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  1. I usually play it with 2 Genesis arcade sticks, but you've got me interested in trying this.
  2. Yeah, I've got to go 7800. I like the 5200, but sadly, the stock controller was an unfortunate choice. Still, for those classic late 70s/early 80s arcade games that I love, it was a powerhouse. The 7800 was a good machine. Had they upgraded the sound, it could have been great. Ideally, they should have held off on the 5200, and just put more resources into what became the 7800, but hindsight etc. As it is, the 7800 has some great arcade ports and is fun to play to this day. Wish it had more titles, but it is what it is.
  3. Lou Reed and his Wico.... https://youtu.be/2zWwmfQvdCI
  4. Wow, good to hear. I bought from him numerous times back in the day, but over the past 3 or 4 years, I tried a couple of times, and he just seemed to have too much going on or something. Basically ghosted me after an email saying he would get back to me. I haven't tried him in at least 2 years though, so maybe I'll give him another shot. I had plenty of good deals with him in the 2010-2016 or so era.
  5. Affordable is the key word in your request, as so many Genesis shoot 'em ups are on the expensive side. But these 2 are great, and won't hurt your wallet too badly. Even if you think they're a little steep, they're still cheaper than most, and are among the console's best. Fire Shark Twin Cobra Platformers World of Illusion Jungle Book Earthworm Jim Boogerman Racing Games Outrun Super Monaco GP Road Rash I-III Rock n Roll Racing
  6. As a kid, I beat 1, 2 and 3 countless times. I mean, back then I only owned maybe a dozen games, so it got to the point that I could beat them without too much trouble. Nowadays, if I revisit one of the Mario games, I'm still decent, but I always get stumbled up somewhere. I popped in SMB3 earlier this summer for instance, and was able to cruise fairly easily up until world 8. A lot of the tricks and secrets came back to me as I went through the game as well. But in world 8 I went through most of my lives quickly, and wasn't even able to make it to the last level. Those games definitely pack a challenge, it's just that I think for a lot of us, as kids who grew up with the NES games, the sheer amount of time that we put into our games dwarfs what most of us can do as adults. I mean, I wasn't a shut in or anything, I was in sports and activities and played outside with friends daily, but I still probably played an hour or two of Nintendo just about every day throughout elementary school. And probably much more on weekends when I could get a rental. I just don't put that type of effort into mastering games nowadays.
  7. I honestly don't play a lot on modern consoles, but I do have an XB1, and came across the latest Mortal Kombat when I was at Target recently. Thought it sounded like fun, and I have not been let down. The controls are so fluid, and it plays arcadey and fun. I went through many of the different tower levels which are reminiscent of the old school MK games, and enjoyed them quite a bit over a few nights. Then, I decided to check out the story mode, and that has been quite an adventure so far. I think I'm around the chapter 6 mark or so. Great game for those into 2D fighters. There's certainly a lot here to keep you busy.
  8. Contra Tecmo Superbowl Ninja Gaiden River City Ransom Power Blade Maniac Mansion Mighty Final Fight Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shatterhand RC Pro-Am Nightmare on Elm Street Karate Kid Little League Baseball North and South Battletoads Mike Tyson's Punch-Out Castlevania Double Dragon II Guerrilla War Captain Skyhawk
  9. That was always disappointing to me about Star Trek, their lack of creativity in alien design. Regardless of the race, most of them just had different ears and a rippling forehead. As a kid, it made me appreciate playing through video games such as Star Control on 3do or Starflight on the Genesis that much more. They had so many wild looking aliens. Of course, with the limits of television budgets, I'm sure there was only so much they could do during the TNG era.
  10. To be fair, the thread title could be "AVGN reviews *anything that's not Mario or Zelda*, says it's s**t," and it would be accurate. That's his whole schtick. If some people take that seriously, that's their problem really. I always think it's cool when an old console I like, such as the 3do, gets some modern exposure. Whether it's in a good light or bad one, it's still cool when people are talking about it. And in many cases, younger people are being exposed to it for the first time.
  11. I remember an episode where Riker went on a Klingon ship and some of the women were making eyes at him, licking their lips and such. He played it off all right, but he was a little scared.
  12. They'd break you, @HOME AUTOMATION Haha
  13. I think it appears that way in the photo due to the lighting. There seems to be a sheen on the right one which makes it stand out more. Personally, I prefer the darker wood grain. It's just not the most flattering photo.
  14. @Tommy Tallarico Mr. Tallarico, I get why you don't want to include online play, and it's totally understandable. It seems that whenever I play a modern game online, I have to mute all of the headsets so that I don't have to listen to all of the vile things that many players are saying. And for arcade style games, this feature shouldn't really be necessary for a good gaming experience anyway. That said, online leaderboards for some games would be a welcome addition. I'm not sure if this feature has already been considered, but it is a great way to see how you measure up, and is a cornerstone of arcade gaming. I realize that not every game will be arcade style, but for the ones that are, this would be an excellent feature that would not only engage the player and give them something to shoot for, but would also add connectivity to the Intellivision Amico community. And I would think it would be much easier and cheaper to implement than full online multiplayer. Anyway, I'm a longtime fan of your game soundtracks (particularly on the Genesis and Sega CD), and am looking forward to the Amico. Thanks.
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