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  1. Yeah, I missed out. I don't particularly care if it's CIB or not. I'm just looking for the game itself (and maybe the manual).
  2. Our 2600 had quite working sometime in the mid 80s, and we now had a ton of 2600 games gathering dust. When we heard about the 7800 being released, my brother and I were thrilled to find out it was going to be backward compatible with the 2600. So we talked our parents into getting it for us that Christmas (1987, I think). We soon managed to get a small library of 7800 games, along with dirt cheap 2600 games (some of which were just given to me by the guys at school that no longer had any use for them). My first game for it (not including Pole Position II) was Desert Falcon, which is still one of my favorites. This was quickly followed by Xevious, Robotron: 2084 (which I almost begged my parents for, having never seen a home port of it before), F-18 Hornet and one or two others. My brother ended up with Tower Toppler and Food Fight. We ended up buying more 2600 games than 7800, though, due to the price difference. The AC adaptor on our original 7800 died in the early 90s, but luckily I had a friend that knew someone that wanted to part with his 7800 and small library of 2600 and 7800 games, some of which I'd only seen but never played. I paid him what he asked, and our 7800 was up and running again. My friends couldn't understand why I wanted it with consoles like the Genesis and SNES around. Some even encouraged me to sell the whole lot. That finally happened, thanks to my ex-wife, in 2004, when I had to sell all of my gaming stuff. Several years after that, I decided to start collecting over again from scratch, starting with buying a 2600 Jr. and a box full of games. Then a friend of mine from out of state came to visit and brought me a gift: a 7800 and a small stack of games. That reignited the flame. I managed to get all the games I had as a kid, along with some rarities thanks to some generous folks online. Then I discovered AtariAge and the store, and now I own more 7800 games than I ever thought was possible, considering how small the official library is. That 7800 has since been AV modded and is my go-to console for Atari. Some things never change.
  3. I'm doing okay on the bonus stages. Managed to spell the word "BONUS" and get a couple lines of bugs above it on the first, spelled most of "GAPLUS" on the next.
  4. I checked. Either I never scored high enough to make it onto the high scoreboard (haven't touched it in a bit) or that feature doesn't work. But now I think I'm going to start practicing at it, see how high a score I can get. edit: managed to get a high enough score to make it onto the scoreboard, but when I turned it off and turned it back on, the score was back to normal. Oh well.
  5. Pretty sure it's to save high scores. As far as my best score so far, honestly, I haven't kept track.
  6. I too have a Gaplus, one that was made for me by a colleague of mine upon request.
  7. Mine arrived a day early too. 😃 Already considering another order, when I have the cash.
  8. Now that's a sight to see. Looking forward to playing Zoo Keeper and Space Invaders when they arrive! I hope this has helped my daughter in her dealings with small businesses. She's only 18, and she preordered Zoo Keeper for me as a Christmas present (paid with money from her first real job), then got upset when it didn't show up upon the original arrival date. She was ready to fire off an angry email to Al, but I told her to just politely ask what was going on, because at the time, I had no idea what was going on either - but I figured there had to have been some major snafu. I've kept her posted on the situation. She calmed down over time, just saying as long as I get it, she'll be happy. I told her I've ordered from Al many times, and he has yet to let me down, which also made her feel better about the whole thing. She'll be happy to hear the latest update here.
  9. SOLD! Thanks for looking! I've got these three 7800 games for sale. Prices as marked, or $40 for all three (shipping included). Loose: Super Huey - $10 Double Dragon - $25 F-14 Tomcat - $10
  10. I'm looking for a box to complete my copy of Raiders, preferably in as good a shape as possible. Anyone have a spare they'd consider parting with?
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm using brand new C batteries, with no results, and I will try it on another TV provided one of the others has a coax input. I'll have to look up one of those USB TV to PC devices, as I don't have one currently.
  12. Specifically, the Rally IV by Roberts. I bought one recently, minus power supply - luckily it takes C batteries - but all that happens when I power it on is a black screen. I am using a CRT and it's set on the correct channel (ch 3 in this case). Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I have an original Centipede arcade machine that's been in my possession for close to two years now. My wife got a good deal on it since it lacks a monitor. Thing is, at this point no work has been done on it (I have no experience with this kind of thing), and honestly, I don't even know where to start. Google has been very little help. Does anyone know of any places in Northeast Florida that does repairs on arcade machines? I'd like to have someone that knows what they're doing work on it, but if I can't find someone, I may just end up selling it, as it's taking up space we could use.
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