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  1. hello folks, the game is NTSC compatibile, the only issue that could appear is the flickering of one sprite. The game was heavily tested on NTSC in Altirra emulator, but neither me nor other testers had the actual machine, so tests on real machine were not too deep, but nevertheless I think it will work on NTSC machines just fine
  2. Gunstar: during previous years there were no KK contests, people maintaining the website just haven't got enough time to sort things out
  3. would be great to see this game being finished, I realize it's huge amount of work, but the preview is so promissing
  4. awesome, too bad you haven't submitted it to ABBUC contest tho
  5. any news about this game? is it abandoned forever?
  6. Hello, im the author and to be honest I encounter this bug for the first time...my collegue reported me similar case but he was able to gain control over the character after a moment
  7. here's the proof that the engine is almost ready I have to adjust perspective and also make walls penetrate-proof pre_game.xex
  8. Mclaneinc: actually the jetpac part is fully working intreractive engine suited for a game and most likely it will develop in a full game in 2020 (after I cope with LiteRally)
  9. Btw please remove my personal data (address, bank account) from the download section (manual)
  10. probably guys are being busy, here's the photo of the final results
  11. As the results are already there I share with you our game, have fun! GOLF.XEX
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