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  1. Hodge16 has the27C256-250ns chips for $2.99 plus $3.99 shipping. If you ask them, they will usually combine shipping so it might be worthwhile for a few chips. They also have 27256-250ns chips for $2.49 (same deal on shipping).
  2. Have you tried Hodge16 (Unicorn's eBay identity)?
  3. Or Fred Kaal's TIDir - there are several that run in Windows that will format a blank TI .dsk file.
  4. FYI, I have RXB2020C up and running from the HSGPL Card in MAME. So far, it is doing great!
  5. The original Mechatronic Eprommer was rather limited. It would do 21V and 25V EPROMS (i.e., 2716s, 2732s, TMS 2532s, 2764 and 27128s). The modification allowed the user to program 12.5V EPROMs. At the time, (mid 1980s) it nicely served the needs of the community. I used, and still have, a working unit. The instructions that came with the unit are easy to follow and the software will guide you through the process. You have to use the "Buffer Commands" screen to clear the buffer and load the EPROM code into memory. Then, switch to the "Eprommer Commands" to select and burn the EPROM of your choice. Easy-peasy!
  6. It was also converted to an EPROMmable file. I have both the inverted and non-inverted files in my inventory.
  7. That's why I said "allegedly". The offending disks are now residing in the "refuse repository".
  8. The HD disks can be (allegedly) as 720K disks if the high density hole is covered. I forgot that the drive I was using was a 720K drive.
  9. I was having some intermittent read errors on one of my disk drives (specifically, DSK2 which is a 3.5", 720K drive). I spent several hours swapping out drives, etc. I found that my fingers are too fat to easily manipulate the mounting screws which led to some "X rated" language. I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn't the disk drive but rather the disk itself. It seems that, some time ago, I had purchased a lot of DSDD 3.5" disks off of eBay. Hidden among that lot were a couple of HD disks and they were the ones causing the read errors. So, make certain you examine any eBay purchases thoroughly - it might save you some grief (and colorful language).
  10. I assume that CAMEL99 is supposed to boot as an E/A5 file by typing in: DSK1.CAMEL266 at the prompt. However, there is a problem in MAME - all I get is a blank, green screen.
  11. Here it is. BTW, it works fine on an AVPC card (or EVPC). Multiplan80column.dsk
  12. Low tech version" 1) Archive the disk contents disk with ARCHIVER 3.03 on the TI (it creates an (I/F128 file). You will need a DSDD FDC on the TI - CorComp or BWG, etc. 2) Use PC-TRANSFER (it will handle up to a 720K file) to copy it to a PC formatted 3.5"(use the I/F128 copy template) 3) Copy the file from the PC disk using a USB 3.5" drive (cheap and plentiful on eBAY) Just reverse the process to get the file/disk back to the TI from the PC
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