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  1. OK, if anyone wants one ? it is now back on sale. PM me Thanks
  2. It is also designed to fit in a standard case. A bit of tricky case cutting is required though.
  3. FYI it lights up too !!!
  4. Final version. I need to send you one to confirm it's OK on your system. (PM me your address)
  5. Here is a pic of the new VecMulti. It's quite a bit smaller now and also has a better SD socket (and easier access).
  6. PM me (I need your shipping address)
  7. Just the menu (not the games) gets messed up.
  8. I should get mine soon then FYI it'll be up for sale when I do get it. Anyone interested ?
  9. Richard H.


    I thought it was flash (USB mass storage device). Wasn't aware it had an SD socket.
  10. Sorry for the delay. I have isolated the problem, but it is needing a hardware redesign to correct it. This is taking time as a new PCB needs to be made.
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