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  1. I got an email the other day that sometime by or after October 21st, the web and mobile versions of the Playstation Store will no longer allow users to purchase PS3 or Vita games. In addition, the Wishlist feature will be removed. Users can still access the store and make purchases through the consoles themselves. It's just a very visible sign that the clock is nearing midnight on the store for those systems. It may not be too much longer before they close off the store for those consoles. I had not too long ago made a couple of straggler purchases: Apache Overkill and Gekioh. I'm going to miss the Wishlist feature. That was how I kept track of games I was interested in but didn't immediately plan to buy. I guess Sony doesn't want users to easily reference games they aren't currently promoting.
  2. I always thought the Dreamcast controller was just meh. Definitely not bad, but not particularly good. It was workable and that's about all the praise I'll give it.
  3. Yeah, mine has Sega CD backup ram cart support. It has an in-game menu (which I don't use). Game Genie support. The Genesis has to be reset for saves to work. So it's like the move to the X# versions sort of split the functions over the three levels from what was already there on mine. The only thing I see on the X7 feature list that mine doesn't have is no reset saves and Virtua Racing support.
  4. The Sega CD had good SHMUPS. I mean, the worst one of the lot is Sol Feace, and even that's pretty damn OK. Silpheed Lords of Thunder Android Assault Sol Feace Robo Aleste Keio Flying Squadron (Obviously, I don't consider rail shooters the same genre, although I admit that Silpheed does start blurring that line.) Robo Aleste is probably the least accessible of the lot. I find that one hard as hell. I don't think I've ever been past the 5th level. Silpheed is the one I've played the most. I used to be able to get to the final boss without dying, but I never could beat the thing. Actually played it just last night, and it took me all 5 of my continues just to wipe out on level 5. I'm not sure I'd say Lords of Thunder is the best SHMUP on the system. Nostalgia for Silpheed gives it major competition. But I'd definitely say Lords of Thunder is the coolest on the system. I've never thought much about Keio Flying Squadron. Historically, I've considered it a wildly overpriced blandly average cute'em'up. But I was playing it last night and was having more fun that I'd had before, so I'm re-evaluating my opinion. Still think it's ludicrously overpriced tho. Sol Feace... Well, Sol Feace was pretty neat when I first got my SegaCD back in early 93. Now it's just sort of quaint. It's kind of like the dumb, ugly kid of the lot. It's not spectacular, but it's hard for me not to feel some level of fondness for it.
  5. I've been playing a lot of Kingdom: Two Crowns the last couple of months. I'm starting to think it might be a "forever game" for me, an all time classic I return to again and again. I made some recent progress in Wild Guns Reloaded. Basically it amounted to me finally sitting down with it and spending some time with it, continuing over and over. I'm still not any good, but at least I can semi-reliably get past the first level. Probably most odd for me is the past few months I have not been in the mood for turn based games. Normally those are all I'm in the mood for. Lately I've been in an action mood. I was eyeing those Darius collections that recently went up on the shop, but the prices make me balk. Instead I hooked up the PS2 again to play Darius Gaiden on the Taito Legends collection, and hooked up the Genesis again to play Sagaia. Still, those Darius collections would be convenient. If only they'd go on sale.
  6. I got Shakedown: Hawaii towards the end of December last year during a Playstation Store sale for the PS4. I really enjoyed it. The cynical humor really clicked with me. I'm not sure if it's really a "forever game" but I played through the main storyline and had a blast during the couple of weeks I was addicted to it. The style of the game really made it.
  7. I have a Mega Everdrive from before they started being labeled X#. I had already been looking at getting a Mega SD. I'll probably be getting a Mega Everdrive Pro instead, as soon as StoneAgeGamer stocks them.
  8. I've been playing Langrisser I via the Langrisser I & II collection for the past month. I've got endings A,B,C,D, and H. About to complete path G. Once I get all the endings I'll move on to part II. It was the first full priced game I'd bought in a while, and worth every penny.
  9. Played the demo. Absolutely loved the visuals. Some of the voice acting seemed slightly questionable, but probably would have grown on me. But the gameplay? I didn't like it at all. I waited a long time for a visual update on FFVII, but it's clear that the game they made is just flatly not for me at all.
  10. Gabriel

    Venture 5200

    Bump. Interested in 5200 version.
  11. I picked up the Atari Flashback Classics packs. Mostly though I just boot up the second and play Adventure. It doesn't look like they properly emulated the randomizer for GV#3. Every first game I play has magnet below gold castle, Grundle to the right of that, Gold key in the first room of the dark maze, sword in the room to the south of the hall leading to the white castle, black key in the blue maze, Rhindle guarding the chalice in the first section of the black castle dark maze, and the bat flying around with the white key.
  12. I'd say this is the signature quality of the game. The enemy is always farther away than you might think and your shots are always slower. Shooting at enemies feels like one of those water ring toys. They were these handheld tanks with rings and targets in them. There was a button which act as a pump to shoot air up underneath a ring and propel it. The goal was to make the rings fall onto the targets, but you didn't really have any control. The rings just slowly floated wherever they wanted. Shooting in Warpspeed felt a lot like that at any ranges other than absolute point blank. Like I said, I enjoyed the game, but I can't help but think about an aquarium any time I'm reminded of it.
