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  1. Analogue Nt: Anodized Color Options We've been working hard to make anodized colors available with our planned release at the end of March. We wanted to keep this a surprise for launch, but our unrelenting quest for perfection has created a short setback. We'll be fully unveiling the Analogue Nt in April with a selection of beautiful anodized color options. It's important to us that all of our wonderful options are available to you upon release. We're thrilled with everyone's excitement and we can't wait to bring something great to you. As always: delays are temporary; mediocrity is forever. P.S. Here are a few small details to hold you over: - compatible with all region titles (NTSC / PAL / Famicom) - compatible with the Famicom Disk System - switchable between stereo and mono
  2. Hey thanks! I'll definitely supply more details at the end of the month Stay tuned in regards to arcade sticks for NES Thanks! Yes, I am aware of the IGN article. Quite a bit of discussion hehe Yes. NES, Famicom and FDS compatibility.
  3. NES. FAMICOM. RGB: VIDEOPHILE. HI-FI: AUDIOPHILE. FOUR PLAYERS. NO EMULATION. The Analogue Nt opens a door to the highest quality way to experience the NES and Famicom. It is designed around the heart and brain of the original NES. We've completely reengineered the original NES while remaining true to the original hardware. This means you’ll be experiencing the NES with the hardware it was designed to be played with. No emulation. The Analogue Nt is precision fabricated from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. Engineered with an uncompromising attitude to quality. There has never been another video game system like it. I know there will be a lot of questions and I cannot wait to share every single detail with everyone. There are features and details that are going to blow everyone away. I promise we won’t disappoint. I'll be unveiling all the fine details and taking orders at the end of March. http://www.analogueinteractive.com
  4. Check out this Black Label (African Mahogany) video review: Cheers to Jarrod at Project COE for doing the review!
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