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  1. The game doesn't roll in the traditional sense. Even after 10,000, the difficulty continues to increase. I'm playing this season on the emulator, which is less forgiving than the real hardware. My high score on the real hardware is between 27,000 and 28,000. The game gets to a point where the cows barely bump forward and that's where the long slog comes to a quick end. The more a cow is bumped, the more stubborn it gets and the distance traveled becomes less. Winning is a matter of controlling the chaos. I'm gonna post my game play video on Tuesday and the pattern will become apparent. Keep at it. The game is worth it. ☝️ .
  2. Game 8: 1853 Turns out, Game 8 is really fun, too. 😊 .
  3. Game 1: 5,935 Game 8: 460 One of my favorites. .
  4. 28,800 When my yellow ostrich grows up, it wants to be a blue ostrich that can hover on the ceiling. .
  5. 24,300 Nine wing things from Frostbite. .
  6. 8600 I imagine the humanoid's sighs of relief when the pilot shoots the apple off of the humanoid's head and flies in to the rescue. Then I imagine the screams of terror when the humanoid figures out that the pilot is out of control and really has no idea what he's doing. .
  7. Pacman: 1711 Ms. Pacman: 23,680 Playing Ms. Pacman, again, brought back memories of my father-in-law. I married into a family that never played video games of any type. I usually had my Atari along when we would go from Pennsylvania to Ohio for a visit. He tried my Ms. Pacman and fell in love with it. He bought his own Atari just to play Ms. Pacman, which was the only game he ever owned for his system. It just brought him great joy. He died in 2012 at the age of 85 after a long bout with Alzheimer's. But before his health declined, he became, surprisingly, a Ms. Pacman aficionado. Good times. .
  8. Pacman: 1444 Mrs. Pacman: 18,840 Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Mrs. Pacman WakaWakaWakaWakaWakaWakas like a girl. Pacman doesn't know where he is, doesn't know where he's suppose to go, and won't ask for directions. .
  9. 24,100 This game has annoyed me for 35 years. 😁 "Just when I get away, they pull me back in." .
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