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  1. About 12 months ago I discovered FPV and haven't looked back. I have found it to be an amazing hobby. What is FPV? Probably easier just to watch a short video; Part of the FPV attraction is the whole video aspect, which is understandable given it's cousin-type relationship with cinematic filming - and the general ability to film things from a perspective which would be otherwise impossible. Personally I have found it enjoyable to combine music and my videos together. Which got me to thinking.... I thought it would be super cool to come up with some type of TI inspired/programmed cockpit that I could overlay onto some of my videos. Maybe something like this; I figured for it to look reasonable there would have to be some type of cockpit/scenery interaction. Maybe the cockpit needs to bank in time with the flight, maybe some instrument needs to respond accordingly, maybe it would just be enough for the controls to simply be in the right place at the right time.... Some experimenting would need to be done. I figure the cockpit could show fuel and thrust etc.... My initial idea would be to select a flight, learn it by heart, and then capture a video of me flying my FPV Cockpit program in synch with the video. Then I would just have to overlay the two and should end up with something rather silly but fun, and which has an overwhelming TI feel about it. It really was a shame there were no great cockpit type TI games or I would simply gravitate towards something classic. I am behind with all things TI, but I guess I would lean towards writing something that can be run on the compiler. Interested in input and ideas!
  2. Headaches, Migranes, Cluster Headaches; I know this is probably not the appropriate place to make such a suggestion so some apologies in advance - But magic mushrooms can work wonders for this type of ailment if you continue to struggle. BTW, before I get shot down for making such an unorthodox suggestion, do be aware that they are non addictive and you can't OD on them. This is more than can be said for most prescription medicines....
  3. Definitely XB. My whole world changed the first time I ever witnessed a sprite in XB. Excluding this I guess it would come down to Parsec, Return to Pirates Isle, or Tombstone City (Tombstone was the only cartridge I had for the first 3 months so it got hammered). Special mention to Hopper and TOD!
  4. Thank goodness - I was too embarrassed to ask.
  5. Submission: Boat Bomber Platform: RXB Written by: Darren Bellia Instructions: Use joystick to avoid attacking plane, edge of space, and mountains. Use fire to bomb boat as it speeds by. BBOMBER.dsk
  6. Joystick or arrow keys move plane up and down and fire launches a missile at the boat. Don't fly off into space, don't fly into the mountains, and avoid the other plane. Although the COINC on the plane collision is pretty average.... 100 U=124 :: CALL CHAR(36,"000307070F3F3F7F008080C0C0F0FCFF",U,"1C1E1F3F3F1F3F000",126,"0030C8FFFE8",33,"3C0C1E7F40407F000",35,"00F088FE0204F8") 110 CALL CLEAR :: X,W,Y,R=64 :: Q=12 :: A$=RPT$("$((%",:: CALL MAGNIFY(3):: CALL CHAR(92,RPT$("0",48),136,"AA55AA55AA55AA55"):: RANDOMIZE :: DIM E(33),P(33),S$(33) 120 CALL SCREEN(16):: CALL COLOR(1,3,5,2,3,3,8,Q,Q):: E(6),E(12),E(18)=1 :: FOR I=1 TO 33 :: P(I)=RND*30+5 :: A$=SEG$(A$,2,31)&SEG$(A$,1,1):: S$(I)=A$ :: NEXT I 130 E(24),E(30)=1 :: CALL SPRITE(#1,U,8,Y,X,#2,32,2,U,W,O,Q):: CALL HCHAR(13,1,40,R,15,1,92,R,22,1,92,96,1,1,136,128) 140 FOR I=1 TO 32 :: CALL HPUT(Q,1,S$(I)):: CALL JOYST(1,G,H):: CALL MOTION(#1,-H*2,0,#2,0,P(I)):: CALL POSITION(#1,Y,X) 150 CALL KEY(1,D,H):: IF Y<32 THEN Z$="ARE LOST IN SPACE" ELSE IF Y>83 THEN Z$="CRASHED" ELSE IF E(I)=1 THEN CALL SPRITE(#3,U,7,RND*49+36,1,0,21) 160 IF Z$="" THEN 170 :: CALL DELSPRITE(ALL):: PRINT "GAME OVER YOU ";Z$;"WITH A SCORE OF "&STR$(L)&".": :"TYPE RUN TO PLAY AGAIN." :: STOP 170 IF D=18 THEN CALL POSITION(#1,Y,X):: CALL SPRITE(#4,92,16,Y,X,100,25):: CALL MOTION(#4,0,0):: CALL LOCATE(#4,120,69+(100-Y)) 180 CALL COINC(#4,#2,13,Q1,#1,#3,9,Q2):: IF Q2=-1 THEN Z$="COLLIDED" ELSE IF Q1=-1 THEN L=L+1 :: DISPLAY AT(2,27)SIZE(LEN(STR$(L)))BEEP:(STR$(L)):: CALL LOCATE(#2,U,1) 190 CALL DELSPRITE(#4):: CALL JOYST(1,G,H):: CALL MOTION(#1,-H*2,0,#2,0,P(I)):: CALL SOUND(-800,-6,20):: NEXT I :: GOTO 140
  7. I let it run overnight, appears there may have been some excess generosity with the payout levels set..... It is disturbing how mind-numbingly entertaining it is just to watch it - and even weirder the undeserved feeling of satisfaction/accomplishment when four of a kind spin up.
