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  1. That looks like a response you get from company proxy servers when you are trying to go to a page they have not authorized. Based on the companies policy settings they read the incoming http stream and anything that breaks policy gets that policy page. Only someone who setup the companies policy settings would know what flagged it. In my assumption they probably catch things related to gaming and that set off the company blocking of the site. Has noting to do with the actual web page.
  2. ColecoDan


  3. My original Q-Bert is in a one piece box from whenever I got it probably 83 or 84. So the ones you are looking at could be fake but coleco did create one piece boxes.
  4. I think we just confirmed that J-F doesn't know his alphabet too well and thought it went A, D.
  5. It is hard to say, working ones could fail soon if they don't say that they fully restored them. The fully restored ones are nice and work great if you don't want to wait for the new systems that are coming out.
  6. Only CIBs I am missing are The Bit Corp Originals of which I have only seen NIAD with 3 not sure if 4th exists , (I have the repos from Collectorvision for them though) , and I only have 2 CIB of the 6 Xonox Double enders. I say six because the Europe and the Canadian versions are so different that I wanted all of them. I have one European one and one Canadian one. Skiing and Amazing Bumpman from Telegames didn't come in boxes but I have the original plastic with stapled hanging cardboard that they came in.
  7. I think you just were late to the show. Back in 2009 - 2011 maybe even more year span than that a lot of us were on ebay all the time trying to get our collections complete and fighting making the prices high. I believe all of us have a full compliment of complete games now with nothing left to buy except the game you never see. So the ones that were really collectors have their collections full now. If you don't try to get a CIB collection like mine and just get all the games in their carts then it is rather cheap to get a full collection. If you want them CIB then it gets very expensive for some games and some games are just down right impossible to get.
  8. I guess I was more concerned about one of their posts that even shielding or other tiny things could cause the game not to work as we have definitely seen that one of the revisions of the coleco boards didn't have shielding. I was more scared about how temperamental they made the game sound when they started replying to people.
  9. I agree 100% unless the actual problem people are seeing is that the games security is keeping them from reaching level 2. That isn't really a we can't make it work for every modded system. That is more like we are paranoid that everyone is stealing and your game would have worked if we weren't so paranoid. Now granted no one has come out and admitted to it being the security protocol, so if it truly is a bug do to the system and timing being different then I guess that sucks but from everything I read it would seem it is the security keeping it in demo mode.
  10. Mine was wet, thank god they at least put one of those plastic bags around the box. I second the must ship in boxes in the future. However more concerning to me is this idea that we must have an exact unmodded colecovision for a 35 year old system in which hardly anyone has a colecovison that was not modded. Seems like poor planning. I would say this needs a fix. Unfortunately I have been too busy to play the game. Will have to do that soon.
  11. Businesses definitely get special rates do to all the business they give the shipper. Everything they mail will be cheaper than you can mail it unless it is a small company that is not doing a lot of business with them. They definitely charge more if they have to use a bigger box as well because then that screws up their container when they are shipping it they lose out on an extra box they could have fit that your box is taking up space. The costs also could differ by ins, signed, and other factors which you haven't mentioned as being all the same or different with these shipments. Yes shipping is expensive though and will probably only get worse until the teleporters get created.
  12. no there are tons of old copies and i think the rom is out there too if you want to play without the SGM. The new one is only better supposedly because of the sound chip that he can use in the SGM.
  13. I sent email to the mailto since the button on the screen doesn't do anything but show a mailto address.
  14. It wouldn't have been, you would have been given no time to accomplish such complicated work. Also some A$$ would have come down from marketing and said we want to change this , this , and this
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