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  1. I noticed a post were a few box templates as in with a flattened complete box i checked the site but they just have front and back and also did a search with no luck, anyone got any idea where i can find some or do people just make them as one offs? I'm looking for centipede, kangaroo, pole position, river raid 2 and jr pacman thank you please excuse my constant questions im kinda new to the world of atariage!
  2. maybe they thought we were just clumsy foreigners and would either lose or break smaller cartridges, and i agree on nes and if this image which i just found is real then it just illustrates your point perfectly http://technabob.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/04/nes_on_cartridge.jpg
  3. The "plastic bits" are they just the board or part of the circuitry? If all is circuits are fine try cleaning your contacts with alcohol. Lots of info on this, just search the forum. Thanks i meant the plastic pieces on the 'case' but on cleaning them more thoroughly they now work, should have thought before posting i suppose. also i managed to open river raid and found it had a spiders web inside but now works. + im amazed at how small the actuall game is compared to the cartridge sizes
  4. I recently bought my first Atari 2600 (jr) online and it came with 6 games but only 2 appeared to be working, on closer inspection river raid appeared to have pieces of plant material wrapped around the inside (bad feedback) and the others have either one or two of the small plastic bits either side of the circuit board broken off and the 2 that work dont have this problem, so i was wondering am i right to assume that because of that the games wont work and can anything be done to fix it. thanks in advance for any help!
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