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  1. I think (not sure) that it will work with a TI Disk controller but you are limited to a 360K-formatted PC disk. With a DSDD controller (i.e. BWG, CorComp) you can use a 720K-formatted PC disk. I use 3.5" disks.
  2. Here it is: the program is archived with ARCHIVER 3.03 with a TIFILES header PCTRANS PC-TRANSDOCS.pdf
  3. PC-TRANSFER is a lot more flexible and will do much more than text transfer. Also, despite what the docs claim are the limitations, it will process 720K disks. I have been using it for years. You do need a DSDD disk controller to use the a PC-formatted disk above 360K, though.
  4. I have acquired (through time) a bunch of 4164 and 4464 DRAMs. My eprommer (TL866) will not test them. I need to determine if any of these chips are good so I can "weed out" all of the bad ones. If anyone has the resources to test about 100 of these DRAMs, please contact me by private message. Thanks.
  5. How does this latest release differ from the last 9640 MENU release?
  6. How is this new set of files going to affect the 80-column menu? I did notice that CFG/ROS842C work fine with the 40-col menu ( a good thing since my 80-col card is out for repair). Will there be any issues with the inverse characters in 80-columns? MENU739C WILL run from the second of two RAMdisks provided that you have it turned off on the first HRD and it is called MENU on the second HRD and turned on.
  7. Ah! The younger generation! You think of the TI as a "game console". You are missing out on all of the quality utility programs available for the 4A. One of the best is Funnelweb. It will do just about anything that WORD will do and the package (which loads from either EA or XB) will load virtually any program made for the TI. The 80-column version is truly remarkable. Want to get a file from the PC to the TI without wires, HXD, etc? PC-TRANSFER will do that. Simply dump the file to a 3.5" disk (there are 3.5" USB drives) with a TIFILES header and put the disk in a 3.5" disk drive on the TI (they work) and PC-TRANSFER with copy it. I have well over 1100 disks in my personal library and less than 100 of them are games. From my 80-column menu and F'WEB, I can load almost 100 programs for various tasks with a single keypress. Oh yes, I challenge anyone with a Windows 10 machine (or any other operating system) to see who gets their word processor started from a cold boot. I will be typing in my second or third paragraph while you are waiting for WORD to boot.
  8. Or, you can get one of the 80-column cards that has increased VRAM.
  9. I use the "old school" method. I copy the files in a .dsk or other file to my USB 3.5" drive on my PC with a TIFILES header using either TI99Dir or TI Image Maker. Then, I take the physical PC-formatted disk and put it in my TI and transfer the contents to a TI-formatted disk (I have 3.5" disk drives in it as well) and copy between them using PC-TRANSFER. Despite what the docs say, it will handle 720K disks. A bit slower, but it works just fine.
  10. Does anyone happen to have an eprommer capable of testing DRAMs? My TL866 will only do a limited number of SRAMs. I have come across (in a forgotten bin) a number of 256X1, 64KX4 (4464), 64KX1 (4164), and 16KX1 (4116) DRAMs that would like to test to see if they are viable. Anyone?
  11. The absolute "master" is going to do the de-soldering and putting in sockets. I have the utmost confidence is his ability (as should the community at large). Even with my cataract surgery and new glasses, I am not confident in my own abilities to complete such a task 😁.
  12. I have decided to take the cautious approach - have sockets put in for the other four chips and replace all six of them with good chips.
  13. I think (hope) the problem is FINALLY SOLVED. I found a working, unmodified console in the dark recesses of my TI closet. I even found an old audio/video cable to go with it. I pulled the AVPC from the PEB, changed my RGB monitor to CVBS and fired the system up. Everything worked as it was supposed to work. I could copy and extract file to wherever I wanted. The AVPC had been modified in 2009 and there were apparently two 4464 dynamic RAM chips that were replaced (they were socketed) while all of the others soldered directly to the board. My thought is that, since everything passes through VDP, one or more of the 4464s went flaky. The 192K VDP in the AVPC acts sort of like a cache when copying and extracting files. The Disk Controller copies them and they pass through the VDP and are then passed to the RAMdisk (or physical disk) in "chunks". With the flaky VDP, everything just sort of got stuffed up and transfers came to a screeching halt. That was very likely the problem all along since disk copying worked fine with the AVPC out of the system. There is no way to tell for certain which of the 4464's is bad. It might be one of the socketed replacement chips or one of the four remaining originals that had soldered chips. I'm going to have the AVPC repaired. I have ordered new 4464s, and sockets for the other four chips and that should completely solve the problem. Now, I'm just waiting for the parts to arrive. I probably should have trusted my instincts in the beginning - I always thought the AVPC was suspect. I might even get my HSGPL Card back in the system.
  14. Don't know that's why I asked. 😐
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