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  1. Two days ago my Harmony card stopped working, received it about 2 weeks ago, have been using it daily gaming together with my son My Atari's wont see the cartridge anymore, and it wont connect to my computer either, have updated it to Pal50 firmware so it has worked. I did send a PM to Batari but had no response yet, is he still around, or should I contact someone else ? The Harmony website is not that clear about that.
  2. Tried the paddle controllers, only one was working, the other only the button. Tried to bent the pin back but it broke. Is it hard to desolder joystick ports from another 2600 and solder those in my light sixer?
  3. I will try some games with paddle controllers and joysticks, both with one and two players and will post resutls. If games work without problems I will leave it this way, if not, I wil try to bent them back.
  4. Both pins in both ports are bent the same way so it does look like it has been done on purpose and not by accident.
  5. I recently got me another light sixer and noticed that in both joystick ports pin 5 is bent towards pin 8. I don't think it happend by accident, they both are bent the same way and it looks like they touch pin 8 but I'm not sure. The joysticks work in both ports, I notice nothing strange. I gues a prior owner did this. Does anyone know what could be the reason for this??, should I try to fix it? Oh, and it is a PAL version.
  6. Could that be it, I've been told that a several games where bought in the USA and Japan. I have three copies of Pacman, and only one is giving me colors close to original (have to finetune), the other two are purple. What color would I get if I use a NTSC version of Space Invaders, I have two cartridges, both give me strange colors, fluor green ship and spaceshutle and almost white aliens. How can I see if a cartridge is PAL or NTSC?
  7. Found the wheel in the silver housing, tried to adjust it carefully, managed to turn it in all kind of colors, but could not find the right colors. Tried it with pacman loaded. Maybe a good idea to give the 2600 a good clean job, or are there any other ideas. Oh, and when I am close to the right colors, screen starts blinking, between BW and Color.
  8. Hello, I am new to this forum, signed up to day because I got myself (yesterday) a light 6 switch 2600. Connected it to 3 different tv's but the colors seem to be a little strange. PacMan for example, the field should be blue but it looks pink/purple. Space Invader gives me a funy fluor green shuttle (above) and my ship is green also. It looks like some color is missing. The guy I bought it from said to me it worked without probs. Anyone recognize this problem, does it has to do something with adjusting the TV or can I adjust something on my 2600? Have used the channel select switch also, but no difference. It's an european version, I live in the Netherlands, so no NTSC version. Oh, and I did a search on this forum, but I could mainly find problems with NTSC versions where you can use a coaxial to rca adapter.
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