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  1. Hi Paul, thanks. The file is ready, now Duddie is busy with the cartridge production, and the shipment should start soon. Btw the game will be mentioned in one of the biggest gaming magazines in Poland thanks to Bartłomiej Kluska
  2. wow, that looks awesome, good luck New Generation!
  3. Yautja has sent me savestate and I found the cause of it- simply in demo version music was initialised but no music file was there, I fixed it, there's no such bug in full version rescue.xex
  4. Hi Yautja, could you specify which Altirra version are you using, and which settings of Altirra do you have?
  5. rensoup: that looks awesome, is this your own software sprites routine?
  6. folks at AtariOnline gave me a decent feedback, and I changed couple things, mainly the bug that caused enemies to show on the other side of the screen rescueEx.xex
  7. me along with Duddie decided to share demo version of the game, here it is rescue.xex
  8. CharlieChaplin: could you please send an e-mail to [email protected]? that would be helpful, duddie might have missed your order here...thank you
  9. Thanks on behalf of the team. Have a nice time with the game.
  10. Hi folks, KAZ asked me to share the promo video here. The cartridges will be sent by the end of August, the price is 49 USD/39 EUR
  11. thanks for your insight, I've heard there's some kind of "segmentation" in MADS...
  12. but how do I know in which bank my code will be put? if "orgs" are ignored it means that all the code and data is put one after another... at least I understand it that way, I'm really confused when it comes to this topic
  13. Hi folks, I've got a question. As I understand setting "opt f+h-" in mads assembler makes binary file without headers (orgs). Is this right? My next question is how to prevent different "orgs" set to the same value to be overridden by each other? thanks
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