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  1. Hi, I started working on graphics for the CV about a month ago and remembered this forum as I'm a huge fan of Snatcher. I noticed that their could be a few improvements made to the first translated picture of Gillian Seed: Not trying to step on anyone's toes. Just wanting the end product to be as stellar and awesome as the original. illya
  2. Inspired by a novel published in 1984 by Scott Siegel - Beat the Devil was written targetting kids to warn against videogame addiction. I read the book as a kid and I never forgot it because it was about my favorite past time - Videogames. Summary: "Doug is a video game fanatic, and his best friend Warren and girlfriend Maura are not too thrilled to hear that Doug's dad has bought a computer. Will they ever see Doug again, or will he spend every minute of free time closeted in his dad's computer room? Unfortunately, it's worse than Warren and Maura think-Doug has purchased a game called "Beat the Devil" from a mysterious store he'd never noticed before. The graphics are incredible: a pure white heart is battling pitchforks and fires from hell. If the heart survives long enough, the devil himself will appear to battle the heart, and only if the heart shoots a white lightning bolt into each of the devil's eyes, can the heart win! Doug becomes obsessed with winning this difficult game! Soon Doug is acting strangely-picking fights, staying up all night to play the game, missing dates with Maura. When Warren visits a fortune teller, she warns him that he will soon have to risk his life for his friend, who is being consumed by the devil. Warren launches into action, bringing Maura to Doug's house to help him. They see that every time Doug plays "Beat the Devil" and loses, he loses a little more of himself to the devil. Can Warren and Maura help Doug beat the game and stop the evil force that is devouring his soul?" And without further ado, I present to you the conceptual sprites, animations and mockup gameplay screen I created. Spritesheet: There are alternate versions of The Devils hand, Hellfire and The Cross. Mockup Screenshot: Blue Demon: Pure Heart: Pitchfork: Unholy Smoke: Hellfire: The Devils Fangs: Explosion: The Devils Hand: Evil Eye: The Cross: The Devil breathing fire: The Devils eye exploding: illya P.S. - If any programmers wish to create this game for real, I would be more than happy to assist with such an endeavor.
  3. I just tried to use the ImgtoCode program to turn the Shock Trooper sprite into code... and it didn't work... Well I mean it worked, but it wasn't perfect. When opening the sprite data for editing inside VisualbB there was an additional line of code that appeared at the top above the sprite, and approx. half of the bottom part had it's color inverted. Not sure what's going on there, but if your using the sprite editor in VisualbB then you might want to try drawing the sprite manually. illya
  4. Here's a trick I use sometimes: 1X 2X 1) Get the sprite you want to convert. 2) Select entire sprite and squish it in half(ex. 16px wide sprite becomes 8px wide). 3) Select sprite again and stretch it back to it's original size. 4) Split the sprite into two halves. 5) Select each half, copy it, flip it horizontally, and place it next to the first half. 6) Edit the the sprites to make them look as close to the original sprite as possible, or when you are happy with it. 7) Edit the sprites to conform to the Atari 2600's -one color per horizontal line- format or one single color(could require additional editing). illya
  5. Hi, which image converter are you referring to? There were quite a few of what we outside of Japan would call Robotech games made for the Japanese market and yet almost none of them use the word "Robotech", they seem to all use the word "Macross": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Macross_video_games Even I did a internet search for "Robotech sprites" and the results were very low. Searching "Macross sprites" yielded far more results. For example, here are some sprites from the game Choujikuu Yousai Macross. If you need anything else, just lemme know here, or PM me. illya
  6. I have a slightly updated Forest Map for Rezolve that I didn't submit to you Bob. So here it is : illya
  7. Moon Patrol Sprites: Two choices for background sizes. One is converted to fit the original size, while the other one is just stretched: PS - No Color corrections have been made. illya
  8. Have to echo Elevator Action! :grin: Titlescreen Sprites illya
  9. Contra starts here. There are 3 posts in total of Contra goodness. illya
  10. I too had an idea where a story mode could be implemented along with the regular arcade mode. illya
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