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  1. I'm looking for a working pair of INTV II Controllers for a reasonable price, eBay, Amazon, etc are not cutting it and I know they are semi hard to come by. I have been working on an Intellivision Homebrew gameplay video and my INTV 1 is D.O.A. and my model III is glitching. Anyone can lead me to the promise land on this I will really be grateful. Thanks, OldSchoolNYCGamer
  2. Thanks to those who took some interest in item but was traded and all is good!
  3. I was a tad too lazy to post pics BUT I did upload a HD video of what I have for trade. I'm looking for 1 if not 2 XBox 360 fighting sticks (Hori preferred) for the items I have up for trade. This also comes with 4 extra peripherals to enhance your game playing experience. 2 add on's for your Playstation 2 1 add on for your Sega Dreamcast 1 add on for your Microsoft XBox 1 extra PCB replacement board for the XArcade These add on's alone are over 100 dollars easily if sold but I will include this with the trade. PLEASE NOTE: I CAN ONLY SHIP THIS WITHIN THE U.S. UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO HELP WITH SHIPPING TO EUROPE. Here is the video so you can get a better look at it. If you are seriously interested please PM me here or on my YouTube channel. Cheers, OldSchoolNYCGamer
  4. I finally finished uploading the rest of the C.G.E. footage including the Intellivision forum, the retro museum tour and the C.G.E. auction as well so check it out, I put them all in a special playlist labeled "Classic Gaming Expo 2K10. I hope you enjoy the videos http://www.youtube.com/oldschoolnycgamer Cheers, OldSchoolNYCGamer
  5. Hello everyone, I just acquired and a Tandy Color Computer 2 and I'm looking to get some games for it to add to my collection, mainly I'm looking for OUTHOUSE so any help on this would be great. Please feel free to PM me if you have any games you'd like to sell. Cheers, OldSchoolNYCGamer
  6. I'll will be there for sure, just got to make sure the buses leave back to NYC from Brick as I don't have a car but I will make the trek there to cover the event for my youtube channel.
  7. Hey everyone, I know this is one of my first posts I hope I did post this in the right section. I finally got around to posting the Atari Forum featuring David Crane, Robert Smith, Steve Woita, Bob Polaro and Keithen Hayanga on my YouTube Channel. Feel free to go check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/oldschoolnycgamer I will also be posting lots more up in the next couple of weeks with a walking CGE Museum tour and highlights of the CGE auction as well, cheers = ) OldSchoolNYCGamer
  8. Just uploaded the Atari Forum discussion from the Classic Gaming Expo 2K10

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