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  1. Kaz asked me to share his gameplay video here
  2. and the second game, Persistent, speaking of Persistent, who can find an easter egg in file size? persist.xex
  3. such a lovely games this year, thanks for all the votes, and congrats Shanti77!
  4. Hi there, I have a problem with voting system, I try to enter my ABBUC member password, but it doesn't work, it worked alright last year, what am I doing wrong?
  5. Hi there Stephen, I don't know the exact price yet, but the orders can be placed at [email protected] thanks for the interest folks!
  6. Hi there Atari community, Kaz has prepared video promo of LiteRally, which is now available to purchase
  7. thanks folks! blacka013: I hope she will like it, in case she has some question here's my e-mail : gorgh (at) o2.pl
  8. Hello dear friends, I decided to present here my ABBUC entry, because rules of this program might be vague for some of the people. It's simply a tree growth simulator in which we can influecne the shape of the tree. It has only 4kb size and it took me a week to write this. This is not a typical game, rather experimental project, because you can't win or lose. The tree grows until the certain point, and then you can "admire" its form. There are couple factors that one can change: SUN- direction of the sun rays, which influences the direction of new branches and sub-branches. WIND- the direction of the wind that influences the skew of branches. Branches tend to change their direction gradually. CUT- cutting the branches, once you cut the branch it stops growing, but the subbranches keep growing still. Those factors can be changed multiple times at any given moment. Other options are: STOP: stopping the growth just to "admire" the shape or to have a little break. PLAY: restarting the growth at normal speed FAST: starting the growth at maximum available speed (could be interesting for users with more CPU power) I had fun making it and I hope you will have fun playing it as well
  9. wicked! can't wait to play it, another good game in the contest
  10. looks nice, but is the game playable? Judging from the footage archers don't kill the zombies
  11. Hi friends, Giann from Atariteca portal wrote an article about our "Persistent" game, there's video included, take care, Kamil https://atariteca.net.pe/atari-shooter-persistent-concursa-en-el-abbuc-2020/
  12. yes, that's still to do, but I like to see how my program works, it's somehow pleasing Thanks for the kind words and your comment!
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