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  1. It came from a working CC-40 the Lee Renda has in his possession. It appears that every released version of the CC-40 DSR is, in fact, a prototype. There was never a production version released. I have no idea how it is different since I haven't dis-assembled it. That particular one is about 6K in length.
  2. I think that I would be more comfortable with Ksarul's analysis than the one offered by TI-Omega.
  3. Here it is: ROSCFG842C 3-27-2020.zip
  4. Here it is as a WORD document Horizon CFG.docx
  5. Here is a variant of the Hexbus DSR that might be interesting to dis-assemble - pnr? Hexbus_renda.bin
  6. Which ROS were you using? Boot the configuration program. Once it is loaded, If you see the message "No ROS Loaded" simply follow the on-screen instructions and load the ROS file from the appropriate disk (make sure the filenames match). Sometimes, the ROS gets corrupted but the Horizon contents will still be there intact.
  7. Try reloading ROS before you remove the batteries. If you remove the batteries, you will have to load ROS and reconfigure the RAMdisk anyway.
  8. I found and solved the problem!! Windows 10 blocks opening ,chm files because of the general risk involved in opening downloaded random .chm files. I right-clicked the file, opened properties and checked the "unblock" box. It now display/prints normally.
  9. New update to TL866II/T56 now in V10.22 on 7/8/2020. About 100 total chips added.
  10. Anyone else having problems getting the .chm files to display/print in this version? I'm using Windows 10 build 1909. Thanks
  11. I would settle for a "facilities tour".
  12. New update effective 6/30/2020. The current package is V10.21 and can be downloaded here: http://www.autoelectric.cn/EN/TL866_MAIN.html
  13. New update effective 6/28/2020. The current package is V10.19. Can be downloaded here: http://www.autoelectric.cn/EN/TL866_MAIN.html
  14. I have both the Myarc and Foundation 128/512K EPROMs in my inventory for XBII.
  15. I've got one of those - the little legs that attach the aluminum trim to the case broke off.
  16. Anyone know offhand where to find disks of TI-ARTIST pics on WHT? Can someone point me to the proper directory?
  17. I have been told that there is almost a month delay in Chicago for packages passing through Customs.
  18. I sent a package from the US to Sweden recently and it has been marked "Passed through Chicago International Distribution Center" since May 31st.
  19. Did you buy all the store had?
  20. There have been several interim updates to the TL866+/T56 package and the current version is V10.15 which can be downloaded from the website. The Version number posted on the website (and update history) has lagged behind the actual development. However, clicking on the icon will download the latest version of the software. The complete update history is available on the "Forum" section. Here: http://www.autoelectric.cn/EN/TL866_MAIN.html
  21. I ran two P-Boxes for several years. The problems arose when the "arms" of the split cables were longer than 8". That was documented in a MICROpendium article, I think.
  22. There was (and probably still is) a cable extension for the PEB that move the "foot" out of the way if that is your major concern.
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