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  1. I sent you pm with all the transaction ids. Since I have never received notification of shipment I would assume the orders are getting fulfilled from the site transactions and nobody looked at paypal invoices because your site never works for me. P.S. I just remembered, I got the discount for Pengy so you guys knew I had ordered the club. However still no club shipment notification or obviously the shipment.
  2. That would be even more of a problem since I have never received notice that they were mailed so no status to check. Sucks that yours is stuck at customs though.
  3. So if you are having a contest to play pengy should I be worried that I haven't received the games I bought in March, I haven't received Pengy, I haven't received my club games. None of these were purchased through your site since it doesn't work. All of them were paid through paypal invoice.
  4. It must have like 5 new levels on it if it has been 2+ years 😁
  5. As long as the game works nobody is going to know except for hard core arcade gamers back in the day. There was also no social network for fans to go crazy and make everything public that colecovision screwed up the game. I never really played arcade games except the few super popular games like pac-man, donkey kong, etc... I had no idea those things were missing in the game I played all my life until I joined this forum in early 2000's. That was why I invested buying a CBS complete box version of Victory so that I would have a fully functional version of the game.
  6. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Everything shows on your site in Euros I don't even see a way to switch it to US dollars. When I log into paypal it shows Euros as the price not US. I do not even see a way to change that in paypal. Now maybe it is because I don't have money in paypal and always use a credit card but I don't see anything about US / Euro settings for that either. I now see what you were talking about that if you leave the cart you can switch to US prices. I had never switched to US prices in the first place and it still failed. Tried to do US prices to see if it would work and that gives same error. So your site does not work for paypal.
  7. so your site worked it discounted the game and everything , logged into paypal fine and didn't get error at that point but just like in the past if I go to complete order it comes to a page saying it errored out. This site has had problems for years now. Shopping sites are like a dime a dozen and I always have problems with yours. You should really switch to a better system. So how do I get this game? An error occurred Your payment has been declined : please try again or with another payment method.
  8. I ordered games in march and still haven't received them. Does that count as still owning them?
  9. I am confused. What improvement is there over centipede, since I can change the roller controller to joystick and still use roller controller on centipede. How is it different or better?
  10. That looks like a response you get from company proxy servers when you are trying to go to a page they have not authorized. Based on the companies policy settings they read the incoming http stream and anything that breaks policy gets that policy page. Only someone who setup the companies policy settings would know what flagged it. In my assumption they probably catch things related to gaming and that set off the company blocking of the site. Has noting to do with the actual web page.
  11. ColecoDan


  12. My original Q-Bert is in a one piece box from whenever I got it probably 83 or 84. So the ones you are looking at could be fake but coleco did create one piece boxes.
  13. I think we just confirmed that J-F doesn't know his alphabet too well and thought it went A, D.
  14. It is hard to say, working ones could fail soon if they don't say that they fully restored them. The fully restored ones are nice and work great if you don't want to wait for the new systems that are coming out.
  15. Only CIBs I am missing are The Bit Corp Originals of which I have only seen NIAD with 3 not sure if 4th exists , (I have the repos from Collectorvision for them though) , and I only have 2 CIB of the 6 Xonox Double enders. I say six because the Europe and the Canadian versions are so different that I wanted all of them. I have one European one and one Canadian one. Skiing and Amazing Bumpman from Telegames didn't come in boxes but I have the original plastic with stapled hanging cardboard that they came in.
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