL) is that TI produced the TMS2532 which programs at between 21V - 25V very nicely. I have programmed several hundred TMS2532s at 21V on my TL866CS using the adapter developed by "The Great Gazoo". Back in the day, I programmed TMS2532As on the Mechatronic Eprommer at 21V and the TMS2532 at 25V. Both chips will program at 21V with my TL866CS. I have not tried to program a TMS2532A at 25V since I no longer have the ability to do so. The two chips likely use the same die or, as Jim pointed out, the TMS2532A might have some inconsequential mods that don't affect programming. It appears that the 2532A appeared for a relatively short time just before TI abandoned production of the 25xx series entirely - hence no data sheet. At that time, TI licensed production of the TMS2532 to both Motorola (MCM2532) and Hitachi (HN462532G). Those are, to my knowledge, the only licensees using the original die. The TMS2532s are currently produced by Rochester Electronics using TI's original die. There are several others floating around like the ST M2532 and the SGS 2532 (and probably others) that purport to be 2532s but are completely bogus and likely 2732s in disguise.
  2. I read that thread. I've not had a problem programming either a TMS2532 (they program very nicely on a TL866CS at 21V with an adapter). Just select TMS2732A as a "template". The TMS2532As also program very nicely at 21V. I have never seen or found a datasheet for the TMS2532A anywhere. BTW, if you do a search for a TMS2532A, the only thing it brings up is the TMS2532 (nominally a 25V package). The Motorola MCM2532C and Hitachi 2532 also work fine - they were licensed by TI and use the same production die.
  3. Does anyone have a copy of the datasheet for a TMS2532A (21V package). When doing a search, I can find the datasheet for a TMS2532 (25V package) but NOT the 2532A.
  4. New update to TL866II+/T56 software. Now version 11.30 effective 09/05/21 Updated support lists: T56 Support List.txt TL866II+ Support List.txt
  5. That is correct. The PEB card uses two 8k2764s designated as "Bank1" and "Bank2". The 9900CES uses a single 16K 27128.
  6. I have a Generac that will power everything in the house except the dryer and air conditioner compressor (two big power hogs). We lost power for eight hours last summer. The Generac kicked in after 30 seconds, and we were the only house as far as we could see with power .BTW, it is natural gas powered so no lugging gas cans around. Good in case of a "zombie apocalypse" as well 😁
  7. The source code written by the McGoverns made extensive use of "$".
  8. Does anyone happen to have the Myarc RS232 source code that they would be willing to share?
  9. The firehose cable IS shielded - hence the layer of foil.
  10. I find Jim Fetzner's side port splitter card to be an adequate solution.
  11. They probably did something similar to what they did in the TL866CS/A software. That is, inserted code to identify counterfeit units and prevent them from being updated (i.e., Vn 6.81 and Vn 6.82).
  12. Interesting! Vn 11.10 was released on 07/09/21 with an updated chip list etc. Then, Vn 11.11 was released on 07/26/21 with no additional chips listed as "supported" and no bugfixes specified. Finally, Vn 11.20 was released on 08/05/21 with additional chips and bugfixes specified. Now, Vn 11.11 has completely disappeared from the update history. I wonder what they did in Vn 11.11 ?
  13. TurboForth has an EA3 loader. I'm sure that, if it doesn't, Lee could put one together for FbForth.
  14. Update V11.20 issued 08/05/21. Here is the updated support list(s). TL866 Plus Support List.txt T56 Support List.txt
  15. Is the .bin for the Final Grom?
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