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  1. @Igor, Sorry to hear of you've not been well. Of course you take as much time as you need and we'll wait till normal service is resumed. Thanks
  2. Hi All, I can now share Spacecube, my 3d drawing program (early release) written in cc65 . If you want to see/ experiment with the code goto http:// https://[email protected]/ANDREW-PROGS/allcubes.git As with previous release i could only get the code to work using game.O in mednafen. I use 42bs Drawtriangle and Sintab81 code from bll The planet background sprite was drawn using Gimp and was packed using Nop90's extended Sprpck app. 😍🙄 game.O
  3. Yup, currently sharing first programmer with Ironworks. I thought it's time I got my own .😊
  4. Hi Igor, Could you put me down for one lynx cart programmer and 5 cart cases. Cheers Andrew.
  5. I was perturbed that the order number as referenced in retrohq shop was higher than the number ( mid 300s) in my pre-order confirmation. Consequently I messaged SainT and he was happy to inform me that they aren't the same. I hope this helps to remove any confusion for anyone who has a pre-order. The email order confirmation number is what counts . Cheers
  6. @VladR Supplimentary--I've converted Bastian's bll drawtriangle for cc65 and you might find this of interest: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/262666-cc65-for-windows/?do=findComment&comment=3995454
  7. Ok cool, I agree "always be safe than sorry" when handling storage media.😇😇
  8. Sorry for the hold up, Signing in has been changed - now you have to use your Display name, different to how I did it before. I've now managed to build your programmers tools and I flashed a rom.😎 Could you advise me if and how you re-flash a card that's been flashed as I have two test cards I'd like to recover. Thanx
  9. It should be this (the colon : in your command should be there after my username)... Quote If you don't see testboard.sh after checking out the files from Git, then you're on the wrong branch. Do "git clone -b programmer-enhancements" in the "lynx" directory and then "cd contrib/blankcart/programmer && make all". Tell me how you go with that. The hostname issue is to do with networking configuration, but I suspect it's the colon causing the problem. Hi, yes I was following the instructions from https://atarigamer.com/pages/atari-lynx-cartridge-reader-writer-board-software I hope to have another look at it over the weekend. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers
  10. @Karri Thanks for the quick response. The typing slip was caused by using my windows laptop for posting and switching to RasPi/,. terminal for linux commands. I'm still working on the git problem, though. Make readcart worked (it powered up gcc) . Positron5
  11. Hi, I'm having problems installing the readcart, write and romutils tools. I'm using the retroPie build and I get Unable to resolve host when I run the "git clone -b programmers-enhancements https//:[email protected] command" Also I thought I'd try to build the programmers tools from source but it looks like the makefile in lynx/contrib/blankcart/programmers/ folder is the makefile for wiringPi utilities. Any ideas? thanx
  12. I received mine (half share with Ironworks ) today. Now we will linux up and install the programming toolchain, courtesy of Necrocia and Karri. Many thanks.
  13. Hi Necrocia, Please include me for a pi hat programmer on your order list too. Cheers
  14. @McWill, Hi, I did the lynx2 screen replacement and the results are excellent, thank you. I had the same problem with the controller ribbon cable as others have found which means the voltage test gives no voltage. Just trimming the end by 2mm improves the contacts and solved the problem. The improved visualisation that the mod gives now breathe new life and enjoyment for gamers in the atari lynx. Cheers.
  15. Hi McWill, I would like one of these for my Lynx2 -from UK. Cheers Positron5
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