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  1. There is an idea it would be available in March.
  2. Never thought. My C64 knowledge is the first degree - I know it exist.
  3. It's probably because the uncompressed file has an .exe extension and "strange" format. I changed the extension to .xex Try this sconf.zip
  4. The older sconf version didn't show the correct DVI display mode (480p or 576p) depend on the color system (NTSC or PAL). There was always 576p because the string "480p" was written to the wrong address. PAL color blending is still on the RF and standard monitor outputs as well as NTSC color artifacting. No It is possible to do at all, but requires some experience in electronics. I hope it won't be needed.
  5. Artifacting is a properties of the NTSC system. Therefore works on the RF and composite outputs only. On the RGB and DVI outputs you will get a b/w picture.
  6. You have tried all resolution and you didn't obtain a picture on the Sony TV with any? Even with 720x576p? It means your TV doesn't tolerate any non-standard properties of the image. If so, nothing can be done. Try another.
  7. If anyone would like to try to build a converter which could convert the GTIA generated color image to the digital data, I'm offering my comprehensive help. I have some experience in that matter and even some good looking results: http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?id=12241 I especially recommend post #54 which contains a conclusion. It means - it is possible to do, but impractical and not cheaper at all.
  8. If you want 80-column hardware solution working with a special handler, you just need an existing, genuine Atari XEP80 device. If you want to convert a color image generated by the GTIA to the digital image, you don’t need any Pi Zero nor an adapter for $29, but an ordinary S-Video cable for a few bucks. Your LCD TV will convert the image itself. Why do you think the Pi Zero would do it better? edit: That is such expensive DVI to HDMI cable?
  9. At the moment, the entire batch has practically been sold out. You have to wait for the next.
  10. Unfortunately, not. Existing DVI controller doesn't support audio stream. It would have to be a full HDMI controller.
  11. TE Connectivity: 1-215083-6 Connfly: DS1015-01-16R6 Adam Tech: MPH-16-F3-T Amphenol: TMM-1-0-16-2 Cvilux: CA3016P13I0 MPE Garry: 372-1-016-T-KT0
  12. All outputs are active. No matter, 5200 or XL/XE. But the analog output is by default in RGB mode. BTW: is there something like a FLASH-programmable cart to 5200?
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