  8. Here is a silly little XB slot machine 10 liner I threw together.... Let me know if anyone pulls off the jackpot (space invader, man, pacman & ghost - in this order). 100 RANDOMIZE :: DIM B(13):: CALL MAGNIFY(2):: FOR I=1 TO 4 :: READ A(I):: B(I)=A(I)::B(I+4)=A(I)::B(I+=A(I):: NEXT I :: READ W$ :: X=1000::S=1::CALL CLEAR::PRINT "YOU START WITH $1,000." : : 105 CALL CHAR(97,"00003C5A7E2442000018003C5A18242400003E6C787C3E0000003C5A7E7E5A"):: INPUT "WHAT IS YOUR MAXIMUM BET PERGAME? $":C :: IF C<=1000 THEN 110 ELSE PRINT "TRY AGAIN"::GOTO 105 110 GOSUB 900::IF X-C>=0 THEN 130 ! WIN *MEGA JACKPOT* BY SPINNING SPACE INVADER, MAN, PACMAN & GHOST - IN THIS ORDER. 120 PRINT "INSUFFICIENT FUNDS TO CONTINUE." : : " GAME OVER ": :"STARTING BALANCE WAS $1,000":"YOU LOST ALL YOUR CASH":"IN "&STR$(S)&" SPINS. LOSER."::STOP 130 X=X-C :: GOSUB 900 :: s=s+1::DISPLAY AT(14,10)BEEP:"GOOD LUCK!" :: FOR D=1 TO 4 :: CALL COLOR(#D,2):: FOR I=1 TO 12 :: CALL PATTERN(#D,B(I)):: CALL SOUND(30,110+I*30,I):: NEXT I 140 I=INT((RND*4)+1):: CALL PATTERN(#D,A(I)):: A$=A$&CHR$(A(I)):: Z$(D)="-"&A$&RPT$("!",4-D):: NEXT D :: FOR D=1 TO 4 :: WI(D)=POS(W$,Z$(D),1):: NEXT D :: FOR D=4 TO 1 STEP -1 :: IF WI(D)<>0 THEN 170 160 NEXT D :: DISPLAY AT(14,10):"* NO WIN *" :: FOR I=1 TO 100 :: NEXT I :: GOTO 110 170 E=VAL(SEG$(W$,WI(D)+5,4))*C :: DISPLAY AT(14,4):"CONGRATS! YOU WIN $"&STR$(E)&"." :: FOR I=1 TO 10 STEP .5 :: CALL SOUND(-500,I*110,0):: NEXT I :: X=X+E :: FOR I=1 TO 500 :: NEXT I :: GOTO 110 900 CALL CLEAR :: DISPLAY AT(1,1):"AVAILABLE FUNDS $"&STR$(X):"BETTING AMOUNT $"&STR$(C)&" " :: FOR I=1 TO 4 :: CALL SPRITE(#I,45,2,80,70+I*20):: NEXT I :: A$="" :: DISPLAY AT(24,1):S::RETURN 1000 DATA 97,98,99,100,-aa!!0001-bb!!0001-cc!!0001-dd!!0001-aaa!0010-bbb!0010-ccc!0010-ddd!0010-aaaa0100-bbbb0100-cccc0100-dddd0100-abcd1000
  9. Very Clever! Did it a few times, 130 seems to be my best.
  10. Would be great if sprites could be positioned on the 256 x 192 grid rather than the clunkier 32 x 24. Is this something that is workable?
  11. Have been throwing more time at this idea and it is evolving. Pretty much got all the sprites and character map sorted. Started working on the background graphics and general rules for how to move around in the environment. Worked out how I am going to set triggers during the game to create certain events, reveal secrets etc. While it will come with a loading delay between screens, I have decided to load each screen from disc. This will require fetching 4 records which will total 768 bytes every time player moves into a new screen. Doing this allows me to keep the graphics prettier and I shouldn't have to worry about memory issues. My current concept has a total of 133 screens. 19 above ground and 114 below although I am still flexible regarding this mix (with a preference for creating more screens above ground and less below). Above ground screens will resemble something like pitfall game-play and the below ground screens will be more like a traditional platform style appearance. That's the current thought process. Would be great if the old TI supported two fire buttons. One to jump and one to fire.... I feel just a jumping game has some limitations and will get old quick. Thinking about if it would be feasible to have two modes.... When in mode one you can jump and when in mode two you can fire. I do feel that having to use the keyboard to select each mode would be painful so not sure if this idea is worth pursuing.
  12. Du bist n ferkel..... I'll be in my bunk.
  13. I have a whole bunch from TISHUG (Texas Instruments Sydney Home Users Group) from the mid 80's. I will do my best to scan and upload some of these over the coming weeks.
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