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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if there are a mylar keyboard for my Atari 130XE. On the original mylar there is a code: FKJ0201131A and in the back of metal shield there is another code C070015.


    Can you help me out?


    Please answer here and to my private email: [email protected]


    Thanks and Kindest Regards,


  2. 1. I know. I have a 800 machine. 2. The CPU board with the Sophia 2 placed in the GTIA socket fits between alu shield walls. 3, 4 - Sorry, I don't understand. Maybe the pictures help explain. Can you mark the clearance you are asking about? If you cut a 1"x 1/3" hole in the right wall of the alu shield, 8-9" ribbon cable is enough, but I think 12" will be good.
  3. 1. Sophia2 requires 5.5mm space above the top surface of the GTIA socket. 2. 0.8" width. What is a max. lenght - hard to say. I didn't check. What is the criterion? Presence of the image or recognizability?
  4. An additional advantage is a simplicity of the color system change (NTSC to PAL or vice versa). All you need is to change ANTIC and the main crystal/oscillator. A 4.433MHz crystal and 74LS74 IC are not needed.
  5. A few times I managed to force the monitor to work with 50Hz refresh rate by replace a main crystal with the lower frequency one. For instance 10MHz instead 12MHz.
  6. In my experience it is rather a roll of the dice. I would say much less than a half accept 50Hz. Fortunately, specifications are not always reliable. Usually claims that V freq is from 56Hz up. Despite this 50Hz is sometimes accepted. For example - DELL U3014, DELL U2913WM, LG W2600H.
  7. Short and clear declarations will help me efficiently prepare the production. Any questions about the device, suggestions and demands are here: Thanks.
  8. As I already said, the output is a standard, DVI-I connector. Like on the picture: If you want to connect a VGA monitor, you need a standard DVI2VGA cable. Like on the picture:
  9. @Rybags It seems the Sophia works properly. @Mclaneinc Yes. All you need is a cable. Easy to do.
  10. 1. I'm not sure, what do you mind. Can you confirm? GTIA colour only mode means Graphics 11, right? The background luminance is always 0, the foreground has a luminance from the COLBAK register, right? Is that the question? 2. I suppose I understand. The answer is - yes.
  11. I will open a separate thread for the preorder.
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