  13. I remember this game. I loved playing Star Raiders on my 5200, but by the time I got my Genesis my 5200 was unplayable due to lack of functioning controllers. When I saw WarpSpeed in some magazine or other, I was super excited. I kept an eye out for the game. Eventually I think I found it at Babbages. It got terrible reviews. I recall one reviewer said it had all the excitement of a fishbowl, and honestly I can't deny that the game would sometimes feel like that. Also, back during the heyday of the YouTube angry game reviewers there were a few of the low tier content makers who talked shit about it. They were basically the type that would just pick out a low tier game like Warpspeed and show it on the screen while cursing, because in their minds it was self evident it was old and therefore sucked. But me? Back in the day I enjoyed it. It was kind of slow and plodding, but it was something like Star Raiders and I really wanted that. I played it a lot. But despite that, I couldn't tell you much about it today. I sold my original copy ages ago. After a certain point I didn't play it anymore. But when I got my flashcart, it was one of the first games I loaded onto it to re-experience. It didn't rekindle love or anything. I only played for a couple of minutes. I still had a kind of muscle memory and even though I didn't consciously remember the controls, I instinctually recalled how to do the oddball things requiring strange controller combos. It seems there was a story with multiple chapters or difficulties. I seem to recall playing through all of that. I don't recall any kind of ending beyond some text message. I recall hopping between sector maps through wormholes was pretty cool, but travelling the galaxy never felt quite as expansive as the single map in Star Raiders.
  14. I think the first time I ever saw a Popeye arcade machine was at a little hole in the wall arcade that had started up in this little strip mall. The place didn't last long, but it was cool because it was pretty close to home and my stomping grounds. It was small, but had more games than 7-11, and didn't require a trek to the other side of town. But it was probably the dingiest and sleaziest arcade I'd been in during that era. I remember they also had Turbo, which I played every time I went in. Anyway, I saw this Popeye game, and at the time it looked like the cartoon had been ripped into videogame form. I pumped a few quarters into it. I'm not sure if I got to the boat. Anyway, the reason I remember this is that someone ran in and yelled that the school was on fire. The middle school (6-8th) which I was attending at the time was nearby. A utility building had caught fire. I remember leaving the arcade to watch the spectacle as well as hang out with other students. We shot the shit about how the fire had gotten started and wondered whether school would be held the next day. The fire department put out the blaze in short order. Everyone started to disperse. It was getting late, and I didn't have many quarters left, so I decided to head home. I played Popeye a few more times at that arcade. Like I said earlier, the place didn't last long. I don't think it was even in business for a full month. Other than that, I maybe played Popeye at a Safeway. Or was the building was a Winn Dixie by that point. I don't fully recall. But I do think I finally got to the boat while playing it there. In terms of home versions, any of the NES, 5200, and CV ports are servicable. I think I like the 5200 and CV versions a bit more than the NES port. The NES port looks better, but IIRC the 5200 and CV versions play a bit better.
  15. Lightening Force Lightening Force Lightening Force I mean, there are others, but when I want to play a SHMUP on the Genesis, the one I always reach for is Lightening Force.
  16. Silpheed Lunar: The Silver Star Dark Wizard Shining Force CD Eternal Champions CD AH-3 Thunderstrike Sonic CD Android Assault Lords of Thunder Robo Aleste Final Fight CD
  17. Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football Although it's been ages since I last loaded it up and played.
  18. After all these years, I'm finally past Frankenstein on the original Castlevania. Freakin' finally.
  19. I finished my first playthru of Super Robot Wars T last week. Now I'm on a second run to get all the SR points, all the trophies, and see the other character's ending. Picked up Castlevania Collection and have been playing that in between mecha battles.
  20. Has CV2 been given a new translation on this collection? I don't recall any of the townspeople making sense or providing anything useful. But in the first town they seem to be giving useful hints.
  21. I got the Castlevania Collection. It was definitely worth it to me as it has three of my favorites (original, Super, and Bloodlines). I think it was a missed opportunity to re-release the updated Adventure game that appeared on the Wii. Regardless, definitely worth $20. So far I've played a little bit of original and Super. I suck just as much as I always have. I'll probably get the Arcade Collection if it goes on sale for somewhere near half price. But these days Gradius just doesn't do much for me. Plus, I already have arcade Lifeforce on my PS4. And, I guess I would have rather seen the NES versions of Gradius and Lifeforce than the arcade games. As it is, the most tempting part of that package is Scramble.
  22. I've been playing Super Robot Wars T since late March. I have about 7 missions left until I finish my first playthru. I'll probably start up a New Game + directly after I finish. Other than that, not playing much of anything video game wise.
  23. Well, in the unlikely event that someone offers me a free one of those consoles, I'll redirect them to you.
  24. Forgot that one. I remember a pile of them in Wal-Mart on clearance. I don't even recall the price because no matter what it would have been too high. Also the R-Zone variants.
  25. If no one has mentioned it yet, it didn't work on my Harmony. I got a message that it was an unsupported file type. I was trying to play on a 7800. But I did boot it in Stella. It's been a while, but this is the Ultima 3 map? There were a few Ultima style RPGs back in the day that used single button joystick interface. Legacy of the Ancients comes to mind. I'd say just pushing toward the enemy should be enough to attack. Touching a town, stairs, or ladder should be enough to enter/climb. Pressing the button can bring up a status screen or menu.
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