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  1. Po co tu pisać jak i tak nikt nie odpisuje. 🙁

    1. miker


      Czasami odpisuje. :)

  2. Is it possible to buy Sophi DVI?

    1. Simius


      It is possible. In such case write a private message.

    2. Mario_as



      Polecił mi Cię Tomasz Ciąpała, chciałem się dowiedzieć jaki jest koszt takiego urządzenia.

      Składam właśnie 1088XEL i chciałbym do niego włożyć Sophię DVI.




  3. Hi Simius, recently I have seen a video on YouTube about your board Sophia rev. C. It's amazing piece of hardware!. Do you still sell it? Thank you.

    1. Simius


      Yes, I do. If you want to buy, write a private message. 

  4. XXL has no Antonia but other, unique expansion, based on the Antonia PCB, but with 6502 CPU and different CPLD core. There is no "Antonia without 65816".
  5. Did I understand correctly - do you want to connect the DVI board as RGB?
  6. WARNING! Don't remove the Sophia board from the MB/DIP socket when the monitor is connected. First unplug the ribbon cable with the red connector or unplug the monitor cable from the DVI/DB9 socket. It is important! Otherwise you can damage the ANTIC chip, especially some of the ANx outputs. There have been such cases.
  7. Hi Simius, I am interested in buying a sophia rev. c for an atari 800xl. How can I purchase one from you?

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Maybe by sending a PM instead of a message we all can see on the main forums page? :D

  8. Hi Simius,

    I'm interested in buying a Sophia Rev.C (for a 65XE that I will me modifying). What's the price and process?



  9. Hi, does Sophia fit in a PAL 130XE that has a U1M fitted, if so, what is the price please





  10. No. French, SECAM GTIA has a different pinout than PAL or NTSC one. There was a 10 pcs. of the Sophia RGB version for SECAM systems. All are already sold. You would have to order at least 5 pcs. of the SECAM DVI board. So far no one asked about that.
  11. https://www.conrad.com/p/connfly-socket-enclosure-pcb-total-number-of-pins-24-contact-spacing-254-mm-ds1020-24st1d-1-pcs-1390040
  12. Maybe the original connector is still available. You could try to place an order. https://www.components-store.com/product/Affinity-Medical-Technologies-a-Molex-company/22-02-3243.html
  13. It seems to be a phi2 related P-M issue. Are the other games also disturbed? Can you try for example a Diamonds?
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