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  1. I would like the original configuration (joystick on the left, buttons on the right) Thanks
  2. I've got this 800XL that I picked up years ago on a VCF/MW show and on the back there is a toggle switch which says cart clone on/off. Anybody know anything about this mod?
  3. VSCode v1.52.1 ADS v0.6.5 I can access the sprite editor via the welcome screen so I'm good for now. Thanks for you help.
  4. Thanks for your help. Was able to bring up the sprite editor via the welcome page. My Status Bar Commands setting were set to full but no icon which will open the sprite editor. Besides the play icon (compile source code) and rocket icon (compile source code and run in emulator) I do have an icon which looks like an open book and if I hover my mouse over is says: "Sprite Editor Right (Ctrl+\)" but all it does is open a second duplicate window of the current window.
  5. I received #143 about 2 weeks ago. No issues with receiving any mail delivery so far. Even got something yesterday that was supposed to come today. I wonder if this is small vs big town thing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Question: how do I start the sprite editor? Was trying to load a sprite from the multisprite sample code in the sprite editor but I see no way to start it. The github page mentions short-cut buttons on the status bar but mine doesn't show anything. Tried uninstalling/installing but didn't work. I'm running windows 10. Any suggestions?
  7. See post 253. The box was shipped inside a big envelope.
  8. I opened up the device but that chip is so small and I don't have the skills (and eye sight) to do this. Will PM you.
  9. Running on Windows 7 x64 the flash program as admin and trying to flash my V1.3 to the latest firmware but I get the following error: Using 'COM4' as serial port. Getting latest firmware from fujinet.online.. FujiNet Version: 0.5.bec03534 Version Date/Time: 2021-01-18 22:12:42 Build Date/Time: Tue Jan 19 19:12:09 UTC 2021 Unexpected error: could not open port 'COM4': PermissionError(13, 'Access is denied.', None, 5) Any idea? I think I am using USB data cable (I hope) because I see the following debug info: Using 'COM4' as serial port. Showing logs: [17:46:00][17:46:00] [17:46:00]--~--~--~-- [17:46:00]FujiNet 0.5.89f318f9 2020-12-29 01:50:02 Started @ 3 [17:46:00]Starting heap: 4053896 [17:46:01]PsramSize 3932108 [17:46:01]himem phys 4456448 [17:46:01]himem free 4456448 [17:46:01]himem reserved 262144 [17:46:01]FujiNet Hardware v1.1 and up [17:46:01]SPIFFS mounted. [17:46:01]SD mounted. [17:46:01]fnConfig::load [17:46:01]fnConfig::load read 264 bytes from config file [17:46:01]WIFI_EVENT_STA_START [17:46:01]disk MOUNT [17:46:01]ATR MOUNT [17:46:02]mounted ATR: paragraphs=5760, sect_size=128, sect_count=720, disk_size=0 [17:46:02]Creating a default printer using FS_SDFAT storage and type 1 [17:46:02]SSH client initialized. [17:46:02]ModemSniffer::ModemSniffer(FS_SDFAT) [17:46:02]SIO SETUP [17:46:02]Set HSIO baud from 0 to 67431 (index 6), alt=68209 [17:46:02]Available heap: 3913300 [17:46:02]Setup complete @ 463 (460ms)
  10. Any idea when this game will get a physical release? Played the demo this afternoon on JS7800 and loved it. That rewind effect is just so cool.
  11. Try: www.trackingmore.com or www.parcelmonitor.com I looked up one of the previously sent shipments and it shows tracking info into the US. Unfortunately mine hasn't shown up yet so it might be a couple of days.
  12. Where did you guy buy this Pokey One? Is it from eBay (I see one listing)?
  13. Thanks for the update, was able to order one.
  14. Any idea when more stock will become available? Been checking regularly but always out of stock
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