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  1. Frogs: 32 I found out why my frog is doing so poorly. His family was wiped out, inexplicably trying to cross a busy highway and was hit by cars in one tragic, splatting event. Reports say a couple of them made it to the river, only to drown when the log they were riding on disappeared into the water. It all makes more sense, now. Film at 11. .
  2. I can second that. Logistics here at the house keep me from using my real hardware this season. When we played this in Season 3, I scored almost 30,000 on the real hardware. This season I'm playing on the Stella emu with a CX-40 and a Stelladaptor. I've barely scored half of my old PB. The emu always plays a little tougher than the real hardware, but this game takes the difference to a new level. .
  3. Picnic: 7350 The outdoors are becoming more inviting. .
  4. Checkers: 14 It is a unique kind of Atari joy to watch the single Activision king threaten and back away as I move each my of my checkers to the back row: "You just wait until I get over there..." "King me!" "Never mind." "King Me" "Now I'm really coming.." "I'm going move my single checker now and you can't do anything about it." "Never mind." "King me!" "Oh, that's it! No more Mr. Nice Guy!" "King me!" "Never mind." .
  5. Frogs: 26 When I grow up, I wanna score 76 on Frogs N Flies... .
  6. Frogs: 24 Picnic: 4260 I think I need to be the fly instead of the frog. The fly usually gets away. My frog is usually hungry. .
  7. Kool-Aid: 16,600 Frogs: 16 My frog could score better, but I think it's bogged down. In Marsh Madness. .
  8. Checkers: 10 So, since there's no blank pause and ponder screen in Cosmic Commuter, does that mean the game beat me without even thinking about it? .
  9. Kool-aid: 16,100 Picnic: 2790 Two improvements. .
  10. Kool-Aid Man: 14,200 Frogs: 8 Picnic: 1590 I never did like potato salad... .
  11. 29,275 I'm a lousy transit employee. If I get to a stop and no one is there, I'm headed back to the terminal. I should feel bad for those lonely people waiting for a ride that's never coming. I should. Really. .
  12. 28,228 When those lonely guys get together with their new best friends, the party going on down in the passenger hold shakes the entire ship. They even crashed the ship a couple of times. I'm just glad it wasn't my fault. .
  13. 14,829 Missed this game entirely back in the Activision golden age. The only time I had ever played it was back in Season 6. And that was part of a three game set, so I didn't play it much. My PB in Season 6 was 14,372, so I already a have a new PB on Day 1 here. I think this is gonna be a fun week. 😊 👍 .
  14. Bonus: Kaboom Right now, this lonely man is regretting his life choices, thinking he should have taken that exterminator job in Crackpots... .
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