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  1. Picture of the Luke Skywalker AT-AT leaping from the starting line... .
  2. Favorite Character: Princess Leia ************************************************************* Hoth Derby – For your Atari Video Computer System The Rebel Alliance has conquered Hoth – The Ice Planet! Come join the celebration as the fun and games commence. Mount an AT-AT Walker (All Terrain Armored Transport) for the race of the millennium! The AT-AT Walkers used to plod along across the Ice Planet, but no longer! These AT-ATs have been upgraded with hyper-drive technology that allow them to sprint across the frozen tundra. Choose your AT-AT from the corral and head for the track! For 1 or 2 players. Use your Atari Joystick plugged firmly into the LEFT CONTROLLER jack for single-player mode. Use a second Atari Joystick plugged firmly into the RIGHT CONTROLLER jack for two-player action. The object of the game is to win the Hoth Derby and receive the Medal of Bravery from Princess Leia. The game takes place on an oval ice track that is a mile in length. There are four AT-ATs in each race. In single-player mode, the computer will control the three AT-ATs that will compete against you. In two-player mode, the computer will control two AT-ATs. But watch out! If you slide off the track, your AT-AT will take fire from the droids that surround the track. This will slow you down, costing you precious time. Controls: Hold the controller with the red button to your upper left towards the television. Push the joystick up to move forward. Pull the joystick back to apply the brakes. Move the joystick left and right to steer. Use the red button to fire your Ion Cannon Choose an AT-AT that is driven by your favorite Star Wars character. Each AT-AT has its own characteristics. Luke Skywalker AT-AT: This AT-AT is well-rounded in its abilities. Top Speed: 5 Acceleration: 5 Turning: 5 Hans Solo AT-AT: This AT-AT is quick, but hard to control. Top Speed: 6 Acceleration 7 Turning: 2 Chewbacca AT-AT: This AT-AT takes a while to reach top speed, but can really make up ground on the straightaways. Top speed: 9 Acceleration: 2 Turning: 4 Yoda AT-AT: This AT-AT is not very fast, but Yoda uses the force to stay on the track through the turns. Top Speed: 3 Acceleration: 8 Turning: 9 Obstacles: Avoid the gray patches of ice on the track. The ice is very thin there and your AT-AT will fall through the ice. You will lose time while your AT-AT regroups. Also, occasionally, one of the droids that surround the track will wander into your path. Steering to avoid them is your best bet. You can also fire your ion cannon to destroy the droid. But the kickback from your ion cannon will slow you down. You ion cannon is not strong enough to destroy other AT-ATs. But they can block your shot when you are trying to hit a droid, so be careful. Levels: Teddy Bear Level – Track is not very slick and there are no obstacles on the track. Alderaan Level – Track is slicker and droids begin wandering onto the track Dagobah Level – Track is slicker still, droids are more frequent and gray patches appear Death Star Level – Slickest track, lots of droids and lots of gray patches. Advanced strategies: · Keep top speed deep into the turn, then use the brake and fire the ion cannon together to slow down. · Use the diagonals on your Atari Joystick for additional control. Pull down and left to steer and brake at the same time. Push up and left to accelerate and steer at the same time. · For the slower AT-ATs, stay inside on the turns to cover less track. Come celebrate with the Rebels. Ride on to victory in the Hoth Derby! .
  3. Spitfire: 15,710 Thunderground: 78,620 Bermuda: 6800 Skydiver (Game 3): 90 I like Skydiver best, but I'll probably play it the least going forward, since this is already looking like the best I got in me. .
  4. 94,716 A little bit of the old form... .
  5. 67,383 My 58 year old fingers are not as nimble as my 20 year old fingers were. But the game is still cozily familiar, like an old friend... .
  6. 720 Looking forward to a week without a paddle game. 😁 .
  7. 4800 I think the sticky trees must have been watered by the Shark Attack ocean. .
  8. Bowling: 255 Four bonus points! Need every point to make up for my lack of Kabooming this week. .
  9. Still 215, but I finally got my picture. 😊 .
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