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  1. Thanks for the remarks, there was another Amstrad compo, this is the reason for typos
  2. Hello, Me along with Logiker from C64/CPC scene decided to announce first ATASCII competition with deadline set at 1st August. The graphics can be made with popular PLAYSCII editor and the tutorial how to use it is in the video below: All neccessary information can be found on the dedicated page here: http://logiker.com/ATASCII Join the compo and show some creativity, we are waiting for your submissions!
  3. Once the game is ready I will share both source code and node js server
  4. Here's a footage by Misza showing 4 player mode Big thanks to Teddyboar, Dely, Misza, Bocianu, Santyago for a numerous testing sessions
  5. I believe so, it's the first original game for Fujinet (the other is Midimaze if I recall correctly) I'm not familiar with DragonCart, but I will take a look
  6. Hi there folks, I'm working since 2 weeks on a network game for Atari 8 bit computers. Basically it's a battleships game for up to 6 players. First you place ships on your territory and then you attack the oponnent's area. When you hit something it's displayed on your screen. The main engine is more or less ready, now I have to rewrite the server code because UDP transmission sometimes doesn't deliver all the data, and it's crucial that every player gets all the packages, so I'm switching to TCP. The gameplay starts at 2:00. The game will be submitted to ABBUC software contest 2021.
  7. If you use WIN10 then press windows button+G, and then yu can record given window
  8. I would appreciate it, thanks
  9. Hi Atari2600Land, is it possible for you to upload game on youtube? I would like to promote it but I need a video
  10. well, this way of drawing graphics has many advantages- you can have big sprites since only one sprite is drawn during one frame, there's no limit of "tiles" since it's all done in bitmap graphics, and the animation frames need only one data for each frame (no shifting sprite bit-wise), so it's very efficient memory-wise
  11. hi Yautja, yes the game is basically finished, I just wait for the music from Caruso. It will work on 64kb RAM but the memory is fully packed with the code and data, like maybe 1 kb left We plan to release it in the ABBUC Software compo
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