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  1. It would presumably default to XB 2.7 without MENU being present - likely a cyan screen with a blinking cursor (or whatever screen display is present with XB 2.7).
  2. I have NOT been able to induce the LBSoD on my system either. With MENU absent, if auto-boot is on, my system defaults to either the cartridge in the cart port or (if there is no cartridge inserted) to the title screen. I surmise that Schmitzi must have either a Final GROM or UberGROM in the cartridge port which possibly causes the LBSoD.
  3. I don't think that the auto-boot "jumps over" the start screen. I have noticed that, when auto-boot is ON (and MENU is present), you get a very brief glimpse of the title screen before MENU is displayed. With no MENU available, you get the error condition of the LBSoD since it can't load something that is not there.
  4. I think we have all of the code for F'WEB. There are some 13 or so disks here on AA. Here it is: First two messages.
  5. It is a P-Box card. Tony referenced it in his notes.
  6. As I learned some years ago when Mark Wills and I were tracking down bugs in his excellent TURBOFORTH package, fixing a program to run in Classic99 is no guarantee that it will work in ANY TI real gear configuration. MAME (MESS) is a far more accurate representation of TI hardware but Classic99 is much easier to configure and use. Mark used Classic99 for his development work and since he didn't have a working TI system at the time, used MAME (MESS) to test along with having me test TURBOFORTH on my real-gear system.
  7. A little discrete editing with a sector editor will allow TELCO to load from any drive. Mine loads and runs from DSK7 (a RAMdisk).
  8. That is likely debris from the felt pad in the cartridge port in the console. It is lubricated.
  9. I have my HRD16 at >1600 and Horizon 2000 at >1700 ( the BWG is at >1100).
  10. I don't know of anywhere such a list exists. There might be a manufacturer list but the individual chips' ID numbers are almost constantly updated and changed as the chips are introduced and marketed.
  11. FYI, The HRD16 has a jumper that, when pulled, will temporarily disable the battery backup and thereby summarily delete everything on the HRD16 - including ROS.
  12. The file appears to be archived with a TIFILES header. You can process the file with TIDir which will allow you to remove the TIFILES header and examine and transfer the files from within the archive. The file is NOT a .bin file.
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