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  1. AAMOI www.vintex64.com will soon be selling my Virtual Boy FlashBoy+ cart.
  2. The current version (that AA sells) looks like the PCB below and uses the DIP settings (below)
  3. No The original VecVoice used the GI SPO256. The SpeakJet (in the AtariVox) has the same allophone set (and a few extras), so the microcontroller (in the AtariVox+) uses a lookup table to selects them in real time (during the serial data stream).
  4. https://www.pactecenclosures.com/product-detail.php?classid=25&seriesid=75&productid=184
  5. Richard H.


    There's other carts available and solutions to play MAME games on the console.
  6. Correct If you flash the interface with CTS not inverted, it will not work in Phrasalator (with hardware flow enable). I used this as a 'normal serial' test.
  7. Check if the USB interface has the attached settings. You'll need this utility - https://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Utilities/FT_Prog_v3.8.128.448 Installer.exe Avox_USB.xml
  8. I remember the USB interface failing on really long phrases in Phrasealator. But a conventional serial port interface (powered by an external PSU) worked fine. AAMOI I've always found USB-serial interfaces not to be as reliable as actual serial ports.
  9. I set the FTDI_RL CTS to inverted (firmware is flashable through the USB). Also, CBUS0 and CBUS1 (connected to the AVox's EEPROM) are set to I/O mode. I was hoping someone would one day code an EEPROM util.
  10. This is the schematic for the interface. AVox buffer full is connected to serial Clear To Send (CTS) pin.
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