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  1. bumpbump, cimm and his wife are streamin now...looks like they're streamin some draconian if anybody wants to tune in.
  2. hey hey guys, been a minute since i kicked over here. been real busy with tunes. but i wanted to make a quick thread for my buddy james aka cimmerian's stream he's been doing for a minute now. i believe he's mentioned it in the mappy threads and maybe other threads, but he's doing a great stream series now featuring the 2600 and some new atari protos and homebrews that are coming out..today he's featuring a really sick build of mappy that you guys gotta see, the music and color in this is super intense, apparently this build hasnt been released to the public. im told that cimm just got this about a half hour ago. if you're free in the next hour or so, tune into the stream with us, its always a good time. maybe we'll see ya over in the chat. have a great weekend ya'll! https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/
  3. i would think one could argue that the coleco brand was misrepresented entirely at this expo, but i guess thats a different argument altogether, isnt it, ahaha..
  4. hrm, i wonder what the probability of finding a human being who went to both dashcon and this shit would be..a person who could tell us which was the better gathering. i also wonder if theres people out there who are into that, looking up expectedly shit expos and cons and going to them and trying to make em fun or what. slightly off topic, but there was this a few weekends back in an abandoned mall, a majority of the guests like weird al and some others cancelled, while some guests apparently did end up showing up. apparently the people who run this have had a few years of it where it was shit. they probably just have to continue doing em for tax reasons. maybe abp, i dunno. http://www.comicsbeat.com/fandom-fest-comic-con-held-in-an-abandoned-macys-doesnt-go-well/ as for this coleco expo, i dunno who i feel worse for, that poor lady in the review for going, or for her kid having to grow up thinking thats what expos and cons are like.
  5. if you click 'see more', they post the entire stupid schedule for the 2-day expo. in an update. no link to their page that shows the schedule that you can link, just fill two screens up with it. they're really fucking going out of their way to try and get people to go to this stupid shit.
  6. keep getting these fucking paid for ads in my newsfeed. why do i have to also hit 'hide ad' on this crap. didnt bother to check who the 3 shares even were. judging from the few comments on other status updates, other people dont dig this shit either.
  7. ey, cardildo...ya might wanna lay off with the sponsored posts. been dealing with my own dmca troll now, otherwise maybe i wouldnt have reacted this way, lol. robotech means nothing to any of us.
  8. based on everything thus far, i would have to go with option #3 personally. werent they at 6.2k prior to this..whatever you wanna call it now, kerfuffle, attack, overstepping of boundaries, whatever? i dunno how often fb would update their optics, but yeah...if i still had any kind of ANYTHING up about the chameleon and was too...whatever word you wanna use, kerfuffled to take that shit down and realize its sending a bad message on top of all the other bad messages, then i suppose they're not even concerned anymore about how their brand is seen?
  9. this thread won the battle while cardillo's ego lost the friggin war. when you buy twitter eggs on top of all that has happened here, thats clearly ego driven, ahaha.
  10. this continues to get more and more bizarre. how can this even be legal? better yet, how about someone explain how its illegal and lets go from there...
  11. i dont know why he hasnt been banned, jesus christ. why are guys like him and mk allowed to have accounts here when they do shit like this to the community?
  12. yeah i mean, it'd be easy to let it go if this situation didnt get uglier and uglier. cardillo is clearly as much, if not more of a sociopath than mk. imo that warrants beating the drum. facebook is still full of knuckleheads supporting and sharing cardillo's posts, some of em are even users of this forum. without singling anyone out, i saw a member here who was super critical of mk defending cardillo! only way to beat back this kinda ignorance is with loud & proud communication.
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