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  1. Nice, I love Pang. Played and beat every version of it ever!
  2. If you hit Alt + Enter (at least on PC, I think it's the same on Mac) it'll stay windowed but use the entire window for the game screen, and from there you can hit ESC to toggle between full-screen and windowed like evg2000 said. The Mac version only runs well in full-screen mode (either full-screen windowed within Meka or actual full-screen) though, for some reason it doesn't update correctly all the time when in windowed (within Meka windowed mode I mean). I think Brock is working on it for the next update, but it's a minor problem unless you're using the debugger (and even then it's only just slightly annoying sometimes). It runs perfectly when full-screen so it's fine for playing games, but if you're just gonna play Coleco games I'd use MugRat instead since it seems to be flawless as far as I can tell. The debugger in Meka will make your life infinitely easier though, it's amazing.
  3. objcopy.zip Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you need objcopy in the same folder as your source files or the makefile won't work. I'll attach that to this post.
  4. Use Xcode (best developer environment of all time) with SDCC installed, http://sdcc.sourceforge.net/ Also, download Daniel Bienvenu's windows C package from this forum, his library files are invaluable even if you don't use them directly and just reference them on how to get a game up and running in C. I couldn't have gotten started without his amazingly helpful work. Finally, use a makefile like this in Xcode (probably not the most elegant makefile, but it works for me just fine) and you can build just like any other Xcode project- To debug I took the Mac Meka port and made an .app out of it so you don't have to install allegro- http://www.smspower.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=13308 it's around the middle of the posts, the file you want is MekaOSX.dmg (2.38 MB). Meka has the best debugger I've ever seen, it'll seriously make your life 100 times easier. You can watch RAM, VRAM, and registers all in real time.
  5. As a programmer I can say unless you're paying a decent amount of money no one is going to be interested. Ideas are basically worthless since the person doing the bulk of the work (i.e., the programmer) generally already has a billion ideas for games that they can draw from, so unless you're paying them it's just never going to be worth their time. Really the only way is to learn to program and just do your idea yourself, unfortunately.
  6. How does the Colecovision display 128 colors? Uh, dithering? Hah.
  7. You can easily say that "on paper" one system should be more powerful than the other, for example the PC Engine versus the SNES; PC Engine on paper looks basically like a really beefy NES, but if you look at the library there are games that match the best SNES and Genesis visuals of the era. So technically the SNES would be a "more powerful" system, but it had a shit-slow, half-retarded CPU that held it back. In reality there's just too many factors involved to give a definitive answer unless one vastly outstrips the other in all regards (i.e. Coleco VS Atari 2600).
  8. For the 5 games I released so far, sales were in the 58 to 92 range. Philipp I was curious if any of the publishers have tried using ebay to increase sales? It always seems like you see games start cropping up on ebay relatively shortly after they come out (Pier Solar for example) and sell for way more than the original price. It seems like it might be worthwhile to print up an extra batch of copies and open an Ebay store to sell them through, but I could be wrong (obviously small publishers have probably tried this already). Probably for the amount of profit they make it just isn't worth the time to deal with ebay fees, retarded ebay users, selling one at a time, etc.
  9. Hah yeah, that's how Pitfall 2 was. Stupid VDP writes all over the place with DI/EI scattered everywhere. Plus the game used about 99.9% of the rom space so there was very little to work with. Fortunately I was able to use an MSX compression scheme I found to compress most of the graphics and free up a lot of space along with axing all the stupid keyboard input code. Thank God too because I needed every available byte to get things working, I think I had like 10 free bytes when it was finished, haha.
  10. Thanks again, Coleco, for that brilliant bit of engineering. Haha! I owe you a big thanks; I studied how you dealt with the NMI in your source code for Black Onyx, without that knowledge I probably would never have forged ahead with the conversion out of sheer frustration at how stupid that feature is.
  11. No, the Pitfall II bug is due to the NMI on the Coleco. It wouldn't happen on the SG-1000 because you can mask the interrupt. I couldn't fix it without breaking other things unfortunately.
  12. Silpheed on Sega CD uses polygons for enemies, you can enable the debug menu and rotate the enemies on their axes.
  13. Why won't the Coleco recognize button 2 when you're pressing diagonal up/left? I've tried using both my own input routine and the Coleco bios routine and neither will poll button 2 when UP and LEFT are held. I've even watched a few commercial game's RAM addresses where they hold the button press and it won't work either which leads me to believe this is some issue with the Coleco.
  14. Awesome, I've been curious about that for a while since the limit is so severe. Thanks! I take a lot of time doing the art to make sure it fits in the 256 tiles. I use the extra VRAM space to decompress nearly everything to so the trade-off is well worth it.
  15. Ah that might work, each map could just have a bitmap for paths sprites can take. On the sprites, I'm retarded, I just remembered the bit flag gives you the number of the fifth sprite, hah. How many sprites can you get on a line before the flickering becomes too much? I haven't experimented yet, but it seems like you could have at least 6 without it being too bad, but then I haven't tried it yet so I'm probably wrong.
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