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  1. If it isn't too much trouble could mine be updated to "McNuggetFiend" with the previous entry removed thanks!
  2. Looking to buy the Pocket Pro version of the Game.com, color doesn't matter, though looking for green, purple, or orange. Thanks!
  3. Not too pleased looking at what eBay and my credit card have been doing to gather some classic gaming stuff, effortlessly

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    2. TheTIGuy


      I wish... I don't have a credit card =P

    3. GoldLeader


      @Shep...You and me both!

    4. shep


      @carlsson yes! damn robot credit cards. OH WELL, I CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS! :) :P

  4. My heart breaks for you regarding you selling this.
  5. shep

    WTB: 32X and Sega CD

    to go along with my genesis 2. update: now just needing a Sega CD
  6. exactly what I was looking for. thankyou!
  7. gonna snatch that up. thanks everyone
  8. is there anyone that is a wiz at fixing Virtual boy screens? i am too nervous to follow the guides online. i miss my virtual bae working. it was fun for people to mess with when having folks over for a drink.
  9. Any one willing to part with a decently priced one? Sega CD would be cool too, but not needed. Started a second job with the sole purpose of rebuying my childhood PM me No games needed, just "hookups"
  10. Preferably not all yellowed out
  11. Looking for an affordable SNES system, the original models with hookups. Id also like a Super gameboy if possible. Looking for something not too off the charts price wise.
  12. shep

    WTB Modded Sega Saturn

    I could obtain one.
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