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  1. I would argue, but I'd prefer not to be assaulted by a wall of text. there's enough negativity over modern games here anyways.
  2. After I get the Pac-Man and Inkling Boy I preordered, I'm just gonna take a break from all the obsessive searching and preordering. There's too much damn pressure and drama online over these things, and I just want to get away from it. ....at least until R.O.B. and Game and Watch come out. Then I'll be back in full force for those two.
  3. I noticed the 3DS port of After Burner II has a Northrop and Grumman license for the F-14's likeness. Does that mean it could end up like Climax, and disappear from the eShop after Sega's license expires?
  4. Picked up my Dedede recently, so I figured I'd take a photo of all my Amiibos so far. Wish I could find Mega Man though...
  5. Most of the stuff I'd want on the other two I can just get on PC, so I'm going with WiiU. Admittedly, it's the only one I own, but who cares.
  6. I had to look up a video of the game since I didn't know it had voices in it, and it was really weird, because they lifted them straight from Gauntlet! It plays the announcer saying "Welcome", one of the game sound effects, one of the thief's taunts, and then one of the elf's various hurt noises. I guess it makes sense, since they had the rights likely to use Gauntlet stuff for home systems and such, but it's still a very weird place to hear them.
  7. I'm sure a modern homebrew could do something even more incredible, but Ballblazer is always a good mention. It's got some really smooth movement animation, and the music's pretty good for the 7800.
  8. Don't question it, it's at least giving us another old solid state table. I do like the DMDs a lot, but sometimes the early to mid 80's stuff can be lot more fun because you don't have to memorize like 50 modes of gameplay. I just wish they would add Eight Ball Deluxe already. I really want some way to play it without having to go to a vintage arcade.
  9. Oh wow, that place looks awesome! If I ever go around Chicago sometime (unlikely, but who knows?), I definitely need to check it out! Did they have many non-Pac Namco machines there too?
  10. I thought GTA V was pretty impressive, not so much in graphics as in the world itself. There's just so much stuff they added in that makes it fun to explore and mess around just to see what happens. I have a huge weakness for games that insert weird little details like that.
  11. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2015/02/reported_gamestop_memo_shows_massive_delay_in_delivering_some_amiibo_pre-orders If any of you guys preordered Ike or Dedede from GameStop, you might wanna check this out. As long as you preordered Dedede before December 30th, they say it's supposed to come in the 25th, but if afterwards, it's apparently delayed until summer. Nearly the same thing with Ike. If you preordered before the 27th, you're good, afterwards, he's not coming until spring. Thankfully, I preordered my Dedede the 27th, so I'm good, but this is still pretty ridiculous. Everyone's saying it's because of some union strike they're having down at the California ports. People are even speculating that's why America's only getting the New 3DS XL, because it'd be harder to ship out the other models as well with the ports basically going stagnant.
  12. Got my Meta Knight in the mail yesterday. It's a really nice figure, actually. I wasn't sure how it'd turn out, but the paintjob is pretty perfect, and the back support is barely visible from the front. Got a pic below. I think the Dedede I preordered from GameStop is also coming in on Friday, so I'll definitely post a pic of that one when I get it, and then maybe snap a pic of all three Kirby character Amiibos together.
  13. Shots do not hurt other players...Yet.

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      Green dork needs laid badly.. ;-)

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      ^ says the guy trying to make fun of people on an Atari Age forum. You're so cool.

    4. MattelAquarius


      He winked, so I thought he was speaking of himself. Look, Papa, no offense, but don't get the wrong idea, just because we go around plundering treasure in dungeon labyrinths together. Old Merlin seems to worry more about his spells, than the ladies. However Questor and I are both vying for Thyra's affection. Lucky for me, she likes muscles, and an ax that is well swung. :)

  14. Their videos are pretty good for info on games, but sometimes they're a little boring. They barely ever change their tone, and it begins to seem like a monotone NPR news broadcast after a while. Plus most of the humor doesn't really do it for me. It also seems like they never cover much anything but the Turbografx, Genesis, and SNES. They do talk about other systems, yes, but they're a little overconcentrated on the 16 bit era. Don't get me wrong, I still watch their vids occasionally, but there a few are Youtubers I really prefer watching over them for retro game videos.
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