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  1. I’m retiring from the High Score Club. The ravages of MS, the fatigue, the hand tremors, and not being able to walk anymore, all have taken its toll on my Atariness. I just don’t have it in me to continue. I have posted a score on here every week (with the exception of two weeks) for the past ten years. It’s been a great long ride. Even though my skills are diminished, I’ll always be the 1983 United States Atari champion. It’s kinda like winning the Super Bowl; after that, a player is always known as a Super Bowl champion. To each of my friends here, old and new, thank you for your good-natured competitiveness and your comradery. May each of you be blessed with good things for all of your life. It’s been a blast. 😊 👍 .
  2. 234.3 Car, car, car, car, BANG, car, car, car, car, car, car, BANG, car, car, car, BANG, BANG, car, car car... .
  3. 19,852 And with that, the Death Trap is closed. .
  4. 16,441 Little bit late to the the Death Trap party, but finally on the board. .
  5. 27,750 Starting to get some of the old form back. Flying with the brake on is unquestioningly necessary, but it wasn't this tiring thirty five years ago. Now I'm getting to the point of "Don't blast all the fuel. No Virginia, there is not more fuel right after the next bridge..." .
  6. 25,030 Emu connection fixed. I'm back in the game! 👍 I'm glad, too, 'cause I really like River Raid. .
  7. I need technical help from the experts here. My CX-40, connected through my Stelladaptor, into my PC's USB just stopped working yesterday. I hadn't changed any emu settings. When I unplug the Stelladaptor USB from the PC USB while Stella is on the menu screen, the emu just closes. If I do it while River Raid is on the screen, nothing happens. Then, when I press the joystick button the emu closes. When I plug the Stelladaptor USB into the PC USB, the PC makes the chime that means it recognizes the device. River Raid works with keyboard controls, so I know the game is actually running. If I can't get this working my season is going to come to a crashing halt. Thanks in advance for any suggested solutions. .
  8. Frogs: 32 I found out why my frog is doing so poorly. His family was wiped out, inexplicably trying to cross a busy highway and was hit by cars in one tragic, splatting event. Reports say a couple of them made it to the river, only to drown when the log they were riding on disappeared into the water. It all makes more sense, now. Film at 11. .
  9. I can second that. Logistics here at the house keep me from using my real hardware this season. When we played this in Season 3, I scored almost 30,000 on the real hardware. This season I'm playing on the Stella emu with a CX-40 and a Stelladaptor. I've barely scored half of my old PB. The emu always plays a little tougher than the real hardware, but this game takes the difference to a new level. .
  10. Picnic: 7350 The outdoors are becoming more inviting. .
  11. Checkers: 14 It is a unique kind of Atari joy to watch the single Activision king threaten and back away as I move each my of my checkers to the back row: "You just wait until I get over there..." "King me!" "Never mind." "King Me" "Now I'm really coming.." "I'm going move my single checker now and you can't do anything about it." "Never mind." "King me!" "Oh, that's it! No more Mr. Nice Guy!" "King me!" "Never mind." .
  12. Frogs: 26 When I grow up, I wanna score 76 on Frogs N Flies... .
  13. Frogs: 24 Picnic: 4260 I think I need to be the fly instead of the frog. The fly usually gets away. My frog is usually hungry. .
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