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  1. I did remove huge parts of my content from Youtube and the plan is to reupload most of it on another platform at some point when I will have more time.
  2. When I looked at that years ago, it was the standard GCE version and not a Bandai specific one.
  3. I put the link to this page on the "Vectrex Fans Unite" Facebook group, so that you´ll get more opinions. Should you ever release this, I please would be interested.
  4. They did not believe me that my last name was Vectrex, so I hope they will accept my new last name a bit longer.
  5. Still alive, more active on Facebook, but also following the forums here. Super busy with my new job and also family health issues, so I had no time so far making new videos.
  6. Thanks for sharing, this is still on my to do list. May I ask if there was a good technical reason using voltage regulators again, instead of more modern DC-DC converters?
  7. Restoration of my PEB is still on my to do list as I invested all my time in restoring my Amiga computers so far, so I did not look into all the details yet, but for now I assume all the standard voltage regulators can be replaced with modern DC-DC converters, so not sure if any temperature display would still be needed today.
  8. Just wanted to let you know that you can use your Atari Trakball also on a Vectrex, just in case you own such a gaming console and did not know already. Glad I got my CX-22 working and it is fun to use it for both my Atari 2600 and also Vectrex. If you want to see one of the Vectrex trakball hacked games, you can find it at the end of my video here around 37:40:
  9. Here I tell you about Vectrex controllers.
  10. New homebrew software that makes use of the MBX hardware would be pretty cool, but I guess it is way too complicated and the target group is also too small.
  11. There is a modern homebrew port for the Sinclair ZX81 available, which is also pretty amazing, but I really like that the TI version will also have sound and color.
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