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  1. Seems like a lot of fun. Can't wait for the results to come in. Go Spartans! ^>^
  2. Indeed Lathe is correct. I just bought about 5 coleco games (Venture, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Carnival, Lady Bug) and the only ones that worked on my Intellivision II were DK Jr. and Lady Bug. ^>^
  3. Stumbled upon this random Intellivision video of The Power of He-man. It's done by a super Masters fanatic "Pixel Dan", and it's quite good. I've just dipped my toe in Intellivision collecting and so far I love it. Easily my top 3 games would be Bump n' jump, Tron deadly discs and power of he-man. It's a fun little review. Who else likes the game? For me, its a nice little hi-score game. Although simplistic, you get a little (and I do mean little) variety in ship combat, and dodging enemy fire. And the music is just awesome. Anyways, cheers guys! ^>^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vZ5Tk8phJw8
  4. If this thing is still a go add me in. (Canada btw).
  5. Well added a few more games to the lineup this week: -Checkers (complete) -Skiing (Complete) Still on the fence whether I should pick up the Intellivoice with complete Bomb Squad for $30 bucks. There's a few more boxed Intelly stuff at the pawnshop, but the games are all ones I don't really care much for. Sub Hunt, NASL Soccer, Armor Battle, Tennis. If anyone has any duplicates they want to trade/unload I would gladly work something out with you. ^>^
  6. I just saw the video. Just awesome. The system changer and the videoplex...speechless. Voltron, you're one cool cat. ^>^
  7. Yeah I'm really digging all of those. Bump N' Jump especially. Huh, I didn't think the Intellevoice worked on the Intelly 2. Good to know! Thanks. ^>^
  8. Haha, Indeed. Well I went to the place and they had a few common intelly games. I got 6 boxed games, with all the manuals and overlays too. -Las Vegas Blackjack and Poker -Space Battle -Space Armada -Astrosmash -Auto Racing -MLB They also had a boxed intellivoice for $20, as well as a CIB Bomb Squad (I believe that's what its called) for $10. I passed on it since I can't use it with my model 2. All in all, very happy hunting. ^>^
  9. Hey thanks guys. No my DK Jr. is loose. So no box or anything. I actually can't wait until the pawn shop opens as they have a number of boxed intellivision games. And if memory servers me correctly they have a boxed intellivoice as well. ^>^
  10. I traded in some games at a local game store and got a hefty amount of store credit. So I decided to take the plunge into the Intellivision. -Intellivision II -Bowling (loose, overlays) -Snafu (Overlays) -He Man -Bump N' Jump -Tron Deadly Discs -Pitfall -Lady Bug -DK Jr. -Donkey Kong/Venture/Carnival (all loose and they don't work on my Intelly, oh well) -Burgertime (overlays) -AD&D (CIB) Can't wait to scour the other pawn shop in town for their Intellivision stuff. ^>^
  11. Some time has gone by and I can safely say that my notebook is filling up. One page per game with 12 pages used already. Most of them have at least 3 scores in each game. Although Vanguard has 4. But some games like Midnight Magic I don't think I'll ever beat. lol, oh well. That's the way the cookie crumbles! I'm having a ton of fun though.
  12. Berzerk (check out the avatar...) Missile command Joust Avenger Millipede Midnight Magic River Raid Warlords Asteroids Pole Position
  13. ^Hey I just got Solar Fox today! Quite addictive. Venture is another game that's got a lot of potential for taking up my time...
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