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  1. LOL! Very subtle, guys, but freakin' hilarious! Thanks for all the replies - I wasn't counting on anything special.. Now, what do you guys recommend? Burn the chip upon an E.T. cart and watch the collective flames burn purple with pure evil, or just bury it with the rest o' me stolen treasure..??
  2. Hey all! I was going through an old box of Atari games the other day and I came across a PCB for Berzerk. To be honest, I'm not really sure what I'm looking at when it comes to most Atari games, (I'm more of an 8 bit and 16-bit person, to be honest.) But I grew up as a child with a 7800 and I'm eager to learn more about the Atari scene. Anyway, I was curious about this particular chip and figured this would be the authority to go to. As you'll see in the pictures, it has a red-dot sticker with the name of the game hand-written. I've read that certain colored stickers denoted what the purpose of the PCB was for: either in-house testing, media-copies, etc. From my own limited research, i can only guess that it either is an early build of the game, or a pirated copy. But I can't find any input sources on the chip itself for data transferring. Also, the PCB came in a box of 2600 games and the system, which I was given by a friend at work who was cleaning out his attic. Funny thing is, he also had an original, mass-produced copy of the 2600 game included with the lot, so I don't know why he would have a pirated copy of a game he already owned. Anyway, I'm hoping somebody out there can help me. I'm not banking on finding a rare copy of a game, and I'm certainly not hoping to score some money or anything like that.. I'm just a fan of classic video game collecting, and I'm curious about what I've got. So if there's any other info I can provide, I'd be happy to post it, and I look forward to any feedback I might receive. Thanks!
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