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  1. looks like some effects are speeded up, anyways good video, maybe try making your own effects
  2. TheNameOf...: thanks! Hello Friendly Friends! I wish to keep you updated with the game progress- the basic engine is ready, there are two bugs that I will remove tomorrow, but apart from that everything works ok. Today I'm finishing the game editor since there will be possibility to make one's own levels. Caruso, the musician is already working on some tunes. The game file has 14 kb so far, so there's probably enough space for music and graphics.
  3. hi displaced, first encounter with one's own Atari 8 bit, priceless!
  4. thanks Bilejoni! that's very kind. There are other more talented coders, but I have a little more time.
  5. gorgh


  6. Hi Mathy, Ccwrc has homebrew custom made shells
  7. Hi Freetz and folks, I've got a question about my entry- is it possible to sell game on cartridges after the contest? Ccwrc asked me if I want to release the game on his cartridges
  8. thanks for kind words Poison! shanti77: me and the boys will do our best to make it as pleasing as possible today I've managed to fix the screen look, took a while
  9. At some point probably yes, but I assume Duddie, the owner of Retronics, will release the physical copies first
  10. nice one Btw. to keep you folks updated, Piesiu joined the team so one can expect top notch graphics, also the game will be published by Retronics on cartridges, cassettes and possibly disks. The game on cartrigde will require 64 kb RAM whereas file version will require 128 Kb RAM, there's just too much code and graphics to fit into stock machine.
  11. hoserama99: lol Gunstar: oh it's the final title alright. I saw this pun on pouet by LeGend and I loved it instantly.
  12. hello friendly friends, the game is close to completion, today I almost finished route editor, so the players who finished certain amount of routes could design their own roads
  13. Hi Bill, the main difference is speed of the game (ntsc runs faster obviously) and the flickering of one enemy sprite sometimes, otherwise no major differences whatsoever
  14. Hi Lastic,our friend Kaz is preparing a promo video as fas as I know, btw. Game works in NTSC as well as PAL
  15. today I've finished the basic functionalities of the engine, hope you like it (the yt quality is awful)
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