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  1. Just a thought🙂. You could arrange the palette into 2 * 2bit blocks of a 4 bit color sprite so that both images - the original and one shifted 90degrees- are together in the sprite data. Then you just turn on the relevant palette pens to display either representations. Of course it will only work for 4 color sprites.
  2. Hi, I have solved the problem with creating a working lynxcart of Spacecube/ contacts demo. Basically I was adding two headers to the .o file 🙁. I include the fixed .lnx file and the amended.cfg and makefile here. Also I have made the changes on bitbucket(see earlier post). Greetings Andrew contact2.zip
  3. Hi Igor, Ideas for the name of this years game jam. Lynxtastic or Lynxtastica. Or on an Abba theme Arrival, Supertrouper,Voulez-vous.... Or even Lynxotica (from exotica). You did ask 😊😊. Cheers Andrew
  4. I made the changes, thanx @42bs. a See http:// https://[email protected]/ANDREW-PROGS/contacts.git for source. If anyone has noticed a distortion in the shape of the cube, it is because the transformed cooordinates of the cube corners are re -used for the next spacial calculation. Also the sine/cosine table is at a resolution of 8 bits and this contributes to the effect of lossy maths. Cheers.
  5. Maybe because it is quirky it keeps some appeal. I think the weather feature was a nice addition.
  6. Hello Bastian, thank you for the corrections. I will make the changes 😏☺. I blame it on my assembler roots.
  7. Hi All, I have made some updates to the spacecube project and I want to share them with you. This demo I've called CubeContact and displays a rotating cube with a simple hidden surface removal technnique. Also the cube coordinate system is much improved giving the possibility of other 3d object design handling. The code is available here: https://[email protected]/ANDREW-PROGS/contacts.git game.O (will run in handy)
  8. Hi Igor, My package of Raspberry pi programmer and 10 shells arrived today.😃😃😃 Do have a great new year. Cheers Andrew
  9. XOR A, B AND A, #$0F XOR A, B In this example you keep the bottom nybble in A and replace the top nybble in A with the one from B. This technique is useful because it reduces memory access cycles. I saw it in atextbook about 3o years ago.😮
  10. All good. The tool chain I use is cc65 for windows, cygwin64 for win, gimp2, mednafen and a lot of head scratching 😮😮😮☺
  11. Hi OldAtAtari, The errors you get like this are typically typos -like @Karri said. Also I looked at your code and I couldn't see a main() /main(void) function. cc65 is Case sensitive too. Cheers Positron5.
  12. I got mine, thank you Saint another great bit of Atari kit.😀
  13. @Igor, Sorry to hear of you've not been well. Of course you take as much time as you need and we'll wait till normal service is resumed. Thanks
  14. Hi All, I can now share Spacecube, my 3d drawing program (early release) written in cc65 . If you want to see/ experiment with the code goto http:// https://[email protected]/ANDREW-PROGS/allcubes.git As with previous release i could only get the code to work using game.O in mednafen. I use 42bs Drawtriangle and Sintab81 code from bll The planet background sprite was drawn using Gimp and was packed using Nop90's extended Sprpck app. 😍🙄 game.O
  15. Yup, currently sharing first programmer with Ironworks. I thought it's time I got my own .😊
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