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  1. All good. The tool chain I use is cc65 for windows, cygwin64 for win, gimp2, mednafen and a lot of head scratching 😮😮😮☺
  2. Hi OldAtAtari, The errors you get like this are typically typos -like @Karri said. Also I looked at your code and I couldn't see a main() /main(void) function. cc65 is Case sensitive too. Cheers Positron5.
  3. I got mine, thank you Saint another great bit of Atari kit.😀
  4. @Igor, Sorry to hear of you've not been well. Of course you take as much time as you need and we'll wait till normal service is resumed. Thanks
  5. Hi All, I can now share Spacecube, my 3d drawing program (early release) written in cc65 . If you want to see/ experiment with the code goto http:// https://[email protected]/ANDREW-PROGS/allcubes.git As with previous release i could only get the code to work using game.O in mednafen. I use 42bs Drawtriangle and Sintab81 code from bll The planet background sprite was drawn using Gimp and was packed using Nop90's extended Sprpck app. 😍🙄 game.O
  6. Yup, currently sharing first programmer with Ironworks. I thought it's time I got my own .😊
  7. Hi Igor, Could you put me down for one lynx cart programmer and 5 cart cases. Cheers Andrew.
  8. I was perturbed that the order number as referenced in retrohq shop was higher than the number ( mid 300s) in my pre-order confirmation. Consequently I messaged SainT and he was happy to inform me that they aren't the same. I hope this helps to remove any confusion for anyone who has a pre-order. The email order confirmation number is what counts . Cheers
  9. @VladR Supplimentary--I've converted Bastian's bll drawtriangle for cc65 and you might find this of interest: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/262666-cc65-for-windows/?do=findComment&comment=3995454
  10. Ok cool, I agree "always be safe than sorry" when handling storage media.😇😇
  11. Sorry for the hold up, Signing in has been changed - now you have to use your Display name, different to how I did it before. I've now managed to build your programmers tools and I flashed a rom.😎 Could you advise me if and how you re-flash a card that's been flashed as I have two test cards I'd like to recover. Thanx
  12. It should be this (the colon : in your command should be there after my username)... Quote If you don't see testboard.sh after checking out the files from Git, then you're on the wrong branch. Do "git clone -b programmer-enhancements" in the "lynx" directory and then "cd contrib/blankcart/programmer && make all". Tell me how you go with that. The hostname issue is to do with networking configuration, but I suspect it's the colon causing the problem. Hi, yes I was following the instructions from https://atarigamer.com/pages/atari-lynx-cartridge-reader-writer-board-software I hope to have another look at it over the weekend. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers
  13. @Karri Thanks for the quick response. The typing slip was caused by using my windows laptop for posting and switching to RasPi/,. terminal for linux commands. I'm still working on the git problem, though. Make readcart worked (it powered up gcc) . Positron5
  14. Hi, I'm having problems installing the readcart, write and romutils tools. I'm using the retroPie build and I get Unable to resolve host when I run the "git clone -b programmers-enhancements https//:[email protected] command" Also I thought I'd try to build the programmers tools from source but it looks like the makefile in lynx/contrib/blankcart/programmers/ folder is the makefile for wiringPi utilities. Any ideas? thanx
  15. I received mine (half share with Ironworks ) today. Now we will linux up and install the programming toolchain, courtesy of Necrocia and Karri. Many thanks.
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