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  1. Probably hundreds of them, as they were a warehouse find in Venezuela where other 2600 items also turned up new-in-box in large quantities
  2. Wow, now that's what I call a nice start of 2021!!
  3. Damn, I should have sold my imports on eBay 😅
  4. Just checked in today, reading these pages in the wrong order, trying to find out how you are, seeing weird posts about nipples but in the end I am left wondering htf you are doing now, Wiz?! Please let it be okay!
  5. Yeah, these are selling faster than I had expected. Still lots of good stuff though. Willing to split up the big Brazil lot, so everyone can have a go at smaller groups of games I had not archived that in my coillection excel sheet, will check Ah, wiki told me otherwise, thanks for the info
  6. Tried to send you a PM, but got a error message that you cannot receive messages. Thanks for your interest in the Rainbowvision games. Just to be clear about this, the boxes are only in fair condition, with wrinkles and such. Little bonus is that they all three have the manual (I just checked), If you still want them, send me a PM and let me know where I should send them, so I can calculate shipping.
  7. For sale Another huge lot of Atari 2600 games! These are cool pirate games from all over the world. Selling some as lots, some individually. Games are untested and sold as-is. Condition as shown in the pics, if you want more detailed pics of certain games, let me know. Games in Eurasian PAL format will most likely roll on an NTSC tv, games from South America will display in monocrome on an NTSC tv. Prices do no include shipping. Please note, shipping has gotten expensive. It's $30 for a parcel weighing 350 gr - 2 kg - so you better buy more games to get the most out of the shipping cost 😅 Payment by PayPal or bank transfer (IBAN) The goodies Rare Birds General Retreat / Westward Ho - SOLD The elusive PAL-only game from the Playaround series. Comes with leatherette box. One side needs a wiggle now and then to play. Apples and Dolls - $100 Perhaps the coolest Polyvox title? Immies & Aggies - $100 Never released in the US, the Brazilians (CCE) had it! I.Q. Memory Teaser - SOLD One of the elusive Suntek titles, only a handful around, missing end label Bingo - $25 Just a nice title by CCE, from Brazil JoJo multi - SOLD Obscure multicart from Taiwan, ripped label Pizza Chef - $100 Never released in the US, the Brazilians (CCE) had it! BR 101 - SOLD One of the cool titles from Brazilian company Dismac Spacevision / Supervision / Century / Taiwan Loose, mostly multigames, and some cool singles, $15 each the following are SOLD: All Supervision games Keystone Kapers - Spacevision (blue) Video computer system cart with guy on motorcycle Red "Video Game Program" cart with silver label Cream colored cart with tigervision art Jawbreaker/Donkey Kong - Supervision (purple) Century River Raid Century Space Raid Orange 4-in-1 Pink 4-in-1 Canyon Shot Taiwan #1 Set of 8 loose Taiwan pirates in mini cases, $50 for the set Taiwan #2 Set of 11 loose pirates, different style cases, some from Taiwan some from Mexico, $15 each. SOLD: Room Doom, Miki Dog, Atlantik, Jow, Keiston Keper Eurasia boxed Set of boxed games from Taiwan / Australia / Europe Galactic (top flap gone, $15) Galactic SOLD Mariana SOLD Super Ferrari SOLD Ski Run SOLD Dragon Defender SOLD Krieg der Sterne ($50) Night Stalker ($40) Space Robot SOLD Motor Race ($25) Frogger $15) Assault (rare white box variation, $50) Instant Brazil Collection! Lot of 117 loose Brazilian games, instant collection, lots of unusual brands: $1000 OBO WILL SPLIT THIS UP NOW, SO EVERYONE CAN HAVE A CHANCE. $15 FOR EACH CART OR $100 FOR 10 CARTS Carts with red marking have been SOLD Hi-Score / Action Hi-Tech Seven boxed games from Australia. Carts and boxes. Boxes are fair, two are missing top flap SOLD Argentina singles Lot of 18 loose games from Argentina, mostly Edu Games: SOLD Argentina multis Lot of 27 loose multigames from Argentina, mostly by Age: SOLD Brazil CCE collection Lot of 18 loose CCE games from Brazil: SOLD Mexico Lot of 9 games from Mexico (2x HEROE), look and feel of Polyvox, dirty labels, SOLD Intellivision / Canal 3 set Nice quality games by Brazilian manufacturers Intellivision (yes) and Canal 3, SOLD Argentina Artkaris set Lot of 18 loose games by Arkaris and Edu Productions, from Argentna, dirty and ripped labels, SOLD
  8. "ÖTARO"?! "Look, we have to change the name a bit to avoid lawsuits... just a couple of letters will do... okay yeah, let's call it OTARO!" 😂
  9. I'm going through my Atari 2600 collection and have decided to sell some parts of it. These are all (variants of) PAL format games. I have not tested them, please expect some of them to be not working Selling these as lots only, will not break them up. Prices are as listed (shipping is not included) or best offer. Payment can be made by PayPal or bank transfer. Lot 1: Argentina (Edu, Artkaris, Age) 49 loose games from Argentina, mostly fair condition The blue carts by Age are multicarts $500 Lot 2: Brazil 128 loose games from Brazil, lots of pretty cool manufacturers, like Intellivision, Star Game, Digital, War Games, Zirok and Shock Vision. Mostly nice condition for games from Brazil. SOLD Lot 3: South-American Box 60 boxed games, mostly from Brazil and a handful from Argentina. These come in plastic boxes. SOLD Lot 4: Spacevision multi pirates 12 funky little multigames from Spacevsion. Mostly found in Southeast Asia and Australia. Good condition on most of them. SOLD
  10. Lost for words, life can be so cruel... From everything that has been said in this thread by the people that knew Curt well it's obvious how much he meant to the community. He will be missed.
  11. If only I would have thought of that back in the day, would have been so much easier and cheaper... 😉😋
  12. GameWorld collection - International (PAL) edition of Data Age game - sold in (at least) England, Germany and The Netherlands.
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