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  1. Actually, I was thinking of using 3 numbers of games I really liked.. sort of a way of paying tribute to them.. I thought of that *after* I chose the numbers, tho, so the games I'm currently using are: "Slot Racers", "Raiders of the Lost Ark" and "Dig Dug". I love Dig Dug, so that's really approriate. Maybe I'll use "10" for Warlords, and "75" for Ms. Pac-Man.. or "91" for Joust. Thanks for the ideas tho.. they're really good! KA
  2. 1. 77 is my lucky number (and my uniform # when I play sports). The other 2 are just random. 2. To be honest, I never thought of matching the colors with the numbers on the original cart... tho I think that's a really good idea. So I should probably change "06" to "16", and use a more authentic orange, and change "59" to "29". I'd like to keep "77", tho I guess I'll have to find a new color for it. Thanks for the suggestions, KA
  3. I made these cart graphics for my new work website.. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how they can be improved? Cheers, KA
  4. Excellent find! Where exactly in TO did you find it? I don't recall ever seeing an electronics store that had used Atari games. Cheers, KA
  5. Heck, I'll pay around $4-5 for even the most common Brazillian titles.. they make great trade bait up here, even if they are dirt common. KA
  6. The first three 2600 games I ever owned were Stampede, Seaquest, and Pitfall. I didn't have a 2600 growing up.. but Santa gave me a Colecovision the winter it was released. So one day in early spring 1985 I'm shopping at Zellers with Mom... I ask her if I can go look at the Colecovision games, and she happily obliges. I didn't find too many games, but they had a big rack of Atari stuff.. all for sale. On one of the shelves, I saw a box with "Colecovision" written on it... so I pick it up. I read the box.. it allows you to play Atari games on a Colecovision! I didn't even know such a device existed... but I was thrilled, as I had played some games on my Uncle Ron's Atari Computer (a VCS, but I called it an Atari Computer.. I was , so I knew it had some great games. I look at the price sticker.. only 13 dollars.. MARKED DOWN FROM 65!!! So I rush to get my mom, and ask her if I can have it. She's amazed at how low all the prices were.. she had no idea there was a crash. She tells me that not only can I have the system changer, but I can pick up a few games that I think my sister and I would like, as they're all about 5 or 6 dollars each. I went through all the boxes.. as I recall, I think it was just a big pile of Activision games. I find 3 that looked interesting.. Pitfall, Seaquest and Stampede. My Mom actually asked me if I wanted any more, but I didn't want to seem greedy so I said no.. who knows what I passed up! Although Zellers was only a 10 minute drive from our house, that car ride seemed to take forever! I ran inside to show my sister our good fortune.. we played the heck out of those games.. well, until we got a Commodore 64, then the Colecovision didn't get much use. The odd thing was, I distinctly recall Pitfall being my least favorite of the three games.. I still played a lot of it, but I wasn't as into it as the other two. I didn't think I'd ever find a game I liked more than Ladybug for the Colecovision, but Seaquest managed to top it! KA
  7. I suppose you'll always get outliers. I must admit, I have noticed some things with the "Atari" name go for quite a bit this summer. But the prices for everything else has pretty much crashed. I was only getting 20-30% of what I got last November and December for Atari 2600 setups (man, I love Christmas). So I stopped selling entirely.. I was losing too much money. I've put a ton of stuff in storage, and it will all come out starting Nov. 20 or so. I've also been buying up games I need (not too many, tho, coz I'm broke!). I've been getting Emerson Arcadia stuff for 10-15% of the quoted price in Digital Press. It's unreal. KA
  8. eBay prices been wacky lately? I think they've been exceedingly low. Go figure. KA
  9. All of Southwestern Ontario is horrid. London, Kitchener, Toronto, Windsor, etc. Bad for finding stuff. I've had pretty good luck in Kingston and Ottawa.. so Eastern Ontario seems to be pretty good. If you want to score decent stuff in Toronto, you have to hit the yard sales. Even then, you're probably only going to get a pile of NES and Genesis stuff. The 2600 stuff dried up years ago. KA
  10. I'll give you: 50 copies of Asteroids 30 copies of Defender 40 copies of Super Breakout 50 copies of Star Raiders 20 copies of Space Attack 10 copies of Yars Revenge. It's a 200 for 1 deal.. how could you possibly refuse? Good luck in selling the game. I'd buy it in a second if I wasn't a poor graduate student. Cheers, KA
  11. Genesis: Maybe at yard sales, but I can't think of any stores that have good deals. You're much better off going to a FuncoLand in the States. RE: Toronto. I found an Atari Video Music there 2 weekends ago. I'll give more details about it in a SUPER MEGA BRAG post when I have more free time. KA
  12. D'oh.. I just sold mine the other day for $4.. and I only had one person asking for it! You guys should really take advantage of all the generous offers I've been making. KA
  13. I'll take it. Is there anything you're looking for in trade, or should I just send you the money via money order or PayPal? Cheers, KA
  14. I'm definately interested in any complete-in-box non-Sports Games that you have for the Genesis. Cheers, KA
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