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  1. Still interested in the following carts: Atari Basic Rev. C Donkey Kong - Has white 'lab' label Flip and Flop Summer Games (CIB) Super Changer Cartridge Super Zaxxon Smitty
  2. Was a big fan of Rock Band....First off, I pre-ordered Rock Band 4 with the guitar (PS4). Here's what I do not like: 1. No versus / face-off 2. No online (multiplayer) 3. No keyboard support 4. Graphics are the same as before 5. Load times are the same 6. Weak new features, they actually removed a bunch of stuff... Why? 7. Limited character customization 8. Very weak set list (a bunch of pop songs, isn't this ROCK-band?), the pre-order 30 free songs from GameStop also suck. What I like: 1. You can use your old equipment (depending on what system you are using and type of instrument). I was able to use my ION Drum Rocker in Pro-Mode (I heard that this does not work on the XB1). I did not have time to test my Midi Pro-Adapter with my Alysis DM5. 2. Tons of songs...$1.99 each My overall score: 6 out of 10, seems like a huge step backwards IMHO (no online play....really?) I guess I will try GH Live when it comes out. Anyone else buy this game, do you agree with my assessment?
  3. Hopefully it's to another collector and not a reseller. If the deal falls through, please put me down for: Atari Basic Rev. C Crystal Castles Donkey Kong - Has white 'lab' label Flip and Flop H.E.R.O. Mr. TNT Summer Games (CIB) Super Changer Cartridge Super Zaxxon Zone Ranger Good luck with the sale.
  4. Most of my stuff is loose (I don't have the space to store over 10,000 games), TI99 has always been the last system I think about collecting for. I saw that boxed hangman on eBay.... I believe it sold really cheap.
  5. I have Connect Four, Hangman, and Zero Zap. I'm missing Yahtzee.
  6. Now that's funny.... If you look at the tape, it might be PAL or they used a PAL label, look at the Sharpie mark on the front label. It's rare....but $100 rare?....don't think so.
  7. Legit bids and wins from what I can tell. I believe it's a bidding war between maybe three or four people, I bet when they get what they are looking for....prices will fall back to normal. What's annoying is some items I bid on gets delisted (because of side deals).....I probably wouldn't win them anyway, I'm not willing to pay more than $40 per TI99 cart, even if they are rare. I have 125 unique TI99 "game" carts / missing about 38....if my list is correct. I also have over 80 unique utility cartridges. I guess I will eventually complete the collection, it's not a top priority right now.....especially with wackos on EBay right now....LOL If you have some rarer carts that I don't have and are willing to sell them at reasonable prices let me know.
  8. I started collecting again....and noticed a huge jump in TI99 carts.... Examples of completed auctions: Munch Man II - $705 Spot Shot - $675 Typoman - $670 Star Runner - $356 Super Sketch - $345 Etc.... these items are not that rare. What's going on, you couldn't give these carts away a few years ago? If you want to make some quick cash, here's your chance.
  9. Received my third package, yep three for three....But this one was opened by the Venezuela National Guard just like PingvinBlueJeans, now I know who out bidded me on the Crater Raider....LOL.
  10. Yes...it's a great deal... The package comes in quickly via FedEx, but like I posted earlier...both packages I received were man-handled. liwer2006 is a very good seller, in my second shippment he included two shrinkwrapped games, because customs jacked two of them up in the first shipment (he didn't have to do that, it wasn't his fault). Maybe my packages are getting opened because of my name, Will Smith...LOL
  11. I received my second shipment and guess what? Yup...2 for 2....I'm batting 100%.... They were semi nice this time, they didn't open the 3 shrinkwrapped games, however they ripped open two non-sealed boxed games. I guess he didn't have his box cutter available. I don't understand...the game boxes are already opened, why rip them apart? BS!!!!! This time the Homeland Security tape was dark blue. I bet they get training on how to destroy open items. Letting y'all know...you take your chances.
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