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  1. thanks folks! blacka013: I hope she will like it, in case she has some question here's my e-mail : gorgh (at) o2.pl
  2. Hello dear friends, I decided to present here my ABBUC entry, because rules of this program might be vague for some of the people. It's simply a tree growth simulator in which we can influecne the shape of the tree. It has only 4kb size and it took me a week to write this. This is not a typical game, rather experimental project, because you can't win or lose. The tree grows until the certain point, and then you can "admire" its form. There are couple factors that one can change: SUN- direction of the sun rays, which influences the direction of new branches and sub-branches. WIND- the direction of the wind that influences the skew of branches. Branches tend to change their direction gradually. CUT- cutting the branches, once you cut the branch it stops growing, but the subbranches keep growing still. Those factors can be changed multiple times at any given moment. Other options are: STOP: stopping the growth just to "admire" the shape or to have a little break. PLAY: restarting the growth at normal speed FAST: starting the growth at maximum available speed (could be interesting for users with more CPU power) I had fun making it and I hope you will have fun playing it as well
  3. wicked! can't wait to play it, another good game in the contest
  4. looks nice, but is the game playable? Judging from the footage archers don't kill the zombies
  5. Hi friends, Giann from Atariteca portal wrote an article about our "Persistent" game, there's video included, take care, Kamil https://atariteca.net.pe/atari-shooter-persistent-concursa-en-el-abbuc-2020/
  6. yes, that's still to do, but I like to see how my program works, it's somehow pleasing Thanks for the kind words and your comment!
  7. thanks mikesk8, but it would be really hard to fit it into 48kb, the screen memory alone takes up to 12 kilobytes
  8. sorry to hear that, but yes, the game utilises whole 64kb range
  9. hi mikesk8, the game was only released on cartridge, I'm not sure if any of them are left though
  10. thanks popmilo, putting objects in the foreground solves problems with masking, that's a very nice trick used in Zombie ZX Spectrum game, and moving sprites each character also reduces number of frames needed and also decreases the computation time, very smart idea. Meanwhile I'm working on adding enemies, should show playable level on Sunday!
  11. Hi starfighter and _The Doctor__, thanks for your comments, the jump sequence will be changed, already have animation frames for that, the arm movement is also good advice, so far the game is not very spectacular but I can assure you that it will be more exciting while the development progresses
  12. Hello friends, couple days ago I started new game project, my aim is to create a game similar to Invasion of the Zombie monsters on ZX Spectrum. The game engine is more or less ready. What you see is bitmap mode, not the character mode, so there will me bigger variety of shapes, because there is no limit of characters. The fifth colour is achieved with sprites. Hope you enjoy it, and have some remarks and advices, take care, Kamil i.xex
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