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  1. That email actually fails on any attempt to send to it. :-/
  2. Oh, I'm right there with you. When I was younger, an arcade with Tron was awesome. An arcade with DoT was better. An arcade with both, and the DoT environmental? Best. I just figured I'd have an easier time of it with the original rather than Discs. (Since each Tron minigame is basically a slightly altered clone of an existing game.)
  3. I'll toss in two cents, and say that as one of the people with a complete 7800 collection - even after I owned all the retail releases, I didn't call my collection "complete" until I had all of Bob's games. They're THAT good.
  4. Counting down the days until August 23rd!

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      What's August 23?

    4. DocEss


      Well, for me - it's the start of the new series of Doctor Who. Pretty thrilled about the new guy.

  5. Waiting as patiently as possible.
  6. I'd throw money at you! But you've already seen me sing your praises all over this forum because of everything you've made so far. If you Kickstart, I will donate, good sir.
  7. Just for the record, I tend to use "driving controller" and "paddle" interchangeably. Either way, if it's possible, then I'll keep plugging away at it. Just for the forumgoers, don't get your Photoshop fired up and start making labels and mock up boxes. I have scant little free time to devote to this, so it'll basically be a hobby project for the majority. Wouldn't want anyone disappointed.
  8. Confusing topic title is confusing. Been gently farting around with an idea in my spare time, but before I got too far with it, I wanted to ask if something was even possible. (and if this needs to be the programming subforum, be my guest at moving it) Basically, everybody likes Tron arcade. If you don't, yes you do, stop lying. The nature of the unique control setup obviously made this a difficult, if not impossible, game to bring home. Anyway, spare time I've assembled some rudimentary prototype "holds a pro-line and a paddle" rigs, and also thought about just straight up building a new controller that combines the two but leaves the button more accessible, etc. Aaaaanyway. Before I get too deep into the software (only just poked some general stuff, fiddled some sprites, nothing serious) I wanted to find out from those more experienced than me: Is there a way, using the second player port to basically have the game think that it's a two-player co-op? Ideally, one port is a stick, one is a paddle, and bam, an Atari replication of the stick and dial setup of the arcade. I mean, obviously not ideal, but the best that's ever going to happen, really. I just don't want to get myself started only to find out the whole idea powering this won't work. I can't really think of any reason why it wouldn't work, but I figured I'd ask before getting any further along.
  9. Yeah, I agree, I feel like I just replied to this topic. It could probably be safely merged with the "games that should have been on the 7800" thread. (If the forum setup supports doing that.) Otherwise, I'd just be saying "Pac n' Pal and Gaplus" again.
  10. If they haven't been mentioned yet - Pac & Pal, and Gaplus. Hell, I've spent the last 30 years wondering why the C64 (and only in Europe) was the only home system to get a port of Gaplus. Every other game in the Galaxian series saw a home release, usually on every possible system of the time. Always seemed odd to me that Gaplus never came home.
  11. Oh, crap! Did I miss out on the ability to get a non-XM version of this? Crap, crap, crap. Double crap, because I both love Bob's work, and Adventure Island/Wonder Boy is a series I literally own every game for. Edit: Wait, less crap. Didn't see the post above mine. Woohoo!
  12. I assume I so badly missed the boat on this, that there's no way I'm landing a copy, yeah?
  13. Already replied to the PM, but just gotta say, this. Looks. Fantastic. Fresh off modding my 7800 for composite, too. Can't wait!
  14. Yeah, I was afraid the prices I were seeing were normal. I've been keeping an eye out for a while now, but it's looking pretty rough. We don't really have any local classic game stores, though. We used to, but they were all Play 'n' Trade which is sort of infamous for ripping people off, so they went outta business here pretty quick. (That'll happen when you try to sell bare 7800's for 100 bucks, and loose Super Mario Bros 3 carts for 34.99, though.)
  15. Bob! I keep throwing my credit cards and dollar bills at the screen, but nothing's happening! I MUST GIVE YOU MONEY FOR THIS. I've wanted Frenzy on 7800 since playing it on Colecovision at a friend's house, way back. If there's a list, put me on it! If there's a place I throw money, show me where it is!